Worship feeds our spirit. That's why we find it uplifting.

The 'tingly energy' you can feel on these tracks is the "annointing" – the presence of the Holy Ghost.


I recently discovered that the tuning systems of the west are set at A 440 which is not how it should be. Actually A 432 is more natural since it is the resonant frequency of the human body . This means that music tuned to that frequency would empower the human body to naturally heal itself.


So I went and looked at all my recordings and discovered that many of them were in fact tuned this way since I had tuned them by ear, not having something else at the time to tune to. This is very interesting. It means they were really tuned to God.


All the recordings that say l/2 step lower are tuned to A 432. Instruments that are tuned to that frequency end up being tuned l/1 step lower.


You can get a tuning fork at A 432 instead of A 440 and tune instruments to it instead.


Many people sell these on Amazon as part of healing ministries. You can use the tuning fork to balance the body's energies and heal instead of using other therapies.


This whole tuning conspiracy was foisted on western society by the usual culprits – the Rockefellers, the foremost social engineering family in the US, who consistently did other things to interfere with natural healing. They were behind pushing allopathic medicine which uses drugs, instead of other healing remedies such as homeopathy, naturaopathy and Chinese medicine, which uses the tuning forks.


I know Abby Rockefeller, who is David Rockefeller's daughter. She is a musician who I met in music school. She plays the cello and was teaching there and running a women's group. Musicians are called to be prophets by God. In the old testament they were prophets. So she was put in that family to play the role of prophet and expose the nonsense that the others promoted, among other things.



recorded in Central Park

Recorded on electric piano, & vocals.

All instruments done on piano (sax, bass, drums)


On youtube with lyrics:




The chorus is

Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored

Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord





recorded in NYC subway on electric piano with vocals

bass sax & drums added on electric piano, recorded in the Treehouse Recording studio in Central Park


 on youtube with lyrics:





HEALUS Glorify Your Name

(original version of ASK)


ON YOUTUBE with lyrics:


On youtube with lyrics:



Recorded in NYC subway with electric piano (which has bass, drums, sax sounds) & vocals



Song for Hamsters for Hamsters.mp3





Oh Lord heal our world





The powers that be are creating unemployment to make the US and the whole world a welfare state.


The energy of this song will fight these diabolical plans


They have freed people from the rat race - now we are hamsters! Get back in your cage! Wait for the government to send you a carrot.


Well, RISE UP Against this.


Many years ago while traveling around the country with truckers, I was being shown many things prophetically.  At one point I was at a truck stop and a big truck of pigs showed up. I knew they were going to the slaughter. I raised my arms and yelled at them SQUEAL!


I am doing that now - SQUEAL!


We need uncontaminated worship - the worship in churches has been contaminated by drugs.


Avoid all drugs. Quit. God will deliver you from all addictions.


Nicotine, caffeine, pot, alcohol. All are bad.


Our society has been inundated with these drugs, by design by these social engineers.


We need to be sanctified and use prayer and worship that is clean.


The music in all the restaurants has been toxic mind control music.  They have drowned out God on purpose - to mind control people. You need quiet to hear God.




How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)







I'm calling to you'mcallingtoyou.mp3 ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower




SONG FOR UNITY ½ step lower low.mp3 ½ step lower


song for unity low5.wav


song for unity low6.wav




Words are:


We can all rise together

God has a plan for all

We are all God's children

God has a place for all







LET US ALL ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower









I sing in tongues


recorded 2/2016






Angel Food ½ step lower ½ step lower
 (with bass on piano) ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower ½ step lower










JOYANGELFOOD12string2 ½ step lower


JOYANGELFOOD12string1 ½ step lower


JOYANGELFOOD12stringinF1/2 step lower






JOY12string1 ½ step lower


Joy5withdrums ½ step lower

(drums done on piano)


JOY26withdrums ½ step lower

(with overtracked vocals, claps, drums done on piano)



JOY26withdrums,bass ½ step lower

drums, bass done on piano


(with singing in tongues & drums done on piano)


JOY36 ½ step lower

(with singing in tongues)



JOY12STRING ½ step lower



JOY2withdrums ½ step lower


Joy4withflute ½ step lower



Joy28 ½ step lower


Joy29 ½ step lower

(with singing in tongues)


Joy30 ½ step lower

(with singing in tongues)



Joy32 ½ step lower

(with singing in tongues)



Joy13 ½ step lower








The rodents didn't do it - it was the fleas'tdoit.mp3





Ban the Butts






Ban the butts, butts are bad

no butts about it we've all been had


You're sinning against your gift*

Ban the butts, butts are bad

no butts about it we've all been had

Weenies don't belong in backsides


*(quote from Tony Bennett who wrote that any musician who uses drugs is sinning against their gift)





The only way to make America Great again is to first make America sane again. The rest of the world agrees with this.

Vladimir Putin: Have you lost your minds?


With insanities like multiple genders which public schools are now teaching children, gay marriage, and legalization of drugs, which cause brain damage, AND ABORTION WHICH IS MURDER OF THE UNBORN WHICH WE INSANELY CALL A WOMANS RIGHT TO CHOOSE, AND TRY TO PUSH DOWN THE THROATS OF OTHER COUNTRIES FOR DEPOPULATION, THIS country needs to regain its sanity.

