This is a very helpful website with links to all scriptures on many different subjects and also testimonies from other websites on said subjects.



Henry Makow

has many good books and articles on Illuminati social engineering. Talks about using feminism to destroy families and bring in world government, a communist/fascist dictatorship run by the global elite, who are illuminati bloodlines who control banking, the media, hollywood, the music business, healthcare, legal system, everything. They are Luciferians, who worship Lucifer the devil, who infiltrated masonry. Their goal is world government. David Rockefeller has admitted it. The Rockefellers are the foremost illuminati social engineering family. They funded Hitler, psychiatry, education, control the media.

See my article

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education


It has the testimony of John Todd, an illuminati bloodline member who became a Christian in the 70s. His testimony is on youtube.


Demons Behind the Music Business.



Todd says he ran the record labels, who all have prayer rooms where they pray demons onto the masters of the records, for spiritual control. Todd says he worked for the Rothschilds, who answer to Lucifer, and that the Rockefeller also work for the Rothschilds.


Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order

confirms this. Nick Rockefeller told filmmaker Aaron Russo that their goal is world government and to microchip everyone for control He said that 911 was designed to create a phony war on terror to get control over the population, and to go into Iraq & Afghanistan for their oil. Also they would go after Chavez in Venezuela. Chavez said the CIA was out to kill him. They gave him canc- God confirmed this to me.

Radar magazine article on martial law by Chris Ketchum.


Conspiracy Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey & World Goodwill. On Sata–, new age agenda at UN occult philosophy behind politics. Prince Charles was spokesman for Lucis Trust (I read somewhere else).


Foundation for Truth in Reality


 articles on psych, education. History of behaviorist psychology coming from Germany


Carl Sanders. About microchips, new world order. Sanders helped design chips to put in people 30 years ago. Now he warns they are the Mark of the Beast warned about in the Book of Revelation ch 13 of the New Testament. The government can do it sneakily and already has. He told me they used them in gulf war military.


They’ve used them in jails and mental hospitals. I heard the government announce 10 years ago in Florida that they were thinking of testing them in jails and mental hospitals. They say it’s a tb test in jails as a ruse. They now have the tech. to shoot chips into people without them being aware of it.

Microchips are sneakily in healthcare bill.

Website of Charlotte Iserbyte. She is a whistleblower who was high up in the Dept of Education under Reagan. Her books include

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

She also has videos about Common Core



KJOS Ministry - Christian on education, NWO. All



Website of Alex jones the biggest alternative radio host (New world order exposed Alternative news articles, web broadcast, radio; free youtube videos exposing New world order agenda, Fema camps, medical, technological, political conspiracies & more. Jones is in Austin TX.  


Christian website exposes psychiatry, bible translations written by anti-Christians (new world order agenda); devil worship in rock music, false Christian ministries, cults & more


Citizens commission on human rights (


run by scientology church. They have a lot of research on psych abuse. They have attorneys that go after doctors.


Mindfreedom– psychiatric survivors advocacy organization

Thomas Szasz anti-drug, founded wrote books exposing how communist Russia put political dissidents in psych hospitals


Dr. Peter Breggin- Anti-drug. Many books exposing toxic psychiatry. Was the first to expose the Nazi genocide of mental patients in the secret t4 euthanasia program.   In a recent case where he testified, a Canadian judge ruled that Prozac caused a teen to commit homicide.


Dr. Rima Laibow,     NY-trained psychiatrist against psych drugs and vaccines. She says they are both toxic and deadly.


She says in 40 years treating kids and adults, she never used psych drugs. She used other methods to heal which worked. She says vaccines are all toxic and have squaline, a poison designed to make people sick and die. The global elite are deliberately using them to depopulate the planet.   She tells Jesse Ventura on his show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura that the global elite intend to forcibly vaccinate everyone to cull the population, and send anyone who refuses to a FEMA camp.  She says one of the global elite told her "it is getting near time to cull the population"


Steve Ferry article on psychiatry and psychology at

Fred Baughman, History of the fraud of biological psychiatry July 19

Psychiatry, A human rights abuse & global failure 2001 book at


Legal advocacy for mental patients, cases against drug co’s; Jim Gottstein, head



Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has good articles on eugenics, and genocide by the mental health system & big pharma, toxic vaccines , GMOS, fluoridated water, all used by the globalists to depopulate the planet. Also articles on how to use vitamins and natural cures for diseases, articles on the fascist tyranny in education, politics, to move toward world government through mind control & genocide. J



John Rappoport an award winning journalists exposes the propaganda in the media to support mind control, drugging, genocide etc in healthcare, education, politics. Sam Blumenfeld's site; Blumenfeld Education Letter; his book The Trojan Horse in Education exposed the deliberate dumbing down in Education, Ed letter talks about death education classes causing suicides, secular humanism, eugenics behind education engineers


911 truth organization


ex-BBC journalist Tony Gosling’s site Ron Paul reads it on history and re- lationship of Fed. Reserve ) private banks) & CFR and their creation of wars to loan

$ to governments to make

Network Against Coercive Psychiatry

Anti-psychiatry Coalition

Seth Farber, phD. Member NYC 212 560 7288 author of Unholy Madness; the church's surrender to Psychiatry

Ron Leifer, MD, member NYC Blog by Robert Whitaker, author of Mad In America and Anatomy of an Epidemic, which exposes fraud in research by drug companies & the fact that psych meds cause mental illness.



