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My name is Debra Ginsberg and I'm running for mayor of NY Ashtray. 


That's right. 

NYC is a giant ashtray masquerading as a city, which is REALLY the OTHER JEWISH COUNTRY.





I am running on the CLEAR THINKERS party.



I will be the most anti-drug mayor you have ever seen.

And I have new ideas as to how to help people stop. Many of these have never been tried, but they will work.



They come from God, and God does not fail.





Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy



Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System








This book is my blueprint.





For my first trick I will ban public smoking and POT, and for my next trick, I will ban coffee.





This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!



My pot smoking killed my mother





Squirrel Command Center





RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems





What's wrong with coffee?? 2 words – Donald Trump



He is now an object lesson on what's wrong with coffee. He takes a pill that has caffeine and hence goes on twitter and insults people some of whom have dangerous toys – making half the country and world nervous wrecks. THIS is what is wrong with coffee. Now the whole world can see what I mean.



And to show you the power of words, especially mine, the first time I wrote this about him he went on twitter 2 hours later and wrote his infamous COVFEFE tweet. Take out the v and re-arrange the letters – you get Coffee. I made him do that.








Drugs impede clear thinking. The second hand effect of drugs is just as bad as taking them yourself. ALL drugs are openings for unclean demonic spirits which transmit through verbal and physical contact, like germs.



Pot smokers know about a contact high. ALL drugs do this with different effects.



Caffeine is an opening for 3 spirits – mania (which causes racing thoughts, fast talking and is behind the BIPOLAR diagnosis and ADHD)

confus- and addiction.



Confus- is a spirit and is the opposite of Clear thinking.

There is a sign they sell on the streets of NYC – it says



DRINK COFFEE. Do stupid things with more energy.



It is exactly right.



People drink coffee to be inspired – but most of the ideas are SPAM. 50 bad ones and one good one. Not a good ratio.



It is better to be inspired by GOD. He has GOOD ideas that actually solve problems instead of creating them.



The best place to hear from God is in the park – go sit under a tree.



Everyone likes nature – they feel more peaceful. This is because it is quiet and away from our stuff – most of which is an opening for all kinds of spirits.






Books, music, art are all inspired by spirits.



Whatever inspires a book, for example, is around that book. It transmits to whoever is near it.



NYC mayoral candidate has cure for depression





Spiritual Wisdom Revised





I have been in NYC for 5 years. I asked God to keep it warm for me. He has. We have had almost no snow. The only snow we did have were storms that were judgments from God.



These were Hurricane Sandy, which Bloomberg & Cuomo caused by supporting Gay marriage, the Jonas Storm which happened on the 43 anniversary of Roe v Wade, which was judgment on the sin of abortion, and the 2 months of snow after De Blasio's inaugeration, which he called obnoxious, and was God's response to the obnoxious way Bloomberg was treated – humiliated by various speeches.





Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) &caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting gay marriage







Bloomy & Andy caused Hurricane Sandy. POTUS & SCOTUS blessed us with JONAS



God gave me authority over the weather 20 years ago while living in a church at night playing the piano, training to be an intercessor.

Every time I sang Rain down your spirit or Pour out your love, it would rain within 20 minutes. Like clockwork. I could hear it on the roof.

This authority has been with me for 20 years.

Last December I asked God to make it 70 for Christmas. He did.

The year before it was 71 in Central Park a week before Christmas.



70 degrees for Christmas - an answer to my prayer



If I am elected it will be between 65 and 85 year round.

Nobody else has this skill set.



Anyone who has been in NYC knows I am telling the truth about the weather for the last 5 years. God did this as a testimony to HIM – that HE is real and answers prayers.



During Hurricane Sandy I asked God to “please keep the power on near me.”

He said “stay by the Grace building”



It sits opposite Bryant Park, between 43 and 42 streets. I was staying in a foyer of a building at night across from the Grace Building. As I sat there, God said to me

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and TESTIMONY.



God answered my prayer.



Manhattan was drenched and lost power south of 42. North of it we had power and it was dry.



