Donald's diplomacy












Use The People's Money Instead of Rothschild Money









Pay through the nose – the real meaning








Nasal humor is one of my specialties












Why I have a Jewish nose













Pass the Pothead Law




















The funniest rape story you ever heard













CHUTZPAH – a drink from Israel






Raccoon discusses transgender issues

























McCartney, Huxley, Soma & Pot














McCartney & pig
























Paul McCartney's IQ test with a rat
















Paul McCartney's Trip to Heaven





























Locusts in Israel & Grasshoppers on Paul McCartney





































How to do a press conference
























How to build the wall fast













Flag waves in breeze on airless moon












How to win in court – a tip from the Harpo Marx School of Law






Use the FLEA DEFENSE to empty Rikers







Can Donald pardon himself? Of course

















How to drain the swamp – call a FLEA REFERENDUM













Interview with Shmuley Boteach, America's Rabbit














Chris Cuomo's FREDO moment was not his fault



























Rent my slogan












Spread love – or germs?



















Cool thinkers













The terms and conditions of blissful delight














The real reason for Passover Seders













They all look like rodents













Why the Cuomo boys went to law school














The Rodent Protest












Why idiots come in pairs


















Teenager exchange program














  What happened to the Bryant Park Squrrels?













Raccoon fine dining
















Raccoons Read!









RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems

















Sneaky and Tidy

























All good solutions involve animals
















Incompetent politicians pushing legal pot for job security












Why there are no more potheads in the Bronx








Do you want a blowjob? Cure for sex addicts





















Loaner brain for someone who's lost their mind






























Eucalyptus & we eat 'em













No more police brutality! Let the rats do the dirty work!












AY CARRANZA! He got eaten by a hippopotamus













The song demons sing in hell



















Pete BUTTegieg thinks weenies belong in backsides. God says NO!











Gifts for teens














FREE CHEESE! How to train rats to bite smokers















Free cop noses















How God carries us and catches us when we go over the edge














No more blithering idiots





















NYC mayoral candidate has cure for depression














NYC mission trips







Legal humor is one of my specialties














Yes we colluded























Nobody gets fat anymore













Weenies don't belong in backsides



















All the bullshit that's fit to print






Every family has a resident prophet

(kids, & anyone with blue hair) Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position.


















Foreign policy primer for the ethically challenged
















Time travel through wormholes & assholes













We need a CLEAR THINKERS Party – all drugs are sorcery


























Trump's exaggerations are NYC humor













How to deal with a subway pervert
















Good idea or bad idea – an exercise for kids & potheads














Communist Useful Idiot – Capitalist Useful Idiot














Obama clone in Venezuela















Jumaane Williams' Pothead logic














If you want to engage in heavy petting bring popcorn












































Concert for Jews at MSG FREE CHEESES!














The 20 year olds are running everything & ruining it












Midget discrimination














Lawyer, Lunatic & Prophet Indoctrination Camp






























IQ test with a rat
















Don't call it congestion pricing











Where do New Yorkers keep their brains?
















Moron Music by Henry Ford













Snappy NYC conversation














Kids of Jewish/Catholic mixed marriages are screwed up
















Disgusting picture will reduce traffic















Disgusting things you could eat
















Smarter than a rat!













Cute baby something















Spreading democracy? Spreading measles is less deadly














Bolton's mesmerizing mustache is a threat to peace
















Stupid behavior is one of my specialties



















Why do Jews like Chinese food? Sneaky pork













That time I called the judge an idiot

















Metrocard rat proves rodents can read












The purpose of chicken


















How to fix trade deficits in a jiffy













How to respond to bullying












How to make an insultament box


Let the rats run the MTA – pay them with pizza











Neatnik or Nudnick?














Make SNL funny again


I'm transitioning













It takes a village to pillage


















If you say you're a horse NY says OF COURSE!













My discussion with God before my birth













No meatballs for Andrew













Why God gave Andrew Cuomo a dog

















No meatballs for Andrew














The governor who likes to make history












Maybe it's Mrs. Cuomo's meatballs















The Good Law School













Raccoon for president














Turn NYC into grandma's house so nobody is hungry









Articles involving pigs














Articles about rats












Articles about pot












The art of the insult















Why do men act like pigs? Because they have two heads
















Something happens to people in law school














How to get your kid to clean their room













Berries and Nuts
















The 30 year audition Hire Supertransitman



























Protest p.c. nonsense speak Gerblish




















Gerbil gender













Gerbil Gender Raccoons















Raccoon Olympics













30 genders
















How to cure your kid of pot brain














Gerbil becomes Hasidic after eating Gefilte fish











Baby raccoons eat popcorn
















What to do with Shelly Silver


















Creative Schlepping Award goes to China






















The vegetables for life program













Pot smokers in the park give the raccoons a concussion

















How to fix the romper room president













Use the FLEA DEFENSE to empty Rikers

















Trump & Drugs



















Why they have no jobs in Buffalo














Raccoons love sushi














Is God a rodent?














Use the FLEA DEFENSE to make charges flee













Weenies don't belong in Shitholes














How Melania can make world peace















Pussy hats and penis hats












King of Jordan's amnesia















Apples instead of healthcare
















Scientists confirm that rodents are blameless













Raccoon restaurant returns













I am Prime Minister of NYC
















Why do black people like chicken? A Jewish theory














Central Park’s answer to Pizza Rat – Muffin Raccoon















Jewish Michigoss














Barron Trump for President















How to do a press conference















De Blasio's approach to crime – legalize it!