Rex 84 (1984 plan for martial law under Reagan by Oliver North)

Bildeberger group

Council on Foreign Relations

political /economic group whose goal is to destroy sovereignty of US and create global government, founded by David Rockefeller


Trilateral Commission


Kellogg Brown & Root (a Halliburton subsidiary, got contracts to build detention camps in 2006 – contract says “for illegal immigrants & other unspecified purposes”



National Defense Authorization Act 2007 Sec 1042, gives exec power to declare martial law


Denver International Airport New World Order: Watch video. It’s called New World Airport. Has Masonic headstone and murals on wall. Murals show people in coffins - a black, Indian, girl with bible with cross on it and wearing a Jewish star.




CIA mind control experiments, brainwashed assassins. Dr Robert Hanna Felix was head of it. He also was head of psychiatric research for Scottish Rite masonry (which runs mental health); he was head of the National Institute of Mental Health. The masons at the top level are devil worshippers: the 32nd level handbook was written by Albert Pike, a Sata-st who said "We worship the Luciferian principle but don't tell the lower levels this". I have seen it.


Ewen Cameron- ran MKULTRA experiments at McGill U

Sam Blumenfeld- articles on educ. and dyslexia

His BlumenfeldEducationLetter has articles on the Death Education classes in the l990s and their correponding high suicide rates.

George Brock Chisholm, psychiatrist, head of WHO and World Fed of Mental Health - anti-religion, family, patriotism Said the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality, the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government.

Quotes from


See my article

 “Quotes showing real agendas behind mental health & education



Beast computer – Brussels


American concentration camps - lists them; former army bases, internment camps and new ones being built by KBR (Kellog Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, got a 2006 contract to build them for “illegal immigrants & other unspecified purposes” They are also called FEMA camps since FEMA is authorized to run them.


FEMA CAMPS see above. Alex Jones at http://www.infowars.comhas made movies about the FEMA camps


Jesse Ventura's book 63 documents the Government doesn't want you to read documents the FEMA camps.


Ventura was former governor of Minnesota; ran as an independent taking no lobbyist money during his campaign or office


HR1955- violent radicalization and homegrown terror act

Executive orders - lists them

Animal enterprise terrorist act - calls protestors terrorists

Posse comitatus limits rights of fed gov to use troops

op garden plot - spying

op cable splicer - milit op violates posse comitatus

military commissions act of 2006 - gov can declare anyone enemy combatant

Dan Hamburg - SF Chronicle p B-7 article on martial law


David Rockefeller- New world order He is head of the CFR, Trilateral Commission. He runs the US. He is 100 years old and has had 8 heart transplants. His goal is world government.


Nick Rockefeller - microchips watch video by Aaron Russo on Nick Rockefeller who says goal of shadow gov is to chip everyone and have society of elites and serfs.


also says Nick Rockefeller said there would be an event (before 911) to justify going into Afghanistan Iraq and Venezuela for oil:


For transcript see my article:


Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order



Video of Aaron Russo on Nick Rockfeller:


Reflections & warnings – interview with Aaron Russo




Free book on web by Dave Roberson - The Walk of the Spirit, the walk of power


Patriot Act - violates 6th amend to constitution - says gov can deny access to atty,

jail American indefinitely w/out trial or charges. Ron Paul voted against it.


Legal Groups

Alliance defense fund: Christian legal group 800 835-5233


Christian Legal Society


Rutherford Institute


Center for Law and Religious Freedom 703 642 1070




American Center for Law and Justice (Christian ACLU) 1800 296-4529


First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt Univ. 615 727 1600


Center for Reclaiming America Wash DC Bill of Rights Def Comm 413 582 0110 212 692-3900


Ron Paul - congressman R/Texas 202 225-2831 203 Cannon He office bldg Wash DC 20515


Libertarian Party 881 1Elect-US


Constitution Party 717 390 1993

House and Senate 8 877 851 6437


Center for Constitutional Rights


Becket Fund for religious liberty: non profit takes cases 202 955 0095 1350 conn ave nw st

 605 wash dc 20036


Citizens Commission on Human Rights 800-869-2247


Bazelon Center Wash. D.C. 202 467 5730


John Birch Society

American Freedom Campaign.


Human Rights Watch



Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier

The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen




Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

by Charlotte Iserbyte

She is a whistleblower who was high up in the Dept of Education under Reagan. Her website is



Youtube video

Demons Behind the Music Business – John Todd




Music Samples Page



I am also on YOUTUBE as Prophetess D



on youtube with lyrics:

I sing/pray in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace on it.

Restoration Songs – a Prayer


RESTORATION SONGS: (medley) I sing in tongues on it

Let Me Not Forget

Peace I give to you (in Portugese & English)

Glorify your name

Tsar Shalom (prince of peace)

I’m calling my people



Holy is your name

(recorded in NYC subway tunnel for #7 train. 7 is a God number. )


youtube video with lyrics



ASK by prophetess D

recorded in Central Park

On youtube with lyrics:


Israel Song 4

(with birds & singing in tongues)


Israel song - prayer for Israel/Gaza

(recorded 8/2014 I play guitar & sing in tongues)This song caused a ceasefire in Israel/Gaza.



Israel song-Holy is your name

(recorded in NYC subway tunnel for #7 train. 7 is a God number. )



The Garden of your soul


Lord I want to be in the center of your perfect will


Song of joy


Holy & Annointed One, Father I want you to hold me (Vineyard songs)



Vineyard music: from the Vineyard Christian Fellowship

(I became a Christian in large part from encountering this Vineyard Music in a house church in l990)

Father I want you to hold me by Brian Doerksen


Holy & Annointed One by Brian Doerksen


Come Now is the time to Worship by Brian Doerksen


Refiner’s Fire by Brian Doerksen



Paul McCartney Motor of Love from Flowers in the Dirt



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