That is a million witnesses in Manhattan that God is real and answers prayers.





You want witnesses that God is Real and Answers Prayer? How about Half of Manhattan? A Passover Story





God used the Grace building as a demarcation to make a spiritual point.

Grace means favor, and power from God. It is a gift from God.

The forgiveness of sins through Jesus is a gift of grace.



The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth come by Jesus Christ John 1:17



I use 2 tricks to affect the weather: Worship music – when I sing in tongues, the temperature goes up 10-20 degrees.



And where I charge my electronics. If I charge them somewhere quiet and warm, it will be quiet and warm.



See more about my games with the weather in



I'm running for mayor of the other Jewish country & I invite Bloomberg to be Prime Minister



ADVENTURES IN PRAYER – testimony of a prophet-intercessor



book in progress

nobody can be an atheist after reading this





Squirrel Command Center



RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems



This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!



My pot smoking killed my mother






What's wrong with the psych drugs – ch 8 Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry



How to get a teen not to smoke or vape



How to help the homeless



Use schools to house homeless families



Let homeless stay in empty billionaire investment apts




Guitars Not Guns






GOD'S GANG – Bible in every backpack



God's weapon of choice for cops - the Bible



Pass the Pothead Law



Posters for the anti-stupid campaign



This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!





If you build it you can live there



Peace Place – 24 hour cafe for work, prayer, rest



(this initiative is a solution for homeless, travelers & a way for all New Yorkers to experience a non-caffeinated peaceful environment, alternative to coffeehouses)




The Turtle Club



30 genders


This lunacy is what they are teaching children in the NYC public schools. AND that anal sex is normal.  It is all social engineering nonsense.


There need to be parental monitors in all the classrooms, because the teachers don't want the parents to know what they are doing.


In the early 90s I  was a substitute for 7 years in the Boston public Schools. The kids used to tell me their assignments and say the teacher told them not to tell the parents. This deception has been going on a long time.  Most of the parents do not know what is going on in the public schools. They are toxic.


I have spoken to middle schoolers who told me they were being told this. 



Gender nonsense in education




NYC Dept of Education Transgender Guidelines is Indoctrination in Mental Illness





Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


THE PRISONER”S HANDBOOK God's help for those in jail and solitary


Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs 



Wisdom 101 for a generation that has no common sense



Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for QUIET





Pop music is toxic – ban it in stores & restaurants





Pop music causes mental illness because the music business is run by devil worshippers who pray demons onto the lps



If pot is legal, all teens will smoke it



Pot damages brains



Pot is the number 1 problem and it's all Bob Dylan's fault



The 2 major mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain



Articles about pot



The money system is NONSENSE – the DEBT is FAKE – we need THE PEOPLE'S MONEY



Use The People's Money instead of Rothschild Money






Manual for Transformational Healing – God's Answer to Psychiatry



God sent me into the mental health system after I became a Christian in l990 to be a witness against it and write this book. It is completely unconstitutional and atheistic and the drugs are deadly, by design. The book tells how to heal mental and physical illness through prayer/worship.





Why God made Bill De Blasio mayor of NYC



I arranged this with God. I said “don't let Christine Quinn be mayor. Let it be a runoff between Thompson & DeBlasio”



Quinn was the front runner in the primary. She is married to a woman. I knew if NYC had a gay married mayor it would bring judgement on NYC. The next day her numbers mysteriously tanked and DeBlasio's rose. He was tied with Thompson, who deferred, so DeBlasio won.



God made him mayor for 2 reasons – to address affordable housing AND as a testimony that Gays can be healed since his wife is a Former lesbian.



He should not be supporting the Gay pride parade. Instead he should have a

NYC CHILD OF GOD parade- to encourage all people to identify as children of God, not as a particular sex orientation, nationality,religious belief, etc.



Mayor Inclusive should have a NYC Child of God parade – all inclusive





We are all created by God and he has a purpose for each of us. We need a personal relationship with him through his son, Jesus, to fulfill that purpose, or calling.





