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$138 Million Government Contract Will Fund Production Of 500 Million Pre-Filled COVID-19 Vaccine “Injection Devices”

2012 Olympic ceremony showed evil behind covid hoax and vaccines

$500B Tsunami of Chronic Disease in Children

100,000 missing children in NYC

3D printed houses a reality

411 doesn't have live people – INCOMPETENT ROBOTS

5 doctors agree that covid shots are bioweapons

5G and the China epidemic – Jon Rappoport

5G at 60hz stops humans absorbing oxygen

5G causes coronavirus

5G connected to demons & is mortal threat to humanity

5G is DEW – Directed Energy Weapon & the purpose is genocide

5G is genocide says leading world expert on microwave radiation

5G killed the Bryant Park squirrels

5G kills trees, birds, squirrels

5G rollout facing $1 trillion class action lawsuit

5G rollout is indictable crime – an assault

5G targeting of people

5 famous transsexuals kept top secret

7 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for World’s Population of 7 Billion – Was This the Plan All Along?

7 major points for understanding your dreams

9-11 was caused by a nuke

9-11 UA Flight 93 Banned Newscast showed no plane, little debris

10 bombshell revelations by Seymour Hersh on neocon wars for Israel

13 reasons why 5G will be a catastrophe for humanity

17 witnesses for Jesus

24 residents dead in UK nursing homes in 3 weeks as one third of residents die after MRNA experimental injections

30 foods to support gut health

30 genders

40 signs that we have seriously messed up the next generation of Americans AND SOLUTIONS!

42 foods to stop belly bloat

70 degrees for Christmas – an answer to my prayer

70 degrees for Christmas – an answer to my prayer (repost)

A 9-11 Memorial Testimony

Abby Rockefeller's toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering

Abe Foxman's gay son gets married

A better deal than Amazon

Aborted baby tissue used in vaccines justifies religious exemption


Abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson became pro-life when he saw ultrasounds

Abortion is Human Rights? NO! GOD CALLS IT MURDER!

Abortionist Testifies: ‘No Question’ Babies Being Born Alive To Harvest Organs

About METOO and the need for forgiveness

Adam Green exposes Christian Zionists turning into Noahides

Adam Green warns about Israel hacking America 2020

Adam Green warns about permissible lies in Chabad Judaism designed to ensnare Christians by Noahide Laws

Adam Green warns that Jewish anti-Christ will behead Christians

ADVENTURES IN PRAYER – testimony of a prophet-intercessor

Adrenochrome extraction from children after torture, hunting, murder

A Foolproof test that proves God exists – an exercise that shows HE is in your life

After panel proved that Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue Shaheen disbands it

A GOOD Groundhog day harbinger – Staten Island Chuck did NOT bite Mayor Bill De Blasio!

A Hanukkah Song

A Hannukah Song

A Hanukkah Song

A Jew told me the bible is irrelevant to his religion

A lawsuit is what lawyers wear to court & other legal humor

Albert Pike’s Graven Image  Toppled into the Dust

Aldous Huxley described a 'scientific fascism' of a world totalitarian government

Aldous Huxley; Illuminati insider, social engineer

Alien abduction story from Metro

Aliens are demons – James Perloff

Alleged 'schizophrenic' translator at Mandela service sees angels

All good solutions involve animals

All the bullshit that's fit to print

All the idiot dems except Bloomberg want to legalize pot

All Things Rockefeller

All we have to do is stand up

Alpha males Andy & the Donald could make housing for everyone

Al Sharpton was right

Alternatives to Solitary website

America has been at war

American college of pediatrics says gender ideology harms children


America’s Color Revolution Is Led By Major Foundations Using BLM as a Front

America's last warning – midnight hour approaching on God's prophetic clock my comments

Amish sexual abuse & use of drugs in churches

A mother's day present – Restoration Songs

Andrew Cuomo's medical pot law came back to bite him

An alien encounter testimony

An angel fixed my computer

An answer to the “problem of evil” which perplexes theologians and atheists

An effective time out strategy

Angel Food

Angel Food – my songs on youtube

Angels are dropping titles on my head

Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway

Another Chance Tomorrow

Anthony Fauci - The Bernie Madoff of Science

Anthony Wieners problem was lack of relationship with God

Anti-bullying conference teaches kids how to have gay sex

Anti-semitic is a trick

Anti-vaccine doctors & nurse testimonies

A Nudnick Visit

A NYC garbage truck ate my piano

Anyone who believes in Holy Sodomy is an IDIOT

Any two year old for president would bring world peace

A Passover Song

Apiject gets contract for vaccine injection devices

Apollo 15 astronaut Edgar Mitchell said aliens shot down test missiles

Appenndix 1 – history & the hidden agenda Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Appendix 2 – Play Piano in Half an Hour

Appendix 3 – fraud in the mental health system Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Appendix 4 – Guidelines for reform of hospitals

Appendix 5: Manual of Help for Lawyers to win Hearings for Mental Patients
Apples instead of healthcare

Applied Theology

Appoint Ron Paul to the Supreme Court

App warning one photo strangers can find information

A priceless quote about prayer – The LORD IS NOT GOOGLE!

Are Ventilators Killing COVID-19 Infected Patients? Doctors Speak Out

Are we living in a holodeck?

Are you a kingdom prophet or a church prophet?

Articles about 5G NOT SAFE

Articles about pot

Articles about rats

Articles about vaccines

Articles involving pigs

As COVID vaccines head into phase 3 trials big pharma prepares for increase in Flu vaccines for fall



Assigned gender and head transplants

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA, HHS over Hydroxychloroquine Censorship

Asteroid that just narrowly missed earth was a warning from GOD!

A Syrian Christian reveals what is really happening in Syria

Atheism is a temporary condition

Atheist college professor dies and sees hell & demons

Attack on Saudi Arabia is Israeli False Flag

Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Wins Historic Legal Battle Over FCC on 5G and Radiofrequency Exposure Limits

Australian fires part of plan for China to take over Australia

Autistic kids are prophets in training

A warm New Year prayer

A Warning From Yugoslavia: Don't Let Socialism Come To America

A weird connection between the New York Public Library & the Aurora (Batman movie) shooting & the Empire State Building Shooting & Bryant Park

A woman's right to choose - WHAT? Murder of the unborn?

A world without drugs

AY CARRANZA! He got eaten by a hippopotamus

AZ head Prof. John Bell says purpose of vaccine is sterilization

Baby raccoons eat popcorn

Bad music at Trump's rallies incited violence

Ban Public Smoking! Message to NYC city council, Bloomberg, De Blasio

(it harms everyone’s mental health– is big opening for negative thoughts. Butts interfere with wifi, cell calls)

Barack Obama and I are both haunted by a birth certificate

Barack Obama should publicly apologize to Michelle since he publicly humiliated her

Barron Trump for President

Barron Trump's birthday present – God smote David Rockefeller

BBC reporter stunned as top US abortionist admits he's a baby killer

Beaver Borrowing for Beaver Burrowing in the Boros – bridges & tunnels are their specialty!

Beavers Built This!

Beaver's guide to happiness

Being Authentic and Returning Home to our Calling

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper on the social engineers

Being a kindergarten teacher is experience for being president

Belarusian President Warns of US Sponsored Globohomo Revolution being Brewed

Benefits of Bananas

Bernie dissed AIPAC so Israelis hacked primaries and raised BIDEN

Berries and Nuts

Better than daycare

Beware the useful idiots

BIBLES FROM HEAVEN – the perfect prayer that settles that GOD IS REAL

Bibliography, websites, references & books Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Big banks, Rockefellers & Musical Prophets

Biggest Bailout of Wall Street in US History was planned months before the Plandemic Virus Crisis - “Big” Pharma now HUGE Pharma

Bible predicted date of Israel's Return

Bibles in courtrooms?

Bibles in the Library!

Bible Translations - only the King James is Good

Bible warned about FALSE SCIENCE

Bible warned us about “Fake science”

Biblical prophecy unfolding in the Middle East

Biden's double gives speech, signs executive orders

Biden wearing fake Biden mask

Bieber testifies about rape, murder in music industry

Big Pharma: COVID19 Vaccine by this Fall Not Happening – Mandatory Flu Shots Instead?

Big pharma spends 30 billion on medical marketing – wants vaccine exemptions eliminated

Billboard Confessions

Bill Bratton is the wrong guy for NYC or is he?

Bill Gates and 5G – Surveillance of Every Person on the Planet?

Bill Gates announces end of the world


Bill Gates, DAVOS WEF planned pandemic 6 weeks earlier

Bill Gates Documentary Reveals Ties to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Eugenics Movement

Bill Gates in relation to the Rothschilds

Bill Gates is Jewish

Bill Gates - mouthpiece for global vaccinations and microchips

Bill Gates’ Plan to use Microneedles to Deliver COVID19 Vaccine and Embed Vaccination Status into the Skin

Bill Gates REFUSED to vaccinate HIS kids – what did HE know?

Bill Gates related to Rockefellers, the Queen

Bill Gates' TED speech where he admits the purpose of vaccines is depopulation

Bill Gates' ties to Nazis, eugenics

Bill Gates wants to control world's food supply

Bill Gates warned us of a COVID 19 like pandemic - watch his TED talk from 2015

Bill Maher is called by God to be a prophet and so are many atheists

Bill Maher on porn, pc & other subjects

Bill Maher's conversation with God

Bill to bring bibles back into schools in West Virginia

Billionaires are behind communism

Biodiversity is our strength

Biology is not bigotry teacher blasts bill that would force teachers to receive LGBT training

BioWeapons Part of Chinese Plan to Conquer US

Birtherism” is revelation of God's love for blacks

Bishop Schneider explains the true face of Freemasonry

Black Behavior Matters

Black Lives Matter run by witches

Black Musician befriends KKK head who later left Klan

Black trustee blames Jews for anti-semitism in NJ

Blessed are peacemakers

Blessed are peacemakers who sign anti-nuke treaties


Blessed are the peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers bin Salman and Rouhani

Blessed are the peacemakers Trump, Zarif

Blessed be the peacemakers

Blessed be the peacemakers Kim Jong Un & Xi Jinping

Blessed be the peacemakers Trump Putin

Bloomberg on Guns

Bloomberg's Birthday Bikes

Bloomie for Pres? Like Hurricanes? He'll cause 'em. Unless he gets saved. He & Cuomo caused Hurricane Sandy

Bloomy & Andy caused Hurricane Sandy. POTUS & SCOTUS blessed us with JONAS

Blueprint for Revival Revised – ch 15 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Bloomberg on Guns

Bloomberg's Birthday Bikes

Bob Dylan is a prophet

Bob Dylan's song Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Body parts on top of the Deutsche Bank buildings & my prayer to raise the dead after 9-11

Bolshevik Revolution being re-enacted in US

Bolsonaro protects children from gender ideology abuse

Bolton needs the hamster treatment

Bolton's mesmerizing mustache is a threat to peace

Books on Secret Societies - American Deception

Boost your skin's natural sunscreen ability with food

Both parties have a purpose

Boule – Illuminati for Blacks

Brave New World 1984 contact tracing vaccination microchip scenario

Brendan O'Connell on Israel & China


Bridges and tunnels are my specialty

Brighteon Films posts new 5G mini-documentary that warns humanity about the imminent danger of 5G cell towers

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Surrenders To Bill Gates And The Vaccine Cartel

Bromelain (from pineapples), fish oil & turmeric good anti-inflammatory

Brown University promotes mental illness in name of gender ideology

Bruce Bunny wants to be a squirrel

Brussels first major city to halt 5g due to health effects

Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely

Bush, Clinton & CIA drug running

CA announces plan to remove covid 19 people to quarantine centers

CA governor halts executions – God's Will

CA parents demand sanctuary city for parental rights on vaccines, sex ed

California Doctor Censored on YouTube Not Backing Down

Calling Abortion Human Rights is Orwellian Doublespeak

Candace Owens on BLM demands of white people

Candace Owens shares video of protesters chanting “George Soros, where's my money?”

Can Donald pardon himself? Of course

Carl Sagan was lying through his teeth

Carranza's toxic whiteness pc training

Carson's quote about Hillary, Alinsky & the devil

Cartoons talk about Illuminati

Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Watching the Mother of All Debt Entrapments 

CBD vs THC – Jesus heals instead

CCP Adviser Outlined Detailed Plan to Defeat US, Including Manipulating Elections

CDC Director Robert Redfield guilty of vaccine FRAUD years ago

CDC Director Dr. Redfield, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx’s History of Corruption with the HIV Vaccine

CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if There are NoTest Results Confirming it

CDC: 329 deaths recorded deaths so far after MRNA experimental injections

CDC, WHO have vaccine patents - are sock puppets for  Big Pharma - RFK Jr

Celebrities seen in hell

CERN celebrates 30th anniversary of world wide web

Censorship Claims Another Victim: Honest-Journalism Giant, Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire”

Central Park's answer to Pizza Rat – Muffin Raccoon

Cervezabug Is The Biggest Psyop In Human History

Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia 

Chabad plotted Slav genocide in l994

Change Israel's name to MESHUGENAH, Call it what it actually is, And NYC will be NEW MESHUGENAH

Chap 1 The Atheistic Unconstitutional Mental Health System is a Human Rights violation – legal issues

Chap 2 What causes Mental Illness?

Chap 3 On Fasting

Chap 4 Mental illness in youth

Chap 5 New Age Practices cause mental & physical illness – warnings to new agers on spiritual deception

Chap 6 Prophetic message to Jews – what it means to be a messianic Jew

Chap 7 – Churches can heal people through worship music instead of drugs (includes checklist for assessing demonic influences)
Chap 8 - What's wrong with psych drugs (physically & theologically)

Chap 9 – Psychiatry needs to stop slandering the Spirit of God (includes On Spiritual vs. Material, for atheists)

Chap 10 - Prophetic warnings to psychiatrists, psych nurses, mental health workers, notes to Muslim doctors

Chap 11 - The Power of Words revised.