Clintons – Snake & Schmuck PC

























Make America Fun Again














Trump parc – gold topped just like Donald












Political Animals











Donald Trump is a honey badger












Posters for the anti-stupid campaign










My sister is a rodent – so what does that make me? 














Hillary sends emails to Minnie Mouse!














Mice for Hillary














It's all about the BLUE SHIRT













What if the doorman was a dormouse?














The Little Chipmunk
















2000 year conversation with the Jews













My Ministry to Idiots

















Bibles in courtrooms?








Better than daycare















Billboard Confessions















Bibles in the Library!


















Follow the Dog


















The purpose of snow is God saying HELLO! I'm up here!















How God may use Rosie O'Donnell to prevent WWIII

















Evidence of God














The Trump House













What are Draconians or WHY DO BLUEBLOODS EAT HAM

















Donald Trump has the GOP by the tail











What Christian bakers can do about Gay Marriage cakes
















Weather Fixing is one of my specialties













The Parents of Teenagers Club
















If Donald Trump is president, he'll heal everybody of disease













How Pizza Rat ruined it for the Rats













Why C students are smarter than A students















Mousie in the bank doing the Pizza Rat














Why Donald Trump's ego is good for all of us

















A NYC garbage truck ate my piano















The re-naming of the Jews – the Stupids





















Let De Blasio and Cuomo marry the man who had sex with a mailbox according to the NY Daily News









Locusts in Israel













The Hammerheads












The eight million idiots club












Bruce Bunny wants to be a squirrel
















Man has 'sex' with mailbox











Marriage Equality? Doggie Wedding!













Eight million idiots in NYC according to God











One Million Idiots in NYC













Governor Andrew Cuomo gave cufflinks to Israel – that and my prayer-song caused a ceasefire in Israel-Gaza














My Father's Legal Notice to the Cat














Comrade De Blasio and the People's Republic













Is Adolph Hitler in Heaven?
















The Grace Building is a Monument to GOD in midtown Manhattan






















The Talmud is Trefe
















There is no constitutional right to ignorance













Marry Anything!














Messages in the Madness














Many notorious & famous people are being used prophetically by God to give us a message. Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener, Bloomberg, De Blasio are some examples. This is biblical. God uses people in strange ways as attention getters. This should bring comfort to those who have been publicly humiliated.


People who have been publicly shamed also get to be guest hosts on my proposed program "Who was the biggest idiot on earth?". The purpose is to talk about their mistakes and what they have learned, so others can benefit from their experience. By helping others it brings redemptive value to anyone who has made serious mistakes. A win for all



David Rockefeller wins, whenever He plays














































Where was GOD?
















































Funny things God has said to me





Abby owns a toilet company as a prophetic sign that the Rockefellers are social engineering this country down the toilet!














The Deadly “No sleeping” rule

NYC is not the City that Never Sleeps; it is the City that never lets you sleep, Or pray. This is a public health hazard, unconstitutional, a human rights violation & abomination to God















Gay marriage is lunacy - orangutangs in the zoo














How to convert atheists and bring Revival













Nobody speaks English – they speak Orwellian Doublespeak























Nobody has Schizophrenia – they have Christianity



























The horses are being abused? The People are being abused!















The People's Right to Choose!




























Why are 2 Jewish meshugenahs running for office & seeking forgiveness? God has a purpose









Mr. Weenie & Mr. Socks are running for Mayor & Comptroller of NYC, respectively. After what Anthony Wiener pulled, it is too absurd NOT to be a message from God. Chutzpah is flashing pictures of your manhood around & then having the gall to run for mayor. This is God's way of drawing everyone's attention to the fact that we have a wiener problem. Also one's name is often a sign of the call on one's life, So God used Anthony for this prophetic purpose! Anyone named after a prophet is called to be one.

God has always used prophets to do strange things to give messages. He had Ezekiel lie on his side for 40 days staring at a model of Jerusalem, as a prophetic sign that it would soon come under siege. NYC is in a similar prophetic position. Rev 18 describes a city that is the center of commerce & the arts that will be destroyed in 1 hour, for spewing her sorceries into the world, among other things. Jer. 18 says if God pronounces judgment but people repent, he will relent.

The purpose is also to get people to ask what it takes to forgive and be forgiven for our sins. Jesus is the answer to that question. God provokes us to ask questions so he can answer them. All any Jew has to do is ASK if Jesus IS the messiah - God WILL answer.



(he is called "America's Rabbi")


















NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is the groundhog of pizza


















No back door into heaven through the kitchen













Bloomberg’s Birthday Bikes

Mike’s bikes are here. When I saw them I felt happy, like my birthday. For my 8th birthday I got a bicycle & a hamster. Now all we need is Rent a Dog.














Rent A Dog

(Dog is God backwards)















Obedience training is not just for dogs



























Angels are dropping titles on my head














Are we living in a holodeck?

A computer generated reality seen on the original Star Trek















Manhattan is a giant mental ward













I understand Adolph – Yes THAT Adolph














Start the day with prayer NOT COFFEE!














Young black men sometimes walk around with their underwear showing.

This is partly a result of public education, which deliberately dumbs people down, run by the social engineers. If you ask a kid what they think of the style, they would say “it’s retarded”. 10 years later they graduate looking like this!!

High heels are just as ludicrous. They are “alleged” shoes. Nobody can walk in them. So why are women who wear them surprised when men don’t seem to respect them for their minds? They are behaving as if they don’t have one.




ls are just as ludicrous. They are “alleged” shoes. Nobody can walk in them. So why are women who wear them surprised when men don’t seem to respect them for their minds? They are behaving as if they don’t have one.






















































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