Everyone has a Phase 2 ministry



God's purpose for gays is to heal them and then they will have a testimony and a ministry to others with similar issues.



Everyone has areas of trauma or sin in their lives. God uses that as a testimony of what he healed us from, and to inspire others with similar issues.





God's Purpose for Gay People





I believe in Gay Rights. Gays have a right to be healed of the abuse that made them gay





Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System



The criminal justice system should be seen as training for ministry the worst people have the most inspiring testimonies of how God changed them.



David Berkowitz, the former SON OF SAM who killed 7 people in NYC in l977, has been a born again Christian for 25 years. He is no longer the same crazy person. I want Gov Cuomo to pardon him and ask him to come to Rikers and turn it in to the Rikers School of Ministry.

Every person will have a bible, instrument as tools to transform themselves – by developing a personal relationship with God and preparing for ministry. After no more than 1-2 years – they can go be substitute teachers and warn the kids not to do whatever they did – don't use, or sell drugs, join gangs, etc. 

Cuomo should declare a general amnesty for everyone in the prison system- let them spend 1-2 years and prepare for ministry.



The guards should see their jobs as a ministry. They should carry bibles. This will give God's spirit authority in the place instead of demons. It will be more peaceful, better for everyone.



The prisoners should all get shirts that say GOD'S GANG.



Everyone makes mistakes in life. The question we need to ask ourselves is WHO CAN BENEFIT from this testimony? Young people can benefit.



So everyone's life has value – as a role model or an object lesson in what not to do and good can be brought out of their mistakes.



In addition I have a solution only a musician would think of – turn solitary into Music School.



I have played piano since 3. I had the thought as a kid “I am put on earth to do music and it is holy” The purpose of music is to WORSHIP GOD. We invoke His presence and he speaks to us and heals us.



In music school people go into practice rooms the size of jail cells and enter what they call “the zone” where time passes incredibly fast since you're having such fun. It is heaven, not hell. If people in solitary and jails had instruments it would be heaven instead of hell, which it is for most people.



This is not rewarding bad behavior, it is giving people the tools they Need to transform themselves into an asset to society instead of a liability.



Also I want all people in solitary to have a kitten. In NYC they kill kittens in the Animal Control Center in Upper Manhattan. This is crazy. Those animals would keep people in solitary and jails from committing suicide. It helps people stay human to have a pet. People in jails use mice and cockroaches for this purpose.



The whole purpose of Solitary is to give a person an opportunity to be alone with God and develop a personal relationship. It is really like a private audience with the pope but better.



However, most people do not understand this and the mental heath people make them worse.

It is normal to hear voices in jails and solitary. This is God and demons speaking to people. What people need to do is learn to discern who is who. If one has a bible it is not that hard. Negative thoughts come from demons and torment people. God invokes peace. Unfortunately most mental health people are trained in an atheist worldview so they tell people that if they hear voices it is hallucinations and they are mentally ill. 

Then we get reports that so many prisoners are mentally ill. No they're not. But they get more distressed when told they are hallucinating and then want drugs to drown out the voices, and get distressed when they can't have the drugs. 

All the drugs do is block thoughts, not just bad thoughts. Drugs can't tell the difference. So they turn people into vegetables. This is not an improvement. People need a clear head so they can think and pray.



Everyone hears voices as thoughts in our heads. The word INSPIRATION means A SPIRIT GOES Into It. They all come from the spiritual realm The bible says there are 2 sources of thought – God and the demonic. James ch 3.



Psychiatrists and psychologists are atheists, most of them. They are trained to think that hearing voices is an auditory hallucination, a supposed symptom of schizophrenia, which is a nonsense label.



Their 2nd question is always Do you hear voices?”



It is NORMAL CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY to hear voices. Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27



Every Christian on earth would be called schizophrenic by them for saying God speaks to them.



Most doctors are theological ignoramuses. They don't know New Testament theology.





God's spirit brings peace. Demons torment people. Demons can be rebuked in Jesus name.