Chap 12 – On judging someone to be mentally ill – misjudging of intelligent, intuitive, religious & creative people

Chap 13 – Prophetic message to Jews – note to Doctors about Jewish patients & Pastors about Jewish members

Chap 14 Prophetic call to the church

Chap 15 – Blueprint for Revival revised

Chap 16 - Prophetic call to the Legal System - radical vision of reform

CHD appeals mandatory PCR testing citing federal law

CHD Gives Notice to FCC Against 5G Cell Towers on Homes—Ex-Parte Letter Receives Over 15,000 Signatures!

CHD in the First Direct Debate with Telecom on 5G 

CHD Legal Team Led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sues Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Three of Facebook’s So-Called “Fact-Checkers”

CHD’s Dafna Tachover Clears Up the Confusion Surrounding 5G

Chemicals in plastics feminizing baby boys study says

Child adenochrome; globalist cabal's immortality drug of choice

Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques

China, 5G and the Wuhan Coronavirus

CHINA Cures Coronavirus with Vitamin C

China on course to become world's most Christian country

China's plan to invade USA

China providing weapons to BLM, Antifa

China's skybuses drive OVER traffic

China Trade War

China virus is 5G toxicity which causes flu symptoms

China wants their pandas back

Chris Christie brought judgment on NJ

Chris Christie was set up! (GW Bridgegate)

Chris Cuomo's FREDO moment was not his fault

Christian Prayer Gathering in Dallas

Christopher Hitchens did not have to die – he was called by JESUS to testify to HIM

Chuck Baldwin – this is ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government)

Churches can heal people through worship instead of drugs – ch 7 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Churches should not have yoga classes OR COFFEE – it is spiritual contamination

Churchill, Truman, Stalin all masons

CHUTZPAH – a drink from Israel

CHUTZPAH SQUIRREL – Union Square's answer to Pizza Rat

CIA Created the Label "Conspiracy Theorists" in 1967 to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the "Official" Narrative

CIA psychiatrist Robert J Lifton slanders Trump in NY Daily News

CIA's secret time travel program

CIA Social Isolation Torture Techniques Next Stage: Involuntary Quarantines in FEMA “Non-Congregate Shelters”

Cigarette butts killed George H.W. Bush & David Rockefeller

Citizen Journalists show empty hospitals – media is lying

Civil disobedience is necessary to resist tyranny

Civil rights leader: Marxist philosophy of Black Lives Matter org. will harm our communities

CIVIL WAR ANALYSIS: Black Lives Matter terror cells will carry out “armed flash mob” killing sprees on White communities while corporate America provides funding for illegal weapons

Class clowns should be peace officers and later, cops

Climb every mountain

CNA whistleblower – nursing home seniors are dropping like flies after covid injections

Coconut oil's history of destroying viruses, including coronaviruses

College Fraternities are linked to Freemasonry

Collusion in the White House

Columbine shooting was caused by psych drugs & social engineering

Comedians should become cops

Comments, suggestions, questions?

Common Core promotes Gay Sex

Communist coup masquerading as a protest movement

Communist"Thought Reform" Used to Homosexualize America

Communist Useful Idiot – Capitalist Useful Idiot

Community & Countries United WE SAY NO!

Community policing effectively

Comrade De Blasio and the People's Republic

Concert for Jews at MSG FREE CHEESES!

Conspiracy is not a theory

Contact Tracing Agenda

Contact tracing is fraud

Contact Tracing Training Testimony

Contents – Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Continuity of Government is confirmed and active

Conversation with a Central Park Carriage Horse

Clintons – Snake & Schmuck PC

Cool breezy weather thank you Jesus

Cool Breezy weather thank you Jesus

Cool pleasant weather thank you Jesus

Cool pleasant weather thank you Jesus

Cool sunny weather thank you Jesus

Cool thinkers

Cooper - Cooper park event was a PSYOP

Cops denied their 1st amendment rights to protest legal pot


Coronavirus Con: Vaccinate, Depopulate & Chip Mankind

Coronavirus is Christmas for Criminals

Coronavirus is common cold, says 20 year old textbook

Coronavirus is cover for 5G poisoning

Coronavirus is cover story for genocidal 5G rollout. 5G is lethal

Coronavirus is psyop warfare operation

Coronavirus is really 5G weapon system

Coronavirus Plandemic shows why we need separation of medicine and state

Corporate logos are mind control triggers


Corrupt NYC judge rules against parents in measles case

Cosmopolitan's rules for propaganda

COVER UP: Fauci approved chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine 15 years ago to cure coronaviruses, “Nobody needed to die”

Covid Face Masks are Toxic-- That's Why They Want You to Wear Them by Ed Hendrie

COVID Cases Transferred to Nursing Homes to Inflate Deaths

Covid 19 is like vacuuming theoretical dirt

Covid19 is Linchpin of NWO Blueprint

COVID-19 Plandemic a Live WHO “Training & Simulation Exercise”

COVID-19: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del Bigtree Talk About the Vaccine

COVID-19 Testing: What are We Doing? What Does it Mean?

Covid hoax is UN Agenda 30 – Alex Newman

Covid tests implanting microchips

COVID19 Vaccine Makers Using Aborted Fetal Cells

Covid Vaxx May Be Required for Social Standing

CPS whistleblower exposes CPS's corruption, kidnapping & drugging of children

Crazy Democrats call Trump a traitor for wanting peace with Russia

Crazy Parenting – how to abuse your kids & get away with it

Creative Schlepping Award goes to China

Creative Policing

Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy

CSPOA: Over 40 Sheriffs Stand Against Governor Newsom in California! Time to Deputize Posses?

Cuomo's attempts to be on the right side of history have put him on the wrong side of God

Cure for loneliness

Curt Schilling made a killing selling bloody socks on a stick

Cute baby something

Dallas Physician Heals COVID Patients Successfully with non-FDA Approved Hydroxychloroquine After Hospitals Sent them Home with no Treatment

Dangerous False Christian Cliches

Dangerous Prayers

DANGEROUS PRAYERS – How to pray effectively & how NOT to pray

Danger – the purpose of 5G is mind control


David Daleiden slays Goliath Planned Parenthood

David de Rothschild on nature

David Goldberg's last warning about Trump, Israel & Iran

David Icke Freemasonry, secret societies & the pandemic

David Icke – manipulation of perception, mind control leading to AI, transhumanism

David Icke on reptilians

David Icke; the bloody Rothschilds

David Rockefeller quotes on world government

Davos unleashes food control tied to pharmaceutical companies

Debating about POT

DeBlasio couldn't even manage one rodent

DeBlasio should not have mayoral control of NYC public schools

De Blasio's approach to crime – legalize it!

DeBlasio's idiotic education priorities

De Blasio's NY – there is no crime, everything is legal!

Debra Ginsberg Best Public Advocate

Deep State Trying to Take Down and 2 Decades of Alternative Health Information

Deep Underground Bases, Red & Blue Lists

Definition of Redundant – Hillary

Del vs Dershowitz on mandatory vaccinations

Demand Bruce Jenner take a DNA test

Demand Peace

Democratic Socialists train looters

Democrats pushing legalization to make it illegal to call cops on blacks

Depopulation quotes by the global elite

Deport Mike Pompous

Deporting illegal Hispanics violates Matthew 25. Half are named JESUS!

Did Donald Trump make a deal with the devil?

Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein work for MOSSAD?

Disbar Michael Cohen

Disgusting picture will reduce traffic

Disgusting things you could eat

Divine Healing

Do Americans face a red terror?

Doctors were bribed to promote covid hoax

Documentary: ‘Anarchy USA – In the Name of Civil Rights’, Written and Produced by G. Edward Griffin

Does 5G Make Us More Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection?

DOJ guidelines on religious freedom must challenge atheist mental health system

Donald Marshall Revolution

Donald Marshall testimony on human cloning, aliens, reptilians, illuminati, vril, selling souls, celebrities, politicians

Donald Marshall's testimony on human cloning by Illuminati, Vril

Donald's Deportables

Donald's IQ test with a rat

Donald's diplomacy

Donald's threats did not cause Singapore Summit – words of peace did

Donald Trump and women

Donald Trump being president proves the new testament is true

Donald Trump calls out countries for supporting ISI- implying Israel without saying it

Donald Trump controlled by the Israeli Mossad

Donald Trump has done the US a BIG FAVOR by getting people to PAY ATTENTION to POLITICS

Donald Trump has the GOP by the tail

Donald Trump is a honey badger

Donald Trump is an object lesson on the curse of the law vs the grace of Jesus

Donald Trump is a prophet

Donald Trump IS a prophetic message from God

Donald Trump is a poke in the eye to wake people up

Donald Trump is like Don Rickles BECAUSE they have the same name!

Donald Trump is trying to fix what Ross Perot warned about

Donald Trump looks like Brezhnev, the former Russian Character in Chief


Donald Trump Pastor in Chief

Donald Trump signalled Seattle false flag with al-Baghdadi announcement

Donald Trump's kids

Donald Trump's Palace for the Poor

Donald Trump's rape accuser testimony

Donald Trump's real calling is to use his name as a billboard for GOD

Donald Trump should run for mayor of NYC


Donations accepted via Paypal

Don't Blame God for the Holocaust – Blame FREUD!

Don't call it congestion pricing

Don't drink or smoke anything

Don't Smoke Eat Carrots

Don't Take Vaccines!

Do you believe God speaks to you? He Does in your thoughts

Do you hear voices? Everyone does as thoughts in our heads

Do you want a blowjob? Cure for sex addicts

Dozens of US Doctors and Healthcare Practicioners send letter to President Trump calling for a moratorium on 5G Press Release

Dr. Allen Frances DSM author says psych labels are bullshit

Dr Andrew Kaufman shows covid 19 is fraud

Dr Andrew Mouldon - Every vaccine produces harm

Dr Andrew Mouldon suicided for exposing vaccine truth

Dr Andrew Wakefield is not a quack - the truth about vaccines

Dr Andrew Wakefield warns this is not a vaccine it is irriversible genetic modification

Dr Brownstein - covid 19 much less deadly than the common cold

Dr Brownstein treats coronavirus with vitamins

Dr Buttar Accuses Fauci, Gates & The Media For Using COVID 19 To Drive Hidden Agenda

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Siddell

Dr Charles Hoffe breaks gag order after several of his patients get seriously ill after Moderna shot

Dr Didier Rauoult successfully cured coronavirus with Hydroxychloroquine

Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – America is on fire with Systemic – Violent Racism – AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE

Dr. Fauci and the NIH’s History in Experimenting on Foster Children and Using Aborted Fetal Tissue to Develop an HIV Vaccine

Dr. Fauci's Long Criminal History

Dr Faustus promotes patentable vaccines to make money instead of therapies that cure

Dr Francis Boyle DARPA 's bioweapon vaccine will kill people

Dr. Francis Boyle's interview on coronavirus as an 'offensive biological warfare weapon'

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the US

Dr Judy Mikovitz exposes evil Fauci & CDC

Dr. Kaufman: “They Want To Genetically Modify Us With COVID-19 Vaccine”

Dr Lorraine Day interview

Dr Meryl Nass uncovered WHO experiments designed to kill patients, discredit hydroxychloroquine

Dr M I Adil NHS UK Consultant Surgeon, sacked for speaking truth, covid-19 biological war, end game

Dr Peter Breggin, psychiatrist who exposed evils of psychiatry, calls for moratorium on vaccines

Dr. Proctologist goes to Washington

Dr. Ron Paul Interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Who Admits the CIA Killed his Father and Uncle

Dr. Ryan Cole says Vitamin D, Ivermectin cure Covid

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's New Medical Paradigm

Dr Sherri Tenpenny explains how the depopulation vaccine will work over 3-6 months

Dr. SHIVA LIVE: IS America becoming or already become a colony of China, Inc.?