I recommend the UN General Assembly sing this song as a prayer for the USA. They will be happy to do it. It beats getting by bombed by the US. (which we call spreading democracy (ahem – only the US believes that nonsense).


Donald Trumps inspiration is actually a prayer that we can use to pray for everything – make up words as needed.

This song can be played.


Here is a video showing how to play it:


Play MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN in 15 minutes



(long version – prayer-song)






This song is also a cure for mental illness. Because it is funny and so it is a cure for depression. A person cant laugh and be sad at the same time. So it can be used to effectively snap people out of depression or any other bad mood. Just sing it near them. Cops and hotline people can use this.


The words were inspired by my article


RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems




Verse 1

Make America Great Again

Make America Sane Again

Make the people think again

Make the rodents pink again


Make the children kids again

Make the homos straight again

Make the babies born again




















(with drums, flute, sax done on piano)



(without drums)



(different track) with drums, flute done on piano







on youtube with lyrics:



I sing/pray in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace on it.



Let Me Not Forget

Peace I give to you

(in Portuguese & English)


Glorify your name – Let your people be restored

The chorus is



Anyone who sings this will be born again.

Jesus said anyone who asks for the Holy Spirit will be given it by GOD

Jesus said “except ye are born again, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of God”

John 3:3

Being 'born again' means being filled with the Holy Spirit

Tsar shalom (Prince of peace)

(from Isaiah 9:6)


I’m calling my people


Peace I give to you, Glorify your name, Tsar Shalom, I'm calling my people





Peace I Give to You (Deixou – te a paz) (John 14:26); Glorify

Your Name; Tsar Shalom (Prince of Peace, Isaiah 9:6)


on youtube with lyrics:










Holy is your name ½ step lower

(recorded in NYC subway tunnel for #7 train. 7 is a God number. )




youtube video with lyrics





Israel song – prayer for Gaza




(recorded 8/2014 I play guitar & sing in tongues)This song caused a ceasefire in Israel/Gaza.



Israel song-Holy is your name


(recorded in NYC subway tunnel for #7 train. 7 is a God number. )



youtube video with lyrics






(with singing in tongues)




(with birds & singing in tongues)



(with birds & singing in tongues)






I wrote this years ago. It always sounded to me like something Paul McCartney would have written.




Lord I want to be in the center of your perfect will (Jesus come heal us now)

piano, vocals

(piano, vocals, guitar, drum (radiator, actually)

guitar, vocals, drum (radiator actually)

(vocals & guitar)

(vocals, guitar, bass & drum (radiator)




Freedom Song


guitar and drum


Song of Joy





Vineyard music: 

from the Vineyard Christian Fellowship

(I became a Christian in large part from encountering this Vineyard Music in a house church in l990) Bob Dylan also got saved through the Vineyard. He once said I trust the MUSIC.

Annointed Music directly invokes Gods presence, which bears witness in our own spirits and removes doubts.


Vineyard Music revolutionized worship in churches and is used in Many evangelical churches. It has a greater intimacy than the praise hymns of the past because it calls directly to God, thereby invoking His presence in a more tangible intimate way.

Many churches use PRAISE (the old time hymns, which sing ABOUT God) and then WORSHIP which draw us directly into Gods presence.

This is why many services are called PRAISE & WORSHIP.


Holy & Annointed One, Father I want you to hold me
(Vineyard songs)

Father I want you to hold me 
by Brian Doerksen




Holy & Annointed One
by Brian Doerksen


Come Now is the time to Worship
by Brian Doerksen


Refiner’s Fire
by Brian Doerksen




SINNERMAN with Alida Rohr & Ben Rosenblum


recorded Jan 2012. Alida Rohr who I’ve known since the early 80s and had record my music, is my FAVORITE SINGER. I have always gotten goosebumps listening to her – she has always had an incredible anointing of the HOLY GHOST on her. A very unique talent, uncompromising, and a believer in Jesus. This song is a prophetic wake up call to all sinners to repent and seek the ROCK which is Jesus.





Bob Dylan Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Bob Dylan – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (duet)


Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door with Mark Knopfler

(he also sings Psalm 23)


An Israeli song that has the feel of Israel:


Authentic Israeli sounding music

(as opposed to much of the more modern stuff that is the result of many Israelis studying at Berklee College of Music & importing American pop sounds)


Israeli singers Ofra Haza and Dan Shilon

With BIBI joining them (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) & Shimon Peres!



Ani Ve-ata – Ofra Haza and Dan Shilon



Yerushalayim shel Zahav – Ofra Haza

(Jerusalem of Gold)



Evidence of Heaven – Russian 9 year old plays HARP



My Favorite Christmas Song O HOLY NIGHT

Josh Groban with lyrics





7 year old sings O Holy Night

Rhema Marvanne



The word Rhema is Greek and means WORD

The word is JESUS

The gospel of John says

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God John 1:1

And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth John 1:14


For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ

John 1:17


This is a perfect example of how often our name is a sign of the call on our lives by God. She is called to bear witness to the WORD.

Anyone named after a prophet is called to be one. I am.

Anyone named Christopher is called to be a witness to Jesus. It means Christ-bearer



Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God




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