Jesus name has authority over all demonic spirits, which cause mental and physical illness. So we can be healed by rebuking these conditions in Jesus name. I have done it. It works. I have rebuked asthm-, canc-, depress-.



I don't print entire names of spirits since the words invoke them. When speaking it is better to spell them for this reason.





The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry





Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the saviour and he gave authority to his followers to do it as a testimony to his name.





How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)





I spent 8 months in solitary confinement in 2002. It was spiritual bootcamp. God used it to train me in how to respond to the devil's attacks on my mind and his attempts to thwart prayers. When I got out God said USE WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED.



Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers



As a corollary to this idea about giving prisoners instruments, I want all kids to have instruments. If they learn to play they will be less likely to get involved with drugs or guns.








is an initiative to give every kid an instrument for their 7th birthday. They can go to City hall for a voucher to a music store, for them and their siblings. Then they can have a family band and give recitals at Gracie Mansion in 1 year.



Guitars Not Guns



will be a trade-in program – Give us your guns, you get a guitar.



I have a solution to the Opioid epidemic.



How to solve the Opioid Crisis








The name of the drugs are name of a demon that the drug invokes. It can be rebuked in Jesus name.



The bible says Sorcery is an abomination and brings curses on those who practice it in Deut 18.



Sorcery by definition is the use of drugs to invoke demons to control people.
The word PHARMACY comes from the Greek Pharmakeia which means sorcery.



So all drugs invoke demons, including the psych drugs. 

The purpose is mind control.



In order to have authority over spirits one usually needs to fast. Jesus said this in Matthew 17:21 “this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting (King James bible)

Most other translations leave out this scripture which is why so many people do not know the need to fast to receive or pray for others for healing.



I wrote a book for Musicians. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers.






In the old testament the musicians were prophets.



If you're name after a prophet, you're called by God to be one. Anyone named after one should get an instrument so they can fulfill their role as prophet.



Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God! Everyone has a calling





Listen to my songs on my music samples page











on youtube with lyrics:





All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)





Chorus is:



Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored



Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord







Ask in F






 on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)














Let us all live together in peace & one accord



Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord















Glorify Your Name









Restoration songs – a prayer






I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.





On youtube with lyrics:








Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians





How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)
















Ban the butts, butts are bad

no butts about it we've all been had



You're sinning against your gift*

Ban the butts, butts are bad

no butts about it weve all been had

Weenies dont belong in backsides



*(quote from Tony Bennett who wrote that any musician who uses drugs is sinning against their gift)






The only way to make America Great again is to first make America sane again. The rest of the world agrees with this.

Vladimir Putin: Have you lost your minds?




With insanities like multiple genders which public schools are now teaching children, gay marriage, and legalization of drugs, which cause brain damage, AND ABORTION WHICH IS MURDER OF THE UNBORN WHICH WE INSANELY CALL A WOMANS RIGHT TO CHOOSE, AND TRY TO PUSH DOWN THE THROATS OF OTHER COUNTRIES FOR DEPOPULATION, THIS country needs to regain its sanity.



I recommend the UN General Assembly sing this song as a prayer for the USA. They will be happy to do it. It beats getting by bombed by the US. (which we call spreading democracy (ahem – only the US believes that nonsense).



Donald Trumps inspiration is actually a prayer that we can use to pray for everything – make up words as needed.



This song can be played on guitar by anyone in 20 minutes. I made it deliberately easy to play. 

Here is a video showing how to play it.



Play MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN in 15 minutes






Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes



Play Piano in Half an Hour






(long version – prayer-song)









This song is also a cure for mental illness. Because it is funny and so it is a cure for depression. A person cant laugh and be sad at the same time. So it can be used to effectively snap people out of depression or any other bad mood. Just sing it near them. Cops and hotline people can use this.

The words were inspired by my article



RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems






Verse 1

Make America Great Again

Make America Sane Again

Make the people think again

Make the rodents pink again



Make the children kids again

Make the homos straight again

Make the babies born again






Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes



Play MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN in 15 minutes



Play Piano in Half an Hour






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