Dr. Tenpenny: This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race

Dr. Theresa Deisher on the use of Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines: Babies are Born at 5-6 Months Old Alive with Beating Hearts and No Anesthesia

Dr Vernon Coleman – Covid 19 is euthenasia of elderly

Dr. Zelenko cure for coronavirus

Drop the charges against David Tarloff – message to the Judge, DA & jury

Dumb things you shouldn't do in NYC

Dutch whistleblower- they worship Lucifer, engage in child sacrifices - Ronald Bernard

Dysfunctional bird behavior

Dyslexia, ADHD; causes and cures

Earings and tattoos open people to demons

Easton Becomes First Town in CT to Ban 5G

Eating and Drinking God

Eating more of these 5 foods can help improve your eye health

Economic sanctions will kill tens of thousands of innocent Iranians

EDM music is Demonic – it hypnotizes people


Education Initiatives

Eight million idiots in NYC, according to God

Einstein's quote about individuality

Emergency Toilet – great job for the homeless

End times prophecy predicts pope calls for just war on Islam

Epidemiologist says social distancing and lockdown big mistake

Epstein affair proves media lies & Trump is right

Epstein victim says she was trafficked to Joe Biden

Epstein's victim tells what went on under the dome

Eric Garner GOT Justice – we need the Rikers School of Ministry – Forgiveness, not Justice

Eucalyptus & we eat 'em

Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection - the medical monopoly



Evelyn Berezin enabled me to be a writer

Every family has a resident prophet

(kids, & anyone with blue hair) Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position\

Every terrorist incident has been a false flag

Everyone has a calling from God

Everyone has a Phase 2 ministry

Evidence of God

Evidence of Heaven – Russian 9 year old plays HARP

Example of Mainstream Media lying about Health

Excerpts & comments from The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber

Ex-gays, ex-trans demand Congress not block escape from LGBT lifestyle

Expose of False Christian Leaders

Ex-trans pleads with Canadian politicians to not ban therapy that 'saved my life'

Ex Trans says Jesus healed her

Eyewitness account of Seattle by national guard

Facebook is government mind control

Facebook plans to read your brain

Face Masks Harm Children and Some Have Even Died – But California Governor Dictates Everyone to Wear Them

Facts about slavery they don't teach you in school

Failed coup in Venezuela foiled by God

Faith Leaders Call For Urgent Prayer Covering Over Trump For Debate


Fake and Fake

False flag attack planned on Seattle on Nov 3 2019

False Flag Definition

False Flag planned in VA

Fancy chicken restaurant is social justice for chickens

Farrakhan preaches Jesus & exposes Talmud evil

FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide

Fauci, Gates conspire in corruption

Fauci is Trump's Mengele

Fauci’s Remdesivir Drug Fast-Tracked by FDA for Approval Exposed as a Fraud

Fauci's wife – Corruption

FCC Chairman Dismisses Pentagon, DoT, NOAA, and Energy Dept Opposition to 5G

FDA to Review Fast-tracked COVID Vaccine by October as New Study Proves Microscopic Robots Invisible to Naked Eye Now Can Now be Injected into Blood Stream

Federal government offering bribes to doctors to give covid shots

Feel the Peace of God

Feelings now acceptable as answers to math problems

FEMA Camp Democide: Hollow Point Bullet to Back-of-the-Head

FEMA has plans to kidnap kids from schools as bait to get parents into FEMA camps - Operation Mountain Guardian

Fema official warns - the plan for USA concentration camps, depopulation

Fight the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum


Filmmaker says he has 'undeniable' proof moon landings were faked

Finally some sanity – Pediatricians call Transgenderism dangerous child abuse

Fine Dining at the Raccoon Restaurant

Fireworks to be used as cover for July 4 attack by Antifa, BLM on whites

Five minute subway evangelism

Fix the infrastructure

Flag waves in breeze on airless moon

Flea Referendums – cure for dysfunctional government

Fluoridated water is an insecticide from China

Fluoridation on Trial: RFK, Jr.’s Conversation with Attorney Michael Connett

Fluoride officially classified as a neurotoxin in world's most prestigious medical journal

Flying saucer & alien family

Follow the Dog

Food production deliberately being destroyed

Food replicators from Star Trek are here

Foods good for reducing inflammation

Foods to de-tox the liver

Foods to eat to get rid of liver belly

Foods to eat to lower your cholesterol levels naturally

Forced vaccinations in Denmark

Foreign policy primer for the ethically challenged

Forgiven Tickets – Forgiven Debts – Prayers answered

Former CIA man proposes Trump channel directly to people

Former FEMA officer reveals their plans

Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum: covid tests are magnetically tagging you and the vaccine is designed for depopulation and synthetic transformation of humans

Former FEMA worker warns: Celeste Solum & Dave Hodges

Former George Bush Chief Economist says 911 Was an Inside Job

Former head of Vodaphone says testing gives people virus

Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist and Trump knows about it

Former Microsoft Canada president says 5G not safe

Former NYC mayor's quote about Rockefeller social engineering & shadow government

Former NYPD detective James Rothstein on pedophiles in government

Former peace corp volunteer says Trump is right about shit hole countries

Former Pfizer exec says governments are lying & deliberately causing deaths

Former Russian says health departments are infiltrated by communists – vaccines are weapons of mass destruction

Former sata-ist I performed sata-ic- rituals inside abortion clinics

Frankfurt School--Cultural Decline Follows (((Communist))) Blueprint

Former Transgender healed by Jesus

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov

Frank Zappa exposing the Illuminati

FREE CHEESE! How to train rats to bite smokers

Free cop noses


Freemasons are dupes

From Spock to Spock the social engineering that warped us all

Frontline Doctor Stella: “I should let people die because I’m scared of Anthony Fauci? I should let people die because I’m scared of the WHO? I’m not scared of any of them. I’m not going to let people die.”

Funky worship in Bryant Park

Funny things God has said to me

Gary Barnett – Eugenicists plan to depopulate the planet

Gates and Gov. Cuomo Take Advantage of COVID-19 and Re-Imagine the NY Education System

Gates' deal for tracking app 6 months before Covid19 started

Gay conversion therapy bans protect pedophiles

Gay Icon Little Richard renounces homosexuality, old songs, to be saved to heaven through Jesus

Gay Marriage is a Farce and why it Does matter to everyone

Gay Marriage is God’s answer to the Lunacy of Evolution

Gay Marriage is lunacy – orangutans in the zoo

Gay Marriage is Not New – Rome had Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage is the litmus test issue between Believers and non-Believers

Gay people are not an abomination to God; the Behavior Is

Gay pride is child abuse

Gays are made that way by social engineering

Gay sex is compulsive, addictive like eating disorders which are caused by oral sex

G Edward Griffin Communism in America since the l920s

Gender dissenter psychiatrist fired

Gender insanity on college campuses

Gender nonsense in education


General Wesley Clark – policy coup in US – 7 countries in 5 years

Genocide agenda behind 5G, virus, vaccines

George Estabrooks, Sick Godfather of Hypnotic Mind Control

George Floyd autopsy Dr Michael Baden also did JFK, MLK, Epstein

George Floyd event was staged

George Floyd's lawyer says he was already dead; this guy is an imposter

George H. W. Bush told Cathy O'Brien he was from an alien race

George Orwell's birthday

George Orwell's letter from his former French teacher, Aldous Huxley, about Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Soros has plan to suppress pro-life laws in Catholic countries

George Soros is trying to rig the election

George Soros laid it out for all to see

George Soros' latest project

George Soros pledged 1 billion to fight 'nationalism'

George Soros should be arrested 

George Washington's prophetic vision of the US & warning to turn back to God to survive

Gerbil becomes Hasidic after eating Gefilte fish

Gerbil gender

Gerbil Gender Raccoons

German Dr. says coronavirus is hoax

Get rid of Harry Potter, Pokemon, Tarot cards & Ouija boards – they bring curses & cause mental & physical illness

Ghana President exposed Rockefeller Foundation world lockdown plot

Gifts for teens

Ginsberg for Governor

Ginsberg for Public Advocate

Giuliani's running

Give free vendor licenses for fruit & veggie carts in poor areas

Give free licenses to food vendors, free bikes to poor kids

Globalist elites to gather in Swiss resort town to plan post-COVID ‘Great Reset’

God gave the presidency to Rick Perry – so what happened?

God looks like Jesse Ventura because of the Jews & Atheists

God must be pulling out his hair in response to atheists


God stopped the next stimulus bill because it is horrible

God's 2000 year conversation with the Jews

God's advisor to Donald is Barron

God's atheist prophets

God says ASK

God sends hailstones on Gay Pride Parade

God sends hailstones on the Gay Pride Parade

God's descriptions of homosexuality

God's destiny for El Chapo

GOD'S GANG – Bible in every backpack

God's lawyer's argument against Abortion

God's message to NY – IF

God's Message to Us

God's Name

God's provision and God's plan in our lives

God's Purpose for Gay People

God's revenge on the banks

God's warnings about 5G

God's weapon of choice for cops - the Bible

God used Donald Trump to make everyone so desperate they would call on God!

God told a judge defendant was innocent

God told Mike Bloomberg YOU NEED JESUS but he heard Cheeze-its

Good idea or bad idea – an exercise for kids & potheads

Goofy things my dad has said to me – and the rebuttal

Google censorship of whites

Google exploring power to 're-engineer humanity'

Google insider goes public exposing Google's political bias

Google insider says 5G will sterilize Americans so China will take over

Google Search is the Greatest Mind Control Brainwashing Tool in the History of Mankind

Google suppresses info that contradicts official narratives in history, science, etc.

Google Translate can tell you what animals say

Google Whistleblower: “Fake News” based on Politics, Not Truth – Google is Guilty of Treason and Selling Data to China

Gordon Duff – Lebanese General says Israel hit Beirut with tactical nuke

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave cuff links to Israel – this & my prayer-song caused a ceasefire in Israel-Gaza

Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to pardon David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam

Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to prove Mario right by pardoning David Berkowitz

Governor Christie & other governors need to undo privatizaton of the prison system. It is slavery, an abomination

Governor Rick Perry says Homosexuality is like Alcoholism & He is Right

Governor Rick Perry should abolish executions & pardon everyone – a testimony t the Forgiveness of Jesus

Grandmas should rule the world

Great Awakenings And Megachurches: A Study In Stark Contrasts by Chuck Baldwin

Greta Thunberg's Rothschild handler

Guitars Not Guns

Gun control in the 3rd Reich

Halloween costumes cause transgender confusion

Hamster down your shirt sex

Harvard accepts gender lunacy

Hassan Rouhani at UNGA

Hate speech is Jewish censorship

Having a Jewish mother & Catholic father could make someone gay

Head of the Snake - Wexner, Maxwell’s, Mossad & Mega Group Exposed

Healing Power of Light: Why Viruses Thrive in Winter but Not Summer

Healing qualities of music & tuning

Heal trauma with laughter

Healing using Chinese medicine of meridians and Paida Lajin


Heatwave caused by ozone hole widening caused by radiation from Fukushima French nuclear links

Helter Skelter & the occult origins of the race war

Her name was Nancy Webster – on solitary confinement, suicide & psych wards
Hero rat wins award for landmine detection

Higher Education is Mis-education – indoctrination in lies

Hillary & Cronkite promote the New World Order; Trump, Putin resist it

Hillary already WAS President!

Hillary ill at 9-11 service; she works for Rothschilds behind 9-11 & all wars

Hillary sends emails to Minnie Mouse!

Hillary's emails show she was a Rothschild puppet

Hillary's strongest argument is – Bill!

Hipster churches that promote alcohol and coffee are making a BIG mistake

History of Russian Orthodox Church

History Repeating

Hitler's undeniable offers of peace

Holocaust deniers in Russia now face 5 years in prison

Holodomor! The Secret Holocaust in Ukraine by James Perloff

Homophobia is healthy reaction to potential sexual abuse

House passes law to microchip disabled people

How about a pick your nose pride parade

How Andrew Cuomo can make history the RIGHT WAY

How a rodent can cure mental illness

HOW articles on my website

How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship

How can Elie Wiesel support gun control?

How Can the Whole World be Lying? Response to my Mom and Anyone who Cannot Fathom a Houdini Magic Trick Carried out on a Global Scale

How Christians should respond to After-School Sat- clubs; it is Reckless Endangerment

How churches turn people into atheists

How crazy were the boomers from smoking pot?

How do we protect ourselves from harm?

How God carries us and catches us when we go over the edge

How God Guides us into Relationship with Him

How God may use Rosie O'Donnell to prevent WWIII

How homeless people and ex-prisoners can prevent kids from using drugs

How Iceland stopped teen substance abuse

How I'll win the presidency

How I made Trump president and why I'm running for NYC mayor

How I passed the bar at 7

How Iran was swindled out of $3.2 trillion

How Joe Biden was recruited to become agent of the Chinese Communist Party

How Melania can make world peace

How Molecular Hydrogen Can Help Your Immune System

How NOT to raise a Mass Murderer

How Pizza Rat ruined it for the Rats

How Putin can create World Peace & solve the N. Korea situation

How putting two problems together leads to solutions for both

How the constitution was hijacked

How the Illuminati Recruit & Network

How the Me Too movement put society in social isolation

How the Order controls education

How to be a friend
How to be a Smart Kid – ask older people what mistakes they made so you'll know what NOT to do

How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)

How to build the wall fast

How to convert atheists and bring Revival

How to cook up a fake uprising of the people – Tomato Bubble

How to cure Donald Trump from tweeting

How to cure migraines

How to cure the Passover Plague

How to cure your kid of pot brain

How to cure yourself of mental illness in 20 minutes

How to deal with a subway pervert

How to do a press conference

How to drain the swamp – call a FLEA REFERENDUM

How to eat yogurt

How to evangelize on the train

How to easily evangelize young people – talk about Illuminati

How to Find a JOB

How to find out God's purposes for situations in our lives

How to Fix Everything – Immigration, Crime, etc.

How to fix the Cuomo – De Blasio rivalry thing

How to fix the romper room president

How to Fix the World in Two Snaps

How to Fix Times Square

How to fix trade deficits in a jiffy

How to fix traffic in NYC

How to get a raccoon to play the piano with his feet

How to get a teen not to smoke or vape


How to get kids to read the bible

How to get Mexico to build the wall

How to get rid of wrinkles CHEAPLY

How to get rid of our traitorous leaders.

How to get started opposing the transgender movement

How to get your kid to clean their room

How to help the homeless

How to lower the Recidivism rate in Prisons

How to make an insultament box


How to Pray Effectively

How to protect against Ebola and other diseases

How to protect ourselves from potheads, smokeheads, beer heads & coffeeheads

How to raise revenue for the MTA

How to respond to bullying

How to revitalize upstate NY

How to run for office in NYC

How to snooker St Peter to get into heaven

How to solve the homeless situation in one week

How to solve the Opioid Crisis

How to stop pot smoking & vaping in high schools & NYC

How to stop public smoking in 6 months

How to Stop Shootings

How to stop smoking

How to stop violence at Rikers and all jails

How to tell if someone is awake or asleep (spiritually)

How to tell the bible is true

How to transform a criminal


How to win in court – a tip from the Harpo Marx School of Law

How transgender ideology infiltrated pediatrics

How Trump can save his presidency and the country

How Trump Made World Peace - Nothing Smocks Anymore!

