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Smoker Filth


NYC is a giant ashtray.  There are butts all over the sidewalks. They interfere with wifi, cell calls.  If you charge electronics near them it makes the batteries go down instead of up.

When people smoke near electronics, it puts soot on them and ruins them. This video and picture shows the soot on my wires and face after smokers talk near me, even if they are not smoking at that moment.

I want to ban public smoking.  It is a health hazard and a hazard to equipment. I have had 4 laptops ruined when someone smoked near me while I was charging them.



Raccoon video



Blueberry jelly on a bug on a bagel

(raccoon looks for a bug)




Raccoon discusses transgender issues



Raccoon Restaurant (dining on sushi)




Raccoon eats sushi



 Baby Raccoons eat popcorn


The other night, on Friday the 13, there were 13 raccoons eating popcorn at the Raccoon Restaurant in Central Park, right next to me.


They were all crunching merrily along.




 Raccoon eats gefilte fish






Mom & 2 baby raccoons



Mom & 2 babies raccoons2







Raccoon eats watermelon





Weenies don’t belong in backsides’t%20belong%20in%20backsides.mp4


On youtube:




Weenies don’t belong in backsides (short)’t%20belong%20in%20backsides%20(short).mp4


On youtube:





If anal sex is sex, then sticking a banana in your ear is ear eating







on Youtube:


This is Union Square's answer to Pizza Rat. The squirrels come right up to people.

(Pizza rat is a famous rat that schlepped a piece of pizza down the stairs in the NYC subway. Very cute.



Chutzpah Squirrel – Union Square’s Answer to Pizza Rat


This discusses feeding squirrels and birds as a cure for mental illness.



Demons behind the Music Business - John Todd


John Todd came from an Illuminati bloodline and became a Christian in the 70s. He made this video. He says the Illuminati are devil worshippers. He says he controlled the record labels which have prayer rooms where they pray demons onto the masters of the records. He said he was high up on the council of 13 which answered to the Rothschilds, who answered to Lucifer the Devil. He said the Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers are the foremost social engineering family in the US.



Reflections & Warnings – Aaron Russo (talking with Alex Jones)


This is his testimony about his friendship with Nick Rockefeller.



Reflections and Warnings – an interview with Aaron Russo (FULL) (with Alex Jones)

He says “democracy equals New World Order”


Russo made movies including From Freedom to Fascism (free on the web) and then ran for Governor of Nevada, which induced Rockefeller to befriend him to try to get him to join the global elite. He was told they want to microchip everyone on earth for control, that his family was behind the feminist movement, the purpose of which was to break down families so the state could raise kids, and were behind 911. Nick Rockefeller told Russo months before 9-11 that an event was coming that would be used to 'get control over the people” and start wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and they would be looking in caves and it would all be a big hoax.



Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order



I have known Abby Rockefeller over 30 years. She is David's daughter. His agenda is world government. He founded the CFR to promote this. He is 100 years old. He runs the US.



Abby Rockefeller's toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering


I believe God inspired her to make this company as a prophetic sign that the family is social engineering the US down the toilet.



Former NYC Mayor's quote about Rockefeller social engineering & shadow government


From the wiki page of John Frances Hylan





Leaves are Legal Tender – the People's Money’s%20Money.mp4




The money system is NONSENSE - the DEBT is FAKE – we need THE PEOPLE’s MONEY





Morningstar in the sky


Jesus is called the Morningstar in Revelations. The bible says Jesus will come to rapture the church. This star is visible with the naked eye early in the morning before the sun comes up – at 5 am. At 7 am it is high up in the sky.


God had told me to stay in the park 2 months ago, so I would see it. Building lights are much brighter but it is clear from the park.



Morningstar next to the moon


Another video of Morningstar, next to the moon:

Nov 7, Union Square, NYC



Bright morningstar Nov



Charlotte Iserbyt author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


was in the Department of Education under Reagan. She was a whistleblower about the communist infiltration of the government and their social engineering through education to dumb down Americans. She talks about how the head of the Ford Foundation said orders to promote communism came from the White House. With her revelations about what goes on in the Dept. of Education, the presidential candidates who have vowed to get rid of the Department, are very wise.


 Her website is



See her book


Deliberate Dumbing Down of America






and various interviews.


Charlotte Iserbyte on The Perils of Common Core





More squirrels and bird videos



Pigeon approved



Squirrel approved


Pigeons on boy



Squirrel reaching for food

Rescue kitten

This kitten is sitting in a rescue van, saying WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I came across people with kittens in cages they wanted to adopt, saying they had rescued them from eating in dumpsters. Being free and eating out of dumpsters is NOT a problem for animals. They would PREFER it to sitting in a cage. These people have it all backwards. And they have the same attitude toward people. They think people are better off being in a cage rather than free on the street. WRONG. The whole society is backwards. These are the same people who think the homeless are better off in hospitals or jails. WRONG. The homeless who use their brains and feet can find plenty of food outside the restaurants that throw them out every night. The chains all do it. And the animals can smell it so they certainly have no problem.


Squirrel on bush


Birds dropping nuts out of trees onto a car



Mousie and bread



3 mice and bread


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