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BA. Music Brown University 1978. Was a Plantary Geology major for 3 years; studied all the sciences.

Masters in Jazz Composition, NE Conservatory l980.

Salutatorian l974 Oyster Bay H.S. Oyster Bay NY.

Brought up by 2 lawyers. My first language was legalese which is really gibberish. Passed the bar at 7 in an oral exam with my father. I am GOD'S LAWYER.

He gave me 2 lawyers for parents to train me.


How I passed the bar at 7


Played piano since 3. Had the thought at 7 “I am put on earth to do music & it is holy”. The purpose of music is to worship God – to invoke HIS presence So He can speak to us in our thoughts, heal us and direct us. When we sing the name JESUS his spirit comes and a spirit of love pours into us.


Became a born again Christian at age 33 in l990. Have been praying and singing in tongues since then. Pentecostals do this. Praying in tongues is the mechanism by which God answers prayers. When you it you can feel God's presence and others feel it too – his presence is PEACE.


All my life when I played piano people told me “there is a peace on you when you play.” Feeling God's peace is a sign of his presence, that you are in his will.


Was a substitute teacher 7 years in Boston public schools. Every subject, k-12.

Led my own jazz band 7 years.


After becoming a Christian God sent me into the mental health system as a witness against it to write a book exposing their atheism and deadly drugs. The system is completely unconstitutional; it violates the first amendment for religious freedom

God gave me the title of the book in a dream.




Manual for Transformational Healing – God's Answer to Psychiatry


Contents – Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearings for Mental Patients


Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for QUIET

I have experience and am a witness in all 3 areas.


Message to Families of Mental Patients


SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a “Serious Mental Disorder”




Dr. Allen Frances DSM author says psych labels are bullshit


The Mental Health and Education Systems Are a Product of Soviet Communist Brainwashing


The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi genocide!


Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education

(mind control, genocide, atheism, world government)


Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God! Everyone has a calling


I am named after a prophetess.  Anyone named after a prophet is called by God to be one.  Anyone named Christopher, Christine, Christian, etc is called to be a witness to Jesus. 


In the old testament the musicians were prophets. So being a lifelong musician is another sign of the calling


Anyone who is named after a prophet should get an instrument since that is the main tool people need to invoke God's spirit so he can speak to them and use them to sing prophetic prayers. 




Message to Musicians who have sold their souls



Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


God sent me into the Criminal Justice System. It has inspired me to write many things about transformation of the system.

God's gang (every prisoner in jail gets a shirt that says this, along with a bible and instrument, the tools they need to transform themselves into assets to society. Turn prison into music school) Also a sleeping bag to stay warm. 


I want to turn prisons into music school. Only a musician would think of this.

In music school people go into little rooms the size of jail cells with their instrument. It is a spiritual experience. Many call it the 'zone' where time passes quickly. It is a taste of heaven.


Solitary confinement is meant to be like this. If people had TOOLS OF TRANSFORMATION it would fulfil God's purpose for that situation, which is to develop a personal relationship with God, learn how to pray and come out transformed. The tools they need are a bible, instrument. Sleeping bag to stay warm. The experience should not be more than 2 weeks.



THE PRISONER”S HANDBOOK God's help for those in jail and solitary


Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers

I spent 8 months in solitary. God used it to teach me how to pray and resist the devil's attempts to abort prayers. When I got out God said “use what you've learned”


Her name was Nancy Webster – on soitary confinement, suicide & psych wards



I lived in the people's republic of MA for 30 years. In 2005 God Brought me back to NY.


Then he brought me into Manhattan. I have been in Manhattan since 2011. God has been using me to make a testimony to HIM.


You want witnesses that God is Real and Answers Prayer? How about Half of Manhattan? A Passover Story



I have invented many things. I have endless creative ideas. They come from God. HE has solutions to everything. Hence we all need a personal relationship with HIM to guide us, warn us from mistakes and help us fulfill our calling on earth.


 More importantly, we need a personal relationship with God through Jesus to go to heaven.   Jesus is our ticket to heaven. He is God's provision. There is no other way. 


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)


Concert for Jews at MSG FREE CHEESES!




Ginsberg for Public Advocate




Here are some of my inventions:


Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs


We do a terrible job dissuading youth from destroying their brains with drugs and alcohol. Every generation makes the same mistakes.  This initiative would work to address that. 


How to drain the swamp – call a FLEA REFERENDUM


This is a quick way to get rid of idiotic public servants. Faster than impeachment, trials, investigations etc.   Just call a flea referendum.  This means everyone gets to vote.  "do you prefer DeBlasio for mayor or fleas?"  If the fleas win, he's done.  We call a special election.    This can be done with the governor, president Supreme Court judges, city council, etc. 






This is a defense that can be used to get rid of all pre-trial detainess and move cases through courts very quickly. If Bill Cosby had used this defense he would have been acquitted.