How tv went from wholesome to occult brainwashing

How WIFI affects us

Human cloning

Human 2.0? A Wake-Up About COVID19 Vaccine – Dr. Carrie Madej

HUMOR articles

Hungary Takes On the Feminist Goliath—and Wins

Hurricane Sandy & the Grace Building – a testimony of God

Hydroxychloroquine WORKS 
I am on youtube

I am Prime Minister of NYC

I believe in Gay rights. Gays have a right to be healed of the abuse that made them gay

I broke Babe Ruth's curse so the Red Sox won the World Series

I caused a tornado by praying the wrong prayer

I caused Korean peacetalks

Ideological subversion

If anal sex is sex, then sticking a banana in your ear is eating

If anal sex is sex, then sticking a banana in your ear is eating

If anal sex is sex, then this is eating

If Donald deports illegal Hispanics, who will deliver Chinese food all over NYC? Pizza Rat? Squirrels on skateboards?

If Donald Trump is president, he'll heal everybody of disease

If God wanted you to wear a mask he would have made you a raccoon

If Jesus were president he would act like Jimmy Carter

If otters in the D.C. Zoo can play pianos, how about children in Zoo York? Pianos for the People!

If pot is legal, all teens will smoke it

If the Supreme Court wants to rule on gay marriage, first they need to address whether God exists

If you build it you can live there

If you need a job make one

If you say you're a horse NY says OF COURSE!

If you think Trump is crazy watch this

If you want to engage in heavy petting bring popcorn

I intercepted a planned live terror attack on NYC – Operation Gotham Shield

I killed David Rockefeller playing my guitar

I killed Punch Sulzberger by praying in tongues

I Like My President

Illegal Weedworld truck selling pot in NYC

Illinois public schools grooming kids for pedophiles

Illuminati bio terror vaccine plot exposed in 2009 lawsuit

Illuminati card game predicted 9-11

Illuminati control of music & Hollywood

Illuminati have anti-gravity surveillance system

Illuminati Hoax? Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist

Illuminati insider John Todd said Atlas Shrugged was their plans for world takeover

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for QUIET

ILLUMINATI – what everyone needs to know

I'm a lawyer by birth

Immigrant crisis is driving the whole country into a bible study

I'm running for mayor of the other Jewish country & I invite Bloomberg to be Prime Minister

I'm transitioning

Important Quotes About The Insane Banking System

Important Videos on Illuminati

Income inequality is an asinine issue

Incompatible beliefs between Talmud & Bible

Incompetent politicians pushing legal pot for job security

NY state legislature only works 6 months a year

Indian man sues parents for not getting his consent to be born

In Eisenhower's death camps – a US prison guard remembers

In NYC they wear fox coats; in Russia they wear foxes

In Paris tens of thousands protest extending artificial reproduction to lesbians

In plain view jaw dropping video of lsd promoters in l979 meeting

Insider – NWO scenario includes biowarfare and nuclear weapons

Insider says Israel poised to stage false flag attack against US to start war with Iran

Inside the White House

Inspirational movie for Gays – former gay activist becomes minister of Jesus

Inspiring Israeli Music

Instruments of life not instruments of death

Interview with Bashar Assad of Syria

Interview with deprogrammer of victims of sodomites

Interview with Filipino president Duterte

Interview with Medical Researcher Robert Whitaker on fraud in psych drug research

Interview with Shmuley Boteach, America's Rabbit

Introduction – Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


Invasion of the body snatchers is real?

Invitation to atheists

I out trumped Trump

I prayed mom out of purgatory by praying in tongues

I Prayed on the Devil's Nose

I prefer men who are attracted to women to men who look like women

IQ test with a rat

Iran declares US troops terrorists and US a state sponsor of terrorism

Iran is not our enemy; let's make this Israel's last attempt to start a war

Iran issue is about Rothschild banks

Iran, Russia, Chinese say Coronavirus is Bioweapon

Iraqis march against American occupation

I rebuked Jesse Ventura's tsunami by praying in tongues

Irvin Baxter on the 6th trumpet, biblical prophecy & Trump

Is Adolph Hitler in Heaven?

Is God a rodent?

Is Israel a meshugenah country?

Islamic banking

Isolation is prelude to terror as controlling step by totalitarians

Israel announces they are working on vaccine for coronavirus. NO THANKS

Israel built 5G but doesn't allow it there

Israel, Iran, October surprise? Prophetic Warning

Israel praised by Hamas co-founder's son

Israel should change their flag

Israeli Mossad behind 9-11

Israeli PM's son says Menorah is historic symbol of Jews – so why is the Jewish star on their flag?

Israeli woman says most covid vaccines are forced

Israel Iran history


Israeli Historian Discovers '6 Million' Holocaust Figure Was Invented at Zionist Conference In 1944

Israelis are crazy because they have no word for common sense in Hebrew!

I stopped a cop from raping me by preaching to him & forgave him – the need for forgiveness

Italian Doctor warns Covid 19 means Depopulation. It is not a virus. Don't get tested.

Italian Dr says coronavirus no longer exists clinically

It's about Dinduism

It's all about the blue shirt

It's not a vaccine – it's an operating system – Catherine Austin Fitts


It takes a village to pillage

I understand Adolph – YES THAT Adolph!

Jackass statement of the week goes to Jerry Falwell Jr.

Jacob Schiff: the Most Powerful Man in U.S. History – Tomato Bubble

Jade Helm 15 - big military exercise that is a cover for death squads

James Perloff - Covid 19 red pilled

Javad Zarif's response to Trump – try respect it works

Jazz mice
Jeb Bush's mom said “if this country can't find another family to be president then that's silly”

Jefferson's warning about private banks

Jeffrey Epstein interview

Jerndal – the motive for a monumental scam

Jesse Ventura interviewed Dr Rima Laibow who warned vaccines would be mandatory and used for depopulation

Jew asks what to do about anti-semitism
Jewish control over American slavery

Jewish Humor comes from GOD

Jewish Michigoss

Jewish Michigoss in Jerusalem & the other Jewish country – NYC

Jewish rabbi, Catholic priest sue NJ governor and top cop for violating religious rights

Jewish tranny billionaire pushing trans ideology on America (29 billion Pritzker oligarch clan)

Jews are aliens, says rabbi

Jews behind immigration

JFK's anti-secret society speech 2 weeks before he was killed

JFK's 'secret society' speech "the president & the press"

JIM FETZER – BODY DOUBLES, McCartney, Hillary, Oswald, Michelle Obama,

Joe Biden used BODY DOUBLE during debates with Trump

Joe Biden, Petro Poroshenko & co stole 100 billion from Ukraine: Rudy Giuliani

Joe Sobran The Jewish Establishment

John D. Rockefeller's credo and a strange mural at Rockefeller Center

John F Hylan the NYC mayor you never hear about

John Money, the Charlatan Godfather of the Transgender Movement

John Todd's Introduction to Atlas Shrugged

Johns Hopkins psychiatrist speaks against transgender fallacy

Jonas storm is God's Answer to Roe v Wade. GOD: AM I CLEAR?

Jon Rappoport questions Covid 19 scam - warns of medical tyranny

Judaism is template for the NWO

Judaized Christianity – front for the NWO

Judaism & the Goyim

Judge Gives EPA One More Chance to Do Its Job and Halt Fluoridation of Drinking Water

Judge Joe Brown says Trump is not a racist

Judge rules psych meds cause homicide

Judith Reisman exposes Kinsey's false sex science behind the sexual revolution

Jumaane Williams' Pothead logic

Justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh challenge “stare decisis”, erroneous precedents with Roe & Gay Marriage.

Justin Bieber's calling from God is to be a testimony against abortion

Justin Bieber's new video about pedophilia and cannibalism

Juul is getting kids addicted to nicotine

Karl Marx & the Rothschilds

Ken Adachi – 5G is a factor in Coronavirus deaths

Kendra's Law is abuse

Kenneth Copeland, Mason, supports Ted Cruz a mason

Kenneth Hagin's vision of America & revival

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

Kids of Jewish/Catholic mixed marriages are screwed up


Kim Clement's 2007 prophecy about Donald Trump

Kindle Direct Publishing

King of Jordan's amnesia

Kissinger speech to WHO council on Eugenics on mandatory vaccinations

Kissinger's quotes about depopulation & Jews

Klaus Schwab – the making of a genocider

Know people, know problems. No people, no problems

Kobe Bryant was killed by 5G toxicity which causes flu symptoms

LA Cannibal Restaurant

Landmark mental health case summaries

Last major nuclear arms pact could expire with no replacement, Russia says

Lawyer, Lunatic & Prophet Indoctrination Camp

Leading Harvard Dr says coronavirus not as deadly as feared

Leaked Canadian email shows globalist plans playing out

Leaky gut causes health issues

Lecture on mind control techniques in MPD

Legal humor is one of my specialties

Legal pot leads to transgender confusion leads to shootings

Legal Team Led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sues New York State on Behalf of Families for Denying Lawful Medical Exemptions to School Children

Legalizing Pot is a Huge Mistake

Legalizing Pot is an Illuminati Plot

Legalizing pot is bad for young people and public health

Leigh Dundas, attorney rails against Nuremberg code violations of mandated vaccines for children

Let De Blasio and Cuomo marry the man who had sex with a mailbox according to the NY Daily News

Let homeless stay in empty billionaire investment apts

Let the rats run the MTA – pay them with pizza

Let there Be Light – How Colored Light is Used for Healing

Let there be a prison reform bill in Ted Kennedy's name

Let troubled vets be substitute teachers to warn kids not to join the military

Let's Make Money - Literally

Let's Pretend We're British

Let's Talk About Civil Disobedience

Letter from Trump to Pelosi about impeachment

Letter to a Jew who used to believe in Jesus and became Orthodox

Letter to a Muslim

Letter to a new ager on spiritual deception

Letter to a Scientist/Atheist

Letter to Journalists on outpatient treatment laws & the unconstitutional atheistic mental health system

Letter to Paul McCartney

Levi Aron is not criminally responsible – psychiatry is the culprit

LGBT Politics & Atheist Mental Health system are attacks on Christianity

Liberalism, Progressivism, Feminism are fronts for Communism

Liberals -- Unwitting Shills for Communism and Sata--ism

Lies told by abortionists

Life on my planet

Lift up your voice like a trumpet

Linde thinks eastern Europe is flash point for WW3

List of 269 Companies Supporting ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter

Loaner brain for someone who's lost their mind

Locusts in Israel

Locusts in Israel & Grasshoppers on Paul McCartney

Louis Farrakhan July 4 address

Louis Jolyon West: Johnny on the Spot Mind Controller

Lovely spring is here

Love songs for lawyers

Luciferian Pedophiles – the monsters that walk among us – pizzagate, Hollywood, Disney

MAGA is 5th level devil worship

Mahathir proposes gold, barter trade system for Muslim nations

Make a billion dollars. SELL SUCTION CUPS TO MEXICANS to get the jump on Donald's wall

Make America Fun Again


Make music healing again

Make SNL funny again

Manchester bombing hoax – no bodies!

Man has 'sex' with mailbox

Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearings for Mental Patients

Manhattan is a giant mental ward

Mao's 3 stages of revolution

Marco Gigio, the Cuban mouse running for president who was afraid to vote as Senator

Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, Abortion & Nazism

Marie Colvin's private war

Marriage Equality? Doggie Wedding

Marry Anything!

Mars portals to the underground

Mary K Baxter describes horrors of Hell

Masked while shopping

Masks are a crime against humanity and child abuse

Masks Cause the Same Symptoms Listed for COVID-19 “Probable Cases”

Masks were a sign of slavery

Masonic corporate symbols & 9-11 hologram hoax

Masonic handshake

Masonic hand signs to the media by politicians

Masonic hidden hand

Massive underwater UFO base in Guantanamo Bay

Master the meridian system of healing

Mattel releases gender neutral Barbie dolls

Maurice Sklar on Music, the Tabernacle of David & My Vision for Revival

Maurice Sklar's vision of the internet - a prophetic warning

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2

Maybe it's Mrs. Cuomo's meatballs

Mayor Inclusive should have a NYC Child of God parade – all inclusive

Mayor's budget meeting

McCartney & pig

McCartney for Mayor – Yes SIR PAUL!

McCartney, Huxley, Soma & Pot

McCartney interview & new songs

McCartney – is he or isn't he him?

Media Blackout: The Federal Court Case To End Water Fluoridation!

Media Inflates Common Cold to Trash US Constitution

Meddling in Venezuela caused storm in USA

Medical Researcher Robert Whitaker proves psych drugs cause mental illness

Meet the New Billionaires Club: COVID-19 Vaccine Developers

Meet the Rodents

Mel Gibson exposed Hollywood cannibals; Katy Perry promotes it

Mental health drugs cause mass shootings

Mental Health screening in Schools is Dangerous

Mental Health “stigma” is NOT the problem. PSYCH DRUGS ARE!

Mental Illness in Youth – ch 4 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Mental Patients are Holocaust Survivors

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines

Message for Bruce Jenner

Message from God


Message of comfort to Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener & others who have been publicly humiliated

Message to a former Orthodox Jew – a young writer

Message to Bibi

Message to Families of Mental Patients

Message to Governor Andrew Cuomo on medical pot, reparative therapy for gays, mental health system, prison reform & other issues

Message to Khizir Khan

Message to Lefties

Message to library patrons & workers & how WIFI affects us

Message to Musicians who have sold their souls

Message to Parents who lost their children

Message to Ringo Starr

Message to the Osbournes; Ozzy, Sharon, Jack & Kelly

Message to Transgender People

Messages in the Madness – comfort for Anthony Wiener, Monica & Bill, De Blasio & Bloomberg

Metrocard rat proves rodents can read

Mexican commie invasion

Mexicans scared into trying microchips

Mice for Hillary

Michael Wood interview on policing

Michelle Obama's book BECOMING is WHITEWASH. She is a man

Michelle Obama's doctor says 'she' is a man

Microchipping everyone sneakily through vaccines is end goal of Covid 19 hoax

Microchips as electronic tattoos in hospitals

Microchips are the Mark of the Beast and Bill Gates is the Antichrist

Microsoft Word ‘Spell Check’ Embedded Eugenic Code

Midget discrimination

Midwin Charles, 47 year old MSNBC legal analyst dead after taking covid shot

Mike Bloomberg needs a corner office – so does everyone (including Bill De Blasio)

Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) & caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting gay marriage

Mike Bloomberg's winning campaign

Mike Huckabee speech on God & US

Mike Pence the most important barnacle in history

Mike Pompous tells Iran to act like a 'normal country'

Mike Stone - Mass Media Will Never Stop Lying

Military suicides – psychiatry's greatest secret experiment

Millenials conditioned to accept tats as precursor to microchips

Mind blowing interview with marine super soldier who was on bases on the moon and Mars

Mind control & Social engineering in the music business

Mind Control commands from aliens & other sources removed by kinesiology

Mind Control Effects of Pot

Mind control through cell phones & 5G

Mind control vs controlling your mind

Minnesota bishops defy gov's lockdown order, announce they'll restart public Masses

Minyan for Jesus

Miracle of Body Parts on top of Deutsche Bank building shows Rothschilds behind 9-11

Misguided bill introduced in Senate pertaining to Solitary Confinement

MIT PhD Scientist: Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates Want Every Person on thePlanet Vaccinated

MKULTRA - CIA program which used kids for drug trials & sex abuse

MKULTRA experiments & mind control programming of children

MKULTRA Lives – Shanghaid to Bellevue

MKULTRA Scientist Ewen Cameron and His Prize Subject, Rudolf Hess

MMR vaccines cause 340% increased risk of autism in African American infants
Moderna & Pfizer vaccine have dangerous ingredient

Moderna, Pfizer and all vaccines destroyed

Moderna vaccine killed Hank Aaron, many seniors

Monsters on Parade

Moon hoax videos & other conspiracies

Moose cooling

More doctors speak out Against Face masks – if no health benefit, what is the real reason they are mandated?

More immigrants from Norway? Just wait


Moron Music by Henry Ford

Moschiach already came

Mosquitos being released to vaccinate people sneakily

Most Organizations formed to Combat Child Sex Trafficking are Actually Facilitating and Funding It

Most teachers quite disturbed about their unions' push for sexualization and indoctrination of children

Mothering while black – autism, smoking, pot, abortion & more

Mousie in the bank doing the Pizza Rat

Murdered Doctors Discovered Autism/Can-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines

Musicians, Lyrics, Drugs, Mental Illness & Healing

Musicians READ THIS – Peace in Ireland


Music (in service to God) can save the world


Musings on Secular Humanism and public education; response to the Humanist Manifesto, psychiatry, & the New World Order

Muslim holiday is based on a lie

Muslims in the Park

My birthday present from God

My conversation with Governor Jesse Ventura on God, the presidency Being Born Gay

My conversations with David Letterman and Governor Andrew Cuomo about Gay Marriage

My discussion with God before my birth

My Father's Legal Notice to the Cat

My Favorite Christmas Song – O HOLY NIGHT

My 40th Birthday prayer

My mayoral salary

My Ministry to Idiots

My nephew was circumcised in the womb, a miracle, after a prayer for God to 'touch him'

My pot smoking killed my mother

My prayer not to be pregnant after rape & a supernatural sign of forgiveness on Yom Kippur

My resume – inspirations from God

My response to trans person's oped

Myron Fagan exposes CFR Illuminati plan for 3 world wars, world government run by bankers

My sister is a rodent – so what does that make me?

My songs for Christmas

Mysterious ‘Federal State of New China’ banners seen on planes over NYC

My tug of war with a raccoon

NAMI is a FRONT for Big Pharma

Nanotech in foods will be used to hunt and control humans

Naomi Wolf warns about 5G rollout in NYC

Nasal humor is one of my specialties

Neatnik or Nudnick?

Negative testimony of child of gay marriage

Neoconservatives Planned Regime Change Throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 Years Ago

Netanyahu quote about hating America

NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The Mental Health System is FRONT for Nazi Genocide

Never Again! The real history of psychiatry by Peter Breggin, MD

NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! Reply to Never Again! The real history of Psychiatry by Peter Breggin, MD

Never let a good crisis go to waste - Rahm Emmanuel

New age nightmares – The Exorcist and Ouija boards

New age practices cause mental & physical illness – ch 5 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

New Book Exposes the CIA MKULTRA Mind-Control Program with Sidney Gottlieb and LSD

New book shows pot causes mental illness

New Music Video – ASK

New proposed law in UK to jail anti-vaxxers

New World Order Continues to be Published: The “Great Reset” - Transhumanism and the 4th Industrial Revolution

News for people who prefer to USE their brains instead of destroying them with DRUGS

New year's song for peace and unity

New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients with Vitamin C

New Study Finds Antipsychotics Don’t Prevent but Actually Cause Psychosis

Nibble the moon

Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order

NIH admits 5g can cause coronavirus in cells

Nighttime feeding of raccoons

Nixon's letter to Trump put the curse of impeachment on him

Noahide Laws

Noahide laws called for by Chabad rabbis call for beheading of Christians

Noahides & Naugahides

No back door into heaven through the kitchen

Nobody dies of disease –they die of spiritual ignorance

Nobody gets fat anymore

Nobody has a problem with God – they have a problem with their IDEA of God and so does GOD!

Nobody has Schizophrenia – they have Christianity

Nobody speaks English – they speak Orwellian doublespeak

No Donald you can't have a parade! But you Can have a Drum Set!

No matter what you wear you still look like a squirrel

No meatballs for Andrew

No more arms for Saudis

No more blithering idiots

No more police brutality! Let the rats do the dirty work!

Normalized Deviance due to Social Engineering

North Korea history lesson

North Korea shows good faith by erasing anti-US propaganda

North Korea wants nukes to defend itself from US, NATO money protection racket in service to the Rothschilds who are behind all wars

North Korea warns of first strike to defend itself

Norwegian prison system articles & my remedy for Prison Transformation

Norwegian prophecy is warning about immigration policies & India

No sex, Nose sex

Not that there's anything wrong with that? Weenies don't belong in backsides, Jerry!

Nurse discusses incompetence in NYC

Nurse exposes shocking truth about Covid 19

Nurse says MMR vaccine causes cancer

NYC Dept of Education Transgender Guidelines is Indoctrination in Mental Illness

NYC Dr says respirators harming people

NYC has the biggest band in the world - Mayor De Idiot & the 8 million idiots

NYC health dept. head supports transgender delusion

NYC is a city that has its head up its ass

NYC is murder capital of the world due to abortion

NYC is the safest big city but not for black babies

NYC isn't a city – it's a Giant Ashtray masquerading as a city. Welcome to NY Ashtray!

NYC mayor Bill De Blasio is the groundhog of pizza

NYC mayoral candidate has cure for depression

NYC mayoral candidate cures mental illness and guarantees Good Weather

NYC mission trips

NYC pothead plague is Andy & Paul's fault

NYC public schools want your kids to think this is normal

NYC public toilet experience

NYC Reset

NYC stupidity – Hire Him Already

NYC unlimited revenue supply – official NYC garbage

NYC warm weather is due to my praying

NYC water and most bottled water has toxic fluoride

NYC's new breakfast sensation – blueberry jelly on a bug on a bagel

NYPD are not racist - they're idiots like everyone else

NY state legislature only works 6 months a year

NY state passes reforms on solitary confinement – my response

NY's next Attorney General

NY TIMES LIES about Planned Parenthood; complicit in murder of the unborn

NY Times proves they are no longer a newspaper – they slandered RFK Jr and refused to print his rebuttal

Obama a communist agent

Obamacare sneakily mandates microchipping people

Obama clone in Venezuela

Obama should appoint Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court

Obama's brother hints Michelle is a man, tweets Kenyan birth certificate

Obama's calling Now is to warn against pot legalization

Obama's identity fraud

Obama tweeted George Floyd poster a week before his alleged death

Obedience training is not just for dogs

Of course Trump won Michigan!

On Anton LaVey’s ‘Secret Life of a Sat--ist’ and Sat--c Bible

On creating money out of thin air and God's miracles of provision

One million idiots attended the gay pride parade in NYC & the blowback on Cuomo & the Jews

One million idiots in NYC

On Finney and Masonry and the Mental Health System

On GRACE and Pianos – when God moves he moves Big

On Fasting – ch 3 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Onion home remedies for colds, fevers, cuts, burns

On judging someone to be mentally ill – misjudging of intelligent & intuitive religious & creative people ch 12 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Operation eliminate 2A movement

Operation Gotham Shield – Detonation drill in NYC

Operation Paperclip

Original sin is transmitted by Jewish mothers

Orlando hoax - Tomato Bubble, anti-NY Times

Orwellian doublespeak of the NY Times

Osama, Obama, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse? Illuminati nonsense & Brave New World Revisited

Otto Warmbier was drugged by US government not North Korea

Our Ticket to Heaven is JESUS

Outdoor learning is a health hazard to children

Over 57 million paid by US government for vaccine injuries in 2020 as experimental coronavirus vaccine fast tracked

Overhaul of Solitary Confinement is Approved for New York's Prisons

OWS – you want profits? I'll give you prophets

Ozone therapy cures Covid 19 says Dr. Rowen

Pam Bondi Lays Out Explosive Case Against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma

Parents of the future

Passover Humor

Passport to the Brave New World: The Vaccine

Pass the Pothead Law

Pastor Chuck Baldwin calls Trump's mideast peace plan a deal with the devil

Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Corona Endgame: Forced Vaccinations & Total Control Surveillance over our lives

Pastor David Wilkerson's vision of a NYC plague and revival

Patrick Kennedy was snookered by the social engineers

Paul McCartney finds no takers to toke

Paul McCartney Mojo Magazine interview

Paul McCartney's IQ test with a rat

Paul McCartney's masonic hidden hand sign

Paul McCartney's Trip to Heaven

Paypal donations needed

Paypal donations would be very appreciated

Pay through the nose – the real meaning


Peace in Ireland – singing in tongues as prayer

Peace Place – 24 hour cafe for work, prayer, rest

Peace Process Continues in Korea

Pediatricians: Gender ideology is the latest assault on our children

Pedophiles in the church were really communist infiltrators

Pedophilia rampant in Orthodox Judaism

Pelosi's blowjob

People who administer covid vaccines are liable

People's favorite sport in NYC – complaining

Pete Buttegieg is not only gay, he's a gay SPOOK!

Pete BUTTegieg thinks weenies belong in backsides. God says NO!

Pete Up Your Butt is running for president

Petition to Recall Walz Approved By Minnesota Secretary of State

Pfizer's covid vaccine has antifreeze

Pharmaceutical Industry is the Leading Cause of Death in US, and the Largest Criminal Group in the World

Picture of Syrian destruction – WHO are the terrorists? A picture is worth thousand words



Plague of Corruption

PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION – Two Critical Questions


PlanDemic Movie Trailer Released Featuring Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovitz Exposing Dr. Fauci's Alleged Criminal Behavior

PLANDEMIC: Full Feature Film Released Online Amidst Tremendous Opposition and Attempts to Censor it

Planet X Nibiru videos

Plandemic Proof

Planned Parenthood calls this 'tissue' Would you blow your nose on this?

Planned Parenthood is NOT the largest abortion provider

Planned Parenthood promotes Comprehensive Sexuality Education to create abortion customers

Planned Parenthood Promotion of Pedophilia behind Gay Marriage Agenda

Planned Parenthood Sells Body Parts & the Denial of Abortionists & Psychiatrists

Planned Parenthood to give covid shots inside abortion centers is prophetic sign the shots kill

Planned Parenthood video

Planned Parenthood videos

Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes

Play MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN in 15 minutes

Play Piano in Half an Hour

Pleasant delightful weather for the whole country thank you Jesus

Poland and Romania hosting US missiles risks nuclear war

Political Animals

Politicians are like squirrels on pot who forget where their nuts are

Political Correctness Origins in Marxist Ideology

Pope Benedict Complains Of Attempts To ‘Silence’ Him!

Pope Francis said Muslims & Christians worship the same God. WRONG. Jews don't even worship the same God as Christians

Pope's stand against capital punishment part of God's plan to raise up evangelists from prison

Pop music is toxic – ban it in stores & restaurants

Pop music causes mental illness because the music business is run by devil worshippers who pray demons onto the lps

Portland is a shithole from legal pot

Posters for the anti-smoking campaign

Posters for the Anti-Stupid Campaign

Posters for the Eat Healthy Campaign

Posters for the Wake Up Campaign

Pot activist killed by NYC train was pushed by a pothead or an angel

Pot causes psychosis

Pot damages brains

Pot is the number 1 problem and it's all Bob Dylan's fault

Pot legalization is not about social justice

Pot, mental illness & violence

Pot smokers in the park are Andrew Cuomo's fault

Pot smokers in the park give the raccoons a concussion

Pot stench is health hazard

Pot use up; crime is up

Powerful industry lobby group behind 5G rollout despite public opposition health dangers

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians

Praying in tongues in Bryant Park – prayers contaminated by coffee drinkers

Predictive programming and false flags

President al Assad says Europe was the main player in creating chaos in Syria

President Trump will ‘lead America back to God,’ according to 1983 prophecy

Prince Philip, dead at 99, said he wished to reincarnate as a deadly virus to depopulate earth

Prince William got a microchip

Prison guard has visions of Jesus and sets captives free (like in the book of Acts)

Private prisons housing illegal immigrant detainees use them as slaves

Process issues – how we hear from God

Profanity is contagious and afflicts people near us

Pro-God billboard in England

Project Veritas infiltrates violent clandestine meeting of violent antifa cell

Prologue & Dedication – Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Proof that thimerosal induces autism-like neurotoxicity

Prophecy about coronavirus, ww3, antichrist

Prophecies about the United States

Prophecies about Trump

Prophecies about US government and elections

Prophecy: 5 Angels and 5 Highways of Revival

Prophecy from Norway in l968

Prophecy from 2011 claims Trump was chosen by God to save America

Prophecy update – warning to US & President Trump

Prophetic call to the Legal System – ch 16 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Prophetic message about the rapture & revival by Maurice Sklar

Prophetic message to Gays

Prophetic message to Jews – ch 13 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Prophetic Message to Jews – what it means to be a Messianic Jew ch 6 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Prophetic message to NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg on Hurricane Sandy & God's judgment on NYC, gay marriage, guns, mind control music, fluoride, libraries, homeless, the presidency & more

Prophetic visions of judgment, the rapture, NYC & Babylons from Maurice Sklar

Prophetic warning about China and Russia

Prophetic warning about China invading the US

Prophetic warning to Donald Trump

Prophetic warning to Donald Trump about Iran, Russia & China

Prophetic warning to Shmuley Boteach & other rabbis

Prophetic warnings to psychiatrists and nurses and mental health workers – notes to Muslim doctors – ch 10 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Prophetic warning to US government and America from Maurice Sklar

Prophetic word about Abortion & the Election

Prophetic word Trump presidency God's opportunity to turn back to righteousness

Protecting children from sexualization

Protest p.c. nonsense speak Gerblish

Protest stinky pot heads

Psych drugs in schools

Psychiatrist activist against transgender delusion

Psychiatrist activist against transgender madness & social engineering

Psychiatrists are the Biggest Idiots on Earth!

Psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science

Psychiatry Nazis & the Rise of the 4th Reich – interview with Jim Marrs, author of The Rise of the 4th Reich

Psychiatry needs to stop slandering the Spirit of God – this is blasphemy ch Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Psychoanalysis of leaders

Psychological distress in solitary – a study

Psychological warfare, subversion of the west – Yuri Bezmenov

Public smoking is an assault

Pull a Steven Braunfeld on someone throwing rocks

Pussy hats and penis hats

Putin: 95% of world terrorist attacks are made by the CIA

Putin ally says Americans must vote for Trump or face nuclear war

Putin Announces The World’s Ruling Class Are Reptilians

Putin announces total independence from Rothschild controlled US dollar

Putin documentary

Putin doesn't like NATO missiles up his backside. NY Times - “why not? We like weenies up our backsides” MORONS!

Putin for President

Putin's Halo

(Putin respects Trump & Trump has said he believes he would get along with Putin. They both have common sense)

Putin is not crazy – important video

Putin is Right the NY Times is wrong on Gay Marriage & pro gay propaganda (social engineering)

Putin, KGB, Chabad & Mossad


Putin quotes on pacts with Iran

Putin's moral stands

Putin's now purged the west from the Kremlin

Putin's NY Times oped on need for caution & rule of law

Putin's Plea for Sanity

Putin's quote about the NWO worshipping the devil

Putin speaks truth

Putin speaks truth about west & poison

Putin's speech started anti-Russian hysteria

Putin's speeches

Queen Elizabeth and her royal coronavirus exposed

Quid pro schmo on immigration

Quote of the Day – Only in America can a black man grow up to be a white woman

Quotes by Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Henry Ford

Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education

(mind control, genocide, atheism, world government)

Rabbi said Hitler was right

Rabbi Warns Vatican: Return Temple Vessels or Corona-Virus in Rome Worsens

Rabbis defy education authorities, won't teach LGBT lifestyles in UK Jewish schools

Raccoon discusses transgender issues

Raccoon fine dining

Raccoon for president

Raccoon Hygiene

Raccoon report

Raccoon Olympics

Raccoon restaurant buffet

Raccoon restaurant returns

Raccoons being killed in Central Park

Raccoons eat almond milk

Raccoons eat crunchy snacks

Raccoons love sushi

Raccoons Read!

Raccoon videos

Rainbow over NY a sign of God's covenant

Rallies for peace, freedom & democracy planned in 40 countries

Rand Paul an eye doctor, is a prophetic warning in Congress to restore God's vision for America

Rapper DMX had covid vaccine days before he died of heart attack

Rapture dreams by 7 year olds

Rat academy

RAT FISHING IN NYC – upward mobility opportunity for poor people

Rat McMuffin – NYC hero

RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems.

Read labels on foods & listen to God

Re-arranging the garbage - on psychiatry & other lies (Psychiatry made Woody Allend meshuga)

Real dangers of 5G wireless radiation

Really warm weather thank you Jesus

Reasons for anti-semitism

Reasons why US hates Syria & why Syria loves Assad

Reason to Pray

Recent UFO sitings in NYC & near the moon

Red Blue States

Red Flag laws are danger to Christians

Red Symphony

Rees Howells Intercessor – a testimony against caffeine

Re instituting capital punishment is against God's will

Relative exchange program provides homes for rescue animals

Religion in North Korea

Remedy for Rikers

Remove sanctions on North Korea

Renee Richards transsexual

Rent a Dog

Rent my slogan

Replacement activist Barbara Spectre met in Israel with Rothschilds

Reply to Shmuley Boteach's call to Muslims to condemn the killing of Jewish teens by Hamas

Report: Antifa to pretend to be Trump supporters, cause violence at pro-gun Virginia rally

Report from South Africa

Report implicates Robert Mueller in crimes & coverups
Researchers report that deaths from Covid vaccine for Israel's elderly is 40 times higher than deaths from covid itself

Revealing interview about the prison industrial complex

RF weapons

RFK Jr. & Children’s Health Defense Sue University of California For Making Flu Shot Mandatory

RFK Jr: Coronavirus vaccines killed ferrets and 600 philipino kids.

RFK Jr exposes Bill Gates vaccine dictatorship plan & vaccine abuse


RFK Jr on how governments use fear to manipulate

RFK Jr on vaccines

RFK, Jr. talks with Dr. Andy Wakefield about his new movie, 1986: The Act.

RFK Jr was God's choice for president in 2020

RFK Jr.’s Moving Speech to Sacramento Health Freedom Advocates

RFK JR vs Dershowitz Vaccine debate

RFK Jr warns about vaccines – censored by Riverside Church

Richard Stallman is a prophet of God – 'autistic' success story – one of God's atheist prophets

Rick Perry needs to pardon Andre Thomas and send him to church for deliverance prayer

Robert F Kennedy Jr Drops Bombshells on Dr. Fauci for Medical Cover Ups and Fraud: Fauci “poisoned an entire generation of Americans”

Robert F Kennedy JR debates Alan Dershowitz on mandatory vaccines

Robert F Kennedy JR launches his presidential campaign - in BERLIN

Robert Kennedy Jr says 5G is unleashing the devil

Robert Kennedy, Jr, Speaks the Unspeakable about Vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Speaks to Hundreds of Thousands at Berlin Rally in Germany for Freedom and Peace

Robin Williams was killed to stop him from talking about the lunacy of

Marriage as a warning to other comedians

Rockefeller family is exiting the oil business

Rockefeller Foundation 2010 plan to use pandemic to gain world control

Rockefellers and WHO

Rod Blagojevich: Democrats Committing “Widespread” Voter Fraud, “Never Seen It On Such A Magnitude

Rodent Pride Parade

Rodent Retaliation

Rodent Revisionist History

Ron Paul & the rebirth of America; remember the constitution, remember God, be born again

Ron Paul should run for mayor of NYC

Rothschild banking control of the world

Rothschild videos

Rothschilds behind all wars

Rothschilds patented covid 19 biometric tests in 2015

Rudy & Trump Campaign expose voter fraud in Phila and all over the USA

Rudy Giuliani exposed Biden's corruption in China

Rudy Giuliani exposes Biden's corruption

Rudy Giuliani exposes pedophiles in government & the lies about 9-11

Rudy Giuliani interviews Pastor Darrel Scott about BLM

Rudy Giuliani podcast

Rudy Giuliani sounds off on left wing takeover of policing

Rudy Giuliani's Fox News interviews on his investigations in Ukraine on Biden

Rudy, Sidney Powell hold news conference exposing immense election fraud; NYT, newspapers LIE and say no evidence

Russia has irrefutable evidence UK staged Syrian chemical attack

Russia is preparing for nuclear war with the United States

Russia is preparing for war to defend western culture

Russia warns US military; we will take all necessary measures

Russian Government Bans Wi-Fi and Cell Phones in Primary Schools

Saved by a llama

#Scamdemic- Are We Headed for Recovery or Dystopia?

Scamdemic stats

Scary statistics about American children

SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a “Serious Mental Disorder”

Schmo and Schmee

Schools & Politicians who promote transgenderism should be arrested on child endangerment charges

Schools Don't Teach Kids to Read

School shootings are prophetic message that toxic schools are killing kids

School shootings are result of psych drugs & social engineering indoctrination

Schools teach Orwellian doublespeak – schools violate kids' rights to free speech about gender

School supplies wasted at rich schools should be given to poor schools

Scientists confirm that rodents are blameless

Scientists say babies will grow in test tubes within ten years

Scientist whistleblower jailed for saying vaccines have deadly viruses

Scottish or Transgender?

Scott W. Atlas – Academia infested with communist traitors

SCOTUS ruling redefining 'sex' shows they are psychotic idiots

SCOTUS rules Trump right, reinstates law making it a felony to encourage people to come & stay illegally

SCOTUS ruling on emergency powers not constitutional

Sean Hannity -the circus impeachment trial

Seattle's “Lord of the Potheads” Performance Art Project demonstrates what legal pot produces in society.

Secret Masonic handshakes, passwords, grips & signs of Blue Lodge Masonry

Secret space programs, intelligent asteroids – Dave Hodges' testimony

Senate rejects measures to protect infants – born and unborn

Sen Chuck Schumer's tranny wife



Sheep with masks

She has the right idea

Shmuley Boteach's kosher sex speech

Shopping for teeth and rats

Silent weapons for quiet wars – Bildeberg manual

Singing in Tongues

Slavery Continues in Prison Industrial Complex & Mental Health System

Slogans for my NYC mayoral campaign

Smarter than a rat!

Smedley Butler's testimony about US military

Smoker filth

Snappy NYC conversation

Sneaky and Tidy

Sneaky Guitar Playing

Sneaky Parenting Trick Prevents Stupid Teen Behavior

Sneezy Raccoon doesn't have a mask
Snorting Raccoons 

Solitary Cellmate

Solitary Watch newsletter

Solzhenitsyn's Warning

Solzhenitsyn's warning about Bolshevik Jews behind Russian Revolution

Something happens to people in law school

Song for Thanksgiving

Song for Unity

Son of Sam murders were part of devil worshipping cult

Song for Hamsters

Soros & Steyer exposed as backers of 'paramilitary' left-wing group in undercover Project Veritas VIDEO

Soros and the secret origins of Black Lives Matter

Soviet toxicologist – covid vaccine is genocide bioweapon

Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers

Spiritual Wisdom Revised

Spreading democracy? Spreading measles is less deadly

Spread love – or germs

Squalene poison in vaccine additives

Squirrel Command Center

Staged Ebola pandemic being prepped for America, followed by mandatory Ebola vaccines using LIVE viral strains

Start the day with prayer NOT COFFEE!

Star Trek is based on a NASA mission to an alien planet in l965

State governors are committing a crime but we can hold them accountable for domestic terrorism

Statins don't work

Statins drug scam cause premature aging

Steve Bannon believes darkness is good

Steve Bannon explains Chinese Communist party threat to the west through Huwaii

Steven Andrew prayer for US

Steven Banks has no interest in housing solutions & NOBODY WORKS IN NYC!STEVE QUAYLE RED BLUE AND GREEN LIST

Stop and Frisk, Kill the Fish

Stop and Sniff

Stop the fear mongering 12 medical scientists speak out on covid 19 responses

Strange Chinese testimony about coronavirus

Strange alive worm like mask fibers in covid face masks

Study on vaccinated vs unvaccinated shows autism link

Stupid behavior is one of my specialties

Stupid things Jews are taught growing up in NY

Sue Black Catches Paedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands

Sue the Rat
Summoning rats

Supernatural prophetic warning about DHS

Supreme Court addresses accountability of words

Supreme Court ruled vaccines are 'unavoidably unsafe" so therefore nobody can sue the drug companies or they would stop making them.

Surgeon who performs gender transitions warns about disturbing trend

Swedish Epidemiologist warns lockdown policies are wrong

Swiss Court Orders Israel to Pay Iran in $1.1 Billion Oil Pipeline Dispute

Syrian girl testimony

Syrian war caused by neocons in US

TAIWAN: No Lockdowns, No Closed Businesses, Non-WHO Member, and Relatively Unaffected by COVID-19

Take care of your brain campaign

Taking a knee is prophetic message from GOD to PRAY

Taking the bible literally – why I DO

Talmud scriptures are one reason for anti-semitism

Tariffs on China causing massive store closings

Tavistock Gender Clinic faces landmark court case

Tavistock Mass Murderers are brainwashing your children

Tavistock whistleblowers concerned about transgender ideology abuse of children

Tawana Brawley told the truth

Teacher exposes LGBT agenda in elementary schools

Tech billionaires' plot to harvest humanity

Teddy Roosevelt globalist shill

Ted Gunderson - Former FBI Chief Exposes 'Illuminati'

Teenager exchange program

Tell Congress that H.R. 6666 “Covid-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act” is Unconstitutional and threatens the liberty of all Americans

Tesla invented WIFI, time travel, death ray, AC and more

Testimonies of answer to prayer

Testimonies of Heaven and Hell

Testimonies of Illuminati Defectors

Testimonies from solitary

Testimonies of solitary

Testimony of a feminist

Testimony of former devil worshipper who names names at Bohemian Grove

Testimony of Illuminati freemasons running the world

Testimony of Juan Mendez, UN expert on torture, on solitary confinement

Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs

Testosterone and sperm counts decreasing due to GMO soy

Thank you Jesus

That time I called the judge an idiot

The 2 major mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain

The 6 stages of a coup – Dave Hodges

The 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto

The 20 year olds are running everything & ruining it

The 30 year audition – Hire Supertransitman

The 45 communist goals as read into the congressional record l963

The 70th birthday book – the book that everyone should write

The Act of 1871 turned the USA into a corporation instead of a country

The accuser and Donald Trump, and why people in glass towers shouldn't throw stones

The American Revolution: When the Bankers destroyed the Economy – History repeating itself?