Use the FLEA DEFENSE to empty Rikers




Billboard Confessions






The eight million idiots club



Raccoon Restaurant






Raccoon discusses transgender issues




Raccoons love sushi




Squirrel Command Center (trained the rodents to bite smokers)

Squirrel Command Center




FREE CHEESE! How to train rats to bite smokers





Peace Place – 24 hour cafe for work, prayer, rest

For all people, homeless, tourists, people who need power naps and with kids who need free daycare, music lessons)


The Turtle Club


Let homeless stay in empty billionaire investment apts


Use schools to house homeless families


How to help the homeless



Mayor's Dept of Good Ideas


Prime Minister of NYC

I am Prime Minister of NYC (the other Jewish country)

(I did it by executive order which is one of the powers of prime minister)


Insultament box (turns insults into a compliment. It is free – complementary)

How to make an insultament box


Insultament box with splitter (turns insults into 3 compliments) Sell a million of them to China at half price to fix trade deficits

How to fix trade deficits in a jiffy


Chutzpah – drink of champions

CHUTZPAH – a drink from Israel




Crumpled paper on a stick (sell to tourists)


Curt Schilling's Bloody Sock on a Stick (sell to tourists)

Curt Schilling made a killing selling bloody socks on a stick


Ratfishing – upward mobility opportunity for poor people – sell to tourists

RAT FISHING IN NYC – upward mobility opportunity for poor people





The Rodent Protest

My solution to Donald's misguided deportatation agenda




RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems




The People's Money

Use The People's Money instead of Rothschild Money




Pothead Law

Pass the Pothead Law




Community Policing Effectively

Community policing effectively



When cops see some kid doing something stupid, take them to see their mother. That will fix it. 


POT SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL.  I have a comprehensive approach to stop public smoking and pot smoking.


It includes:


God's weapon of choice for cops - the Bible

Have cops run around and throw little bibles at people smoking anything in public - knock it out of their mouths. This will be fun for cops! Make Policing Fun Again!

Recruit ball players to be cops to put their throwing skills to good use!



Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy

Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy





This can be used to stop people from doing any stupid behavior, including smoking pot, cigs or anything. Person gets arrested or gets a ticket and goes to a judge. He says 80 notebooks. They have to write 80 notebooks of: 

Smoking pot or anything is a bad idea.
They can do this in jail. 

When they finish their assignment they can leave. They will never smoke again. When they hear the word pot their hand will hurt. It is aversive therapy and it will work. This has not been tried.

OR the judge can let them do it at home. They will get 20 friends to help with their assignment, thinking they are snookering the judge. This is good because then 20 former idiots will no longer smoke pot.  


In 6 months, there will be no more public smoking of cigs or pot. This is the goal. 


Public smoking of cigs or pot is an assault on everyone else. The smell goes on others and is a health hazard.


How to stop public smoking in 6 months


This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!





Articles about pot

If pot is legal, all teens will smoke it


No matter what you tell them they will say BUT IT'S LEGAL.  Any politician who promotes legalizing pot should be arrested on child endangerment charges.


Legalizing Pot is an Illuminati Plot

Pot stench is health hazard

The importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)

Mind Control Effects of Pot

Pass the Pothead Law

Pot damages brains

Legalizing Pot is a Huge Mistake

Pot is the number 1 problem and it's all Bob Dylan's fault

ALL the boomers smoked pot 40 years ago. We were hypnotized by the drug and Bob Dylan's song EVERYBODY GOTTA GET STONED. Pot is a gateway to psych drugs for lots of people and they destroy people. It turns people into vegetables. Psych drugs block all thought, not just bad thoughts. A drug can't tell the difference between good or bad thoughts.We need our brain to do that but the drugs destroy brains.


All the boomers know people who smoked pot and ended up on psych drugs. This happened to a boyfriend of mine. Pot often makes people paranoid. Then they get labelled paranoid schizophrenic, on anti-psychotic drugs which ruin their lives.

The 2 major mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain
Schizophrenia is caused by pot.  Bipolar is caused by caffeine.

The vegetables for life program

My pot smoking killed my mother

Why Paul McCartney needs to disavow Pot


Why Trump is crazy – blame Andrew Cuomo's medical pot law



As a result of Cuomo's medical pot law, the 20 year olds have been smoking it

recreationally all over NYC. Nobody else likes this! Everyone except the potheads hates it.


Pot smokers have intercepted my prayers for Trump. This is reckless endangerment of the country.

Polls keep claiming a majority of people want to legalize pot. Well it must be people in the suburbs not the city. Everyone I ask "how do you like the rampant pot smoking?" says I HATE IT. Only the potheads like it.

I ask tourists from CA, OR, CO where pot is legal recreationally "do you smell it everywhere?" They say YES I HATE IT.

Cuomo's medical pot law has ruined life in NYC. When the weather is warm you won't even be able to sit at a sidewalk table at a restaurant without having idiot pot smokers walking by constantly and spewing the smell on you. The restaurants will lose business. 

If they make it legal this will happen even more.


People in the suburbs are not affected when their neighbor smokes in their own house.


But the cities are different. When people smoke and walk down the street the smell goes on everyone they pass. affecting them. Others get their brains hijacked by this. All pot smokers know about a contact high.


ALL drugs have second hand effects. SO does coffee