The Anglo-Saxon mission – timeline – letter from a whistleblower

The art of the insult

The atheist unconstitutional mental health system – legal issues ch 1 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

The Baltimore Riots and the SCOTUS hearing on Gay Marriage are related

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost (Shavuot) & Speaking & Singing in Tongues
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost (Shavuot) & Speaking & Singing in Tongues

The Battle for Auschwitz 11

The Beatles knew Charles Manson

The Beatles, Tavistock, Theo Adorno, Laurel Canyon & the Military Industrial Complex


The best Supreme Court Justice

The Bible – the book that everyone has and nobody reads

The Biggest Idiot on Earth – program for boomers

The Black Eye Club

The book that everyone has and nobody reads

The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom

The British Military Information War Waged On Their Own Population

The Buddy System – program to stop student suicide

The Child-Rape Assembly line & God's cure through Jesus

The City of London – center of Rothschild control

The civil rights movement never happened

The Clear Thinkers Club

The Clinton escapees – a testimony that God is real and has a sense of humor

The communist threat

The comprehensive approach to fixing NYC

The convergence of Passover & Easter

The conversion of the Jews – a discussion with a convert

The Corruption of Education

The cost of legal pot

The covid vaccine will kill millions, black population more susceptible

The dangers of 5G to children

The Dangers of Healthcare – look to God HE Heals

The Deadly “No Sleeping” Rule

The diabolical plan to stop Trump

The difference between idiots and blithering idiots - Guide for NYC cops

The Donald Trump loaner program will bring world peace

The eight million idiots club

The end goal of gay, transgender identities is...LEMMINGS!

The Face of Planned Parenthood

The faith of Donald Trump

The father of the coronavirus is the CDC planted in China by the CIA

The Fed's Silent Takeover of the U.S.

The five pointed star on flags

The Fourth Turning - How this crisis was predicted 30 years ago

The “FREE LOVE” of the hippies-boomers came from Alfred Kinsey's Fraudulent sex “science”

The funniest rape story you ever heard

The game everyone in NYC plays – who is the biggest idiot on earth?

The gate to heaven – cheeses and Jesus

The Georgia Guidestones – new age monument

The Golden Rule School – blueprint for a charter school

The Good Law School

The governor who likes to make history

The Grace Building is a Monument to GOD in midtown Manhattan

The 'Great Replacement' in Switzerland

The Great Unmasking: Studies in the Medical Literature Show FEWER Infections in Surgery when Medical Staff Do NOT Wear Masks

The Greenbaum speech; Hypnosis in MPD; ritual abuse

The Hammerheads

The Harpo Marx School of Government

The Head Idiot in Charge – how to finess gatekeepers

The Hidden Tyranny – an explosive interview about Jews by a prominent Jew

The high rate of rape in Sweden is a result of their liberal attitude toward sex abortion

The history of the Marranos

The Holstee Manifesto

The homeless need a vacation – park therapy not psych wards

The horror of abortion

The horses are being abused? The People are being abused!

The Illuminati plan to enslave Americans

The importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)

The incredibly dangerous Trump deception

The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine

The International Jew by Henry Ford

The interview project warns kids about drugs

The Interview – the conversation that everyone will have with GOD

The Israeli Mossad killed Soleimani; targeted assassinations are their specialty

The Jerry Springer show is used to torture people in Hell

The Jewish autonomous republic in Russia

The Jewish catechism

The Jewish Mafia

The Jewish mantra – what has God done in the last 10 minutes to prove He exists?

The Jewish Mother defense

The Jewish star is a curse

The Jewish technique - Revilio Oliver

The Judeo Masonic Legal Octopus

The kids are mostly vaping pot not nicotine

The Kids have a RIGHT TO KNOW!

The Kol Nidre Prayer

The Korean Summit - Israel Shamir

The Last President prophetic books about Trumps by Ingersoll Lockwood

The Last President prophetic books about Trumps by Ingersoll Lockwood

The latest NYC gender lunacy from mayor de Idiot & the city council

The lawyer who sues nobody

The Lesbian Supreme Court Justices Should have recused themselves on the Gay Marriage issue

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel by Jack Bernstein

The Little Chipmunk

The little furry governor

The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Death & Faith in Jesus (Yeshua)

The march to the new world order

The Marketing of Children's Blood: Adenochrome Goes Mainstream on Turkish

TV News

The Mayor's Ears

The meaning of IS – a love song for lawyers

The meaning of Never Again

The Mental Health and Education Systems are a Product of Soviet Communist Brainwashing

The mental health industrial complex

The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi genocide!

The Message of Donald Trump is RULES DON'T APPLY – THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX

The ME TOO movement was launched against Harvey Weinstein to stop him from exposing genocidal vaccines

The millenials suffer from a serious mental disorder – Gerbil on a Cracker

The money system is NONSENSE – the DEBT IS FAKE – we need THE PEOPLE'S MONEY

The Mormons are Right about Sanctification (no drugs)

The most disgusting rape story you ever heard

The most important movie you'll ever see – the movie of your life on judgment day

The most important question for everyone – is the New Testament true?

The most important question - WHY?

The most powerful one word prayer - JESUS

The most profound thing Henry Kissinger ever said

The most serious mental disorder is GERBIL ON A CRACKER – how to be healed of any mental illness in 20 minutes

The murder trial of Andrew Cuomo

The music caused the shooting in Paris

The Musician the Devil couldn't steal from God

The Myth of Right vs. Left, Liberal vs. Conservative – Top 9 Myths Believed by BOTH Sides to Usher in a New World Order

The name of a drug is the name of the demon it invokes

The National Plan to vaccinate every American

The National Plan to vaccinate every American, national registry to record everyone's vaccination status

The Nazis were NOT CHRISTIANS! They were devil worshippers. Don't Blame Jesus!

The Need for Forgiveness

(I stopped a cop from raping me by preaching to him & then forgave him)

The Neo-cons behind Ted Cruz

The New Russian Government

The New World Order – prophetic warning to Jews, Christians & Everyone

The number one mental health disorder is coffee brain

The NYC Dept of Education is guilty of Reckless Endangerment

The NY Times has been kissing David Rockefeller's behind for years

The obstreposterous rhinoceros and the hippocritical hippopotamus in congress

The occult aspects of 9-11

The Occulus – creepy Brave New World subway station at Ground Zero, NYC

The only Democrat you should vote for is Robert F Kennedy JR – who WARNS about Dangerous Vaccines

The only thing that can save America - Jesus

The only thing that psychiatry ever got right – was that homosexuality IS Disorder

The only way to Make America Great Again is by turning back to God

The oujia board killed my mother
The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

The Parents of Teenagers Club

The Passover Song

The Passover Song

The pedophile control system

The People’s Money

The People's Palace

The People's right to choose!

The Perestroika Deception

The Personal Parrot – help for breaking bad habits

The Plandemic is Real!


The plot to sink the Liberty

The plot to use blacks as Communist tool

The Pothead Gang

The Prayer That Always Works GOD WHAT SHOULD I DO?

The President & Governors should override the Mental Health System by Executive Order

THE PRISONER'S HANDBOOK God's help for those in jail and solitary

The proper use of subway cops

The prophet project – fund for instruments for prophets

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – William Pierce  
The purpose of chicken

The purpose of children is not to teach them the nonsense you believe; it is for them to show YOU the nonsense you believe

The Purpose of Gangsta Rap is to fill the jails according to a music executive

The purpose of masks is to dumb people down from lack of oxygen

The purpose of snow is God saying HELLO! I'm up here!

The purpose of vaccines is depopulation; the purpose of viruses is vaccines

The real cause of the dead cop was this other cop

The quacking beaver

The Quenells Nazi-like salute is a prophetic sign that the Nazis were devil worshippers, not Christian

The question every parent should ask their kids – what nonsense did you learn in school today?

The question Paul McCartney should have been asking his whole life – WHY?

The real cause of Eric Garners death and the REMEDY

The real cause of the dead cop was another cop

The real agenda of the World Federation of Mental Health

The Real Reason Donald Trump is running for President

The real reasons for Nixon's impeachment

The real reason for Passover Seders

The real reason for Passover Seders

There's a game they play in heaven – who was the biggest idiot on earth?

Therapy for mind control victims & trauma victims

The Realist Report – Dr. Lorraine Day: COVID-19 UPDATES

The Riyadh Declaration of Escalated Regional War

The Rodent Protest

The rodents didn't do it – it was the fleas

The Rothschilds vs Romanovs

The Test is giving you the vaccine – don't get the test!

The TPP allowed corporations to sue governments that impeded their profits

There is no hope without God but there is ALWAYS HOPE WITH GOD

The re-naming of the Jews – the Stupids

There is UN group called UN New World Order

There is no constitutional right to ignorance

The Russian Revolution wasn't Russian

The Russians and Chinese – reality and prophecy

Three states will use Apple-Google contact tracing technology for virus tracking apps

The SCOTUS needs to re-hear the Gay Marriage issue and the Lesbians must recuse themselves

The second most important job in NYC – the Nanny Brigade

The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian

The Seventh Birthday Book

The sisters who first tried to take down Jeffrey Epstein

These 2 idiots killed black people, Jews, Tessa Majors & the Iranian general

The shooting of Cecil the Lion was a substitute for Cecil Lyin' Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood

The significance of the shooting in Tucson, mental health parity & conspiracy issues

The Skirpal attack is false flag -Brits are behind it, not Russians

The smallest baby

The social engineers are using movies to create mental illness (as well as music)

The solution for Gaza

The solution to Muslim Jihad is JESUS JIHAD

The song demons sing in hell

The song that launched the migrant caravan

The sons are prophetic warning

The sordid truth of Bnai Brith – ADL

The Soviet Plan for ‘Ideological Subversion’ Describes Our Current Turmoil

The strange Jerusalem – Israel passport Supreme Court case

The stupid switch

The subterfuge of mosque building

The Talmud is Trefe

The Tavistock Institute's ties to the birth of Rock N Roll

The Tavistock Method of brainwashing and social psychiatry

The terms and conditions of blissful delight

The Test is giving you the vaccine – don't get the test!

The test is vaccinating people with the disease

The Terrible Fraud of "Transgender Medicine"

The Three Most Important Books – the King James bible, Brave New World & l984

The Three Passover Matzohs are the Trinity – How to Reconcile the Schma & the Trinity


The Transhumanist covax agenda with Dr Carrie Madej

The true plight of black Americans

The Trump House

The Truth about Fauci - Dr. Judy Mikovitz

The truth about Libya & Gaddafi

The truth about Paul McCartney

The truth about the Trump economy

The Truth About Vaccines - All Nine Episodes.

The truth behind the vaccine trials

The Turtle People

The United States is the Hammer of the earth – the Rothschilds banking cabal hammer behind all our wars

The UN “New World Order” Has Now Been Published: No Longer a “Conspiracy Theory” - Out of the Shadows

The USS Liberty Affair is warning not to attack IranThe Turtle Club

The US Went Communist Long Ago

The vegetables for life program

The velvet couch – how the new age movement ruined my place of rest

The war against humans

The whole crazy world speaks the same language – Orwellian doublespeak

The Zionist New World Order

They all look like rodents

They ARE Messages from God!

They call it a “style” PULL YOUR PANTS UP!

They didn't hate us for no reason – the real history of Germany & Jews & more

They kill raccoons

They Live – 80s movie described aliens running earth

They never should have called it the Manhattan Project

They wonder why the Palestinians are upset

This country is “going to pot” because this country is going to pot

This Country Needs a Pastor in Chief!

This is child abuse

This is diplomacy

This is how AIPAC really works

This is what made the pope sick - musicians playing near cigs

This is what pedophilia does to children!

This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!

THIS is why Houston got nailed

Three states will use Apple-Google contact tracing technology for virus tracking apps

Three things Trump has done to protect America from a Red Dawn invasion

Three ways to become a lawyer

This jackass caused the El Paso shooting

This song can cure Coronavirus

Time travel through wormholes & assholes

Today's functional definition of sex is A guy sticking his weenie in any hole anywhere

Today's pop stars who promote bisexuality & gender fluidity picked up David Bowie's demons

"Together at Home' was an infomercial for the global elite and its agenda

Tom Hank's Golden Globes speech shows his announcement about having C 19 was pre-planned

Tony Bennett got Alzheimers because Lady Gaga gave him a painting with demons on it

Too big to fail banks are bigger than ever before & my comments

Top 25 goals of the Illuminati by Ted Gunderson former FBI

Total Global Dominance: Gates Foundation is Destabilizing Africa’s Food Economy

Toxic fluoride in food from pesticides

Toxic Masculinity” is Illuminati Mind Control Social Engineering

Toxic pet food; table scraps are better

Transgender delusion is God's reaction to being called a delusion

Transgender is conditioning to accept the Beast of Revelation

Transgender is Nonsense! It's a man in a dress!

Transcript of GOP debate Dec 15 2015

Transhumanists and their plot to change humanity

Traveling supernaturally by the Holy Spirit

Trove of Leaked FBI, Fusion Center and DHS Documents Provide Insight into Antifa, Charlottesville, Political Bias and the Erosion of Civil Liberties

True facts about Libya and Kaddafi

Trump 2020 No Fucking No Smocking God is Watching

Trump & Bibi sign military pact

Trump & Drugs

Trump & Kim Jong Un should meet in Penis Park, South Korea

Trump administration theme song – The Rodents Didn't Do It

Trump and the G7 zombies

Trump & bible is prophetic message to US to PRAY, Turn back to God

Trump & the Rothschilds

Trump born on Flag day – a sign of God's call on his life to restore USA

Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad – Part VI

Trump converted to Judaism; plans Iran attack

Trump Epstein connection

Trump gave CIA permission to do more covert ops

Trump goes over wall to get to rally

Trump had the chutzpah to take on the bankers

Trump has supported LGBT

Trump honey badger



Trump likes fast food


Trump made the same mistake as Obama & me – praying at the Wailing Wall

Trump makes nice with Bashar al Assad and makes mideast peace

Trump Must Pardon Roger Stone

Trump needs to do right by his former illegal employees

Trump on the SCOTUS?

Trump parc – gold topped just like Donald

Trump refuses to fight Israel's endless wars

Trump to the Rescue

Trump's calling is to make deals that are win win for everyone

Trump's claims are proven right

Trump's exaggerations are NYC humor

Trump's good speech to a black church in Detroit

Trump's letter to Pelosi about impeachment

Trump's March for Life speech

Trump's Muslim ban not necessary- build the wall & pray over all Immigrants as they come in the door

Trump's Orwellian free speech EO blocks free speech in name of fighting anti-semitism

Trump's SOTU speech transcript

Trump's "state of emergency" gave control to FEMA 

Trump touts proposed bible literacy classes in state schools AMEN

Trump tower burns – result of Donald's tweets

TRUMP TOWN – Donald Trump’s legacy to NYC

TRUMP! We're lovin' it!

'Truth' with Robert F Kennedy Jr

Truth with Robert F Kennedy Jr episode 3

Truth episode 5 with Robert Kennedy Jr

TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Episode 6\TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.—Season 2, Episode 3 Featuring Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Tucker Carlson on Google monopoly of information

Tucker Carlson speaks truth about USA

Tulsi Gabbard making Illuminati hand sign

Tumeric is more effective than 14 drugs

Turn NYC into grandma's house so nobody is hungry

Tush in the Bush Toilet Paper

Tuxedo dress at the Oscars! Illuminati lunacy

Twitter openly allowing pedophiles to discuss raping children

Two camels and NYC nonchalance – Bill De Blasio and Base New York

UFO disclosure videos

UFO following Trump's helicopter

UFOs, the 3rdReich after l944 and the Pleidians

Uncensored video sites

Understanding the CHICOM's Motivations

UN Agenda 21/30 mission goals for a totalitarian world government

UN Charter incorporated every plank of the Communist Manifesto!

UN tells Trump to withdraw federal agents from Portland

Unconstitutional Mental health laws are derived from SCOTUS pro-sterilization rulings

Unemployment rate lowest in 50 years, including for minorities

Unicorns & Satyrs in the bible

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order

Unmasking the secret landlords buying up America


Urgent Prophetic message to American Jews

Urgent Prophetic Message to Churches & Christians – attention Times Square Church & NYC area churches

Urgent Warning about China and Google

US became communist in l913.

US doctors launch nationwide campaign to protect citizens from mandatory covid vaccines

USA Plan: Militarized Control of Population. The “National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan”

U.S. Democrats propose ominous ‘6666’ bill for coronavirus tracing

Use ex-convicts as substitute teachers to warn kids about drugs

Use hydrogen peroxide in the ear to remove earwax and boost immune system

Use lawyers not bombs (how Iran became Christian & everyone lived happily ever after)

Use potheads to fill potholes

Use public shaming to stop government corruption

Use schools to house homeless families

Use the FLEA DEFENSE to empty Rikers

Use the FLEA DEFENSE to make charges flee

Use The People's Money Instead of Rothschild Money

Use toilet paper as currency . we all know how valuable it is!

US provokes Russian bear by putting nukes in Poland

US warmongering

US paid 1 billion to Iran to pay off Israel's debt

US prepared to support Palestinians' re-imagined ideas of history

US threatens to withhold money if Iraq kicks out US troops

VA rally against mandatory covid vaccine

Vaccinations and the depopulation agenda – Jon Rappoport

Vaccine has Luciferase

Vaccine ingredients

Vaccine immunity laws, Gates, transhumanism

Vaccine to cure religious fundamentalism

Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% 'Serious' Injury Rate in High Dose Group

Vaccine Whistleblower says they sterilize people

Vaccines & retroviruses a whistleblower reveals what the government is hiding

Vaccines are making people gay

Vaccines are violation of The Nuremberg Code

Vaccines kill infants

Vaccines – the second oldest profession

Vaccines used aborted fetuses

Vaccines will change humanity Celeste Solum

Vaping causes brain damage

Venerate the Relic – issues about Catholicism

Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink by Henry Makow

Video proves 5G is causing this pandemic; it is poisoning; not contagious

Video shows media all reading from same script

Videos about the Rothschilds and Putin

Videos about Walmart Closings

Videos of Musicians who sold their souls

Videos of Putin, Assad; they are NOT MONSTERS – our media lies

Video testimonies of hell & heaven

Viktor Orban Hungarian PM pulls country from Eurovision social engineering pro-trans song contest

Virginia Has Provided the Nation with the Template for Mandatory Vaccines: Democracy Sacrificed for Medical Tyranny

Virtual Dining

Vision of Jesus and Passover

Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System

Vitamin C kills viruses

'Voice of God' Mind Control

Voltaire: if you want to know who rules over you, ask who you're not allowed to criticize

Vril Lizards & Toast

Walmart shootings are prophetic warning about extermination plans


Warm peaceful weather

Warm peaceful weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather now thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather now thank you Jesus!

Warm sunny dry weather THANK YOU JESUS

Warm sunny dry weather again THANK YOU JESUS

Warm sunny peaceful weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny peaceful weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus


Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather again thank you Jesus
Warm sunny weather again thank you Jesus
Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus

Warm sunny weather thank you Jesus


WARM WARM WARM NOW Thank you Jesus

Warning about free speech on the internet

Warning – microchips, toxic vaccines, toxic fluoride

Warning to Christians about religious rights


Warning Toxic fluoride in drinking water, psych drugs & food & how to get rid of it

Warning: Vaccine NanoTech Operating System Manipulates Nervous System

Was Ghislaine Maxwell Actually Arrested? Journalist Who Discovered Wayfair Child Sex Trafficking Site Speaks Out

WASH ME JESUS – cleansing prayers

Websites to monitor

Wear a mask wash your hands

Weather Fixing is one of my specialties

We don't hire liberals

We don't need Gun Control – we need GOD CONTROL

We don't need OBAMACARE - we need GOD CARE – Jesus heals for FREE!

We have All been social engineered. The Boomers need to warn the Millenials

Weenies Don't Belong in Backsides

Weenies don't belong in backsides

Weenies Don't Belong in Backsides & other things your mother never thought she'd have to tell you

Weenies don't belong in Shitholes

We Do Not Consent to 5G

We fell in love

We knew they were lying

Welcome to NYC – land of Liars, Lunatics & Idiots

We must learn to play the Trump card – it's time to triumph

We Need a CLEAR THINKERS Movement

We need a CLEAR THINKERS Party – all drugs are sorcery

We need a GOD IS TRUTH Party

We will impose Noahide laws

What are Draconians or WHY DO BLUEBLOODS EAT HAM

What are the rabbis hiding? Isaiah 53

What black conservatives say about white liberals

What causes climate change? God's judgment for sin

What causes mental illness – ch 2 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

What causes yawning while praying in tongues? Spiritual Contamination from Drugs

What Christian bakers can do about Gay Marriage cakes

What did you know about yourself when you were 7?

What Donald Trump did on Bill De Blasio's summer vacation

What Einstein said about Jesus

What God thinks about creativity

What happened to the Bryant Park Squrrels?

What if the doorman was a dormouse?

What Jews need to know about Christmas, Handel's Messiah & Isaiah 53


What, no scarf?

What's Fluffy & Crunchy? Raccoons eating chips

What's in those vaccines?

What's really in the fake vaccines


What's wrong with psych drugs ch 8 Manual for Transformational Healing

What's wrong with this picture?

What the leading covid vaccine contenders still need to tell the public

What the Rebbe said about non-Jews

What the Talmud says about capital punishment

What to do with Shelly Silver

What to eat to prevent cataracts

What to say to get kids not to drink or use drugs

What to say to someone behaving badly – GOD DIDN'T PUT YOU ON EARTH TO DO THAT

What Trump is talking about Solzhenitzyn warned about

What You Need to Know About the Harris-Biden Ticket That Represents Globalist Interests That Seek the Destruction of Every American

What we can learn from the shooting and testimony of Elliott Rodger

WHEN DID GOD BECOME A CLERK? How churches turn people into atheists

When Dr Fauci said people should not be wearing masks

When God says Be Holy He doesn't mean this!

When you wonder if something is a cosmic joke – it IS -because God HAS a sense of Humor!

Where do New Yorkers keep their brains?

Where was GOD?

Where’s My Roy Cohn? Digs into One of the 20th Century’s Most Evil Men

Where to Paida

Which is more disgusting – gay (anal) sex or bulimia?

Which Joe Biden got inaugerated?

Whistleblower Dr on vaccines

Whistleblowing ER Docs Urge "Open Up Society Now" Because "LockdownsAre Weakening Our Immune Systems"

Whistleblower Reveals Many Pregnancy Complications following Experimental COVID Injections – “Vaccine Leaving a Trail of Devastated Mothers”

Whistleblower reveals that a UN-planned invasion by refugees into the US is already underway

White House whistleblower found dead

WHO Wants to Remove Family Members from Homes

Who was at Event 201?


Why are the rabbis lying?

Why are the World’s Top Vaccine Promoters Frantically Warning About the Frightening Dangers in Developing a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Why are 2 Jewish meshugenahs running for office and seeking forgiveness? God has a purpose (Wiener & Spitzer)

Why Bill Clinton bites his lip and the Nonsense of LEGALESE

Why Bill De Blasio is obsessed with universal pre-K

Why Bobby Kennedy Jr takes risks

Why Christians SHOULD boycott Starbucks it is the opening for ISI- in the US

Why C students are smarter than A students

Why did Paul McCartney use 5g symbol on his Egypt Station lp?

Why did George Soros break the Bank of England?

Why did Ross Perot Quit His Presidential Run?

Why did you become an atheist? Message to Jews and former Catholics

Why do black people like chicken? A Jewish theory

Why do idiots come in pairs?

Why do Jews like Chinese food? Sneaky pork

Why do liquor stores say WINE LIQUOR & SPIRITS? Because they are openings for demons!

Why do men act like pigs? Because they have two heads

Why Donald Trump's ego is good for all of us

Why forgiving and learning from other people's mistakes is better than punishing

Why gays should not adopt

Why God allowed the Holocaust and God's message to the Jews

Why God allows sickness, pandemics, etc.

Why God allows tragedies like Sandy Hook

Why God gave Andrew Cuomo a dog

Why God gave me a Jewish face

Why God gives men daughters

Why God made Bill DeBlasio mayor of NYC

Why Governor Andrew Cuomo has a destiny to ban public smoking

Why has Alex Jones stopped warning about the FEMA CAMPS?

Why idiots come in pairs

Why I have a Jewish nose

Why Iranians burned Obelisks

Why is California acting communist? Look at their flag

Why is Trump surrounded by clowns? To make us laugh

Why I stopped eating HAM. A warning to Christians & everyone. About ham? NO about psych drugs!

Why I use a “bait and switch” writing style

Why John Lennon was killed

Why my father is a comedian

Why Nebraska Gov who executed Carey Dean Moore will go to hell

Why Netanyahu, MOSSAD, Rothschilds were behind 9-11; historical background

Why not just call it "Hitler Youth"?

Why NYC should elect another prophet for mayor – like Ed Koch

Why Paul McCartney needs to disavow Pot

Why People can't wait to be Grandparents

Why Ray Kelly was dissed at Brown

Why Reincarnation is Wrong

Why Rome Fell

Why someone threw blood on Bill Bratton's head

Why the Cuomo boys went to law school

Why the dead voted

Why the social engineers are pushing legal pot

Why there are no more potheads in the Bronx

Why they have no jobs in Buffalo

Why they signal

Why Trump decided to pull out of Syria

Why Trump is crazy – blame Andrew Cuomo's medical pot law

Why Trump won – Walmart sells fake bagels from China

Why Zionists financed Hitler

Wikileaks confirms Israel did 9-11

Wikileaks releases all their files 

William Joseph Bryan: Sirhan’s Handler and Set-Up Maestro Extraordinaire

Wired internet is safer than wireless

Wisdom 101 for a generation that has no common sense

Wisdom is learning from mistakes of others

With a governor who thinks weenies belong in backsides is it surprising that NY needs help?

With Donald Trump for President, WHO NEEDS HEALTHCARE?

Woman's prophetic dream

Woody Allen was made meshuga by atheistic immoral psychiatry

Words they use to manipulate us

World leaders need to think like Grandmas

World leaders should trade places

Worship music by Paul Wilbur

Wrinkle-worrying free

WW2 was genocide of humanity, not just Jews

Yale Professor of Epidemiology Endorses Anti-Covid Drug Hydroxychloroquine

Year of the rat

Yes we colluded

Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deception

Yoga is taught sneakily in public schools

Young blood the emerging market for products made from children

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God! Everyone has a calling

You want witnesses that God is Real and Answer

Zbigniew Brzezinski Predicted the Future 50 Years Ago

Zionism, Anti-Semitism and American Democracy

Zionist Funding and Control of Black Lives Matters

Zionists created Hitler to create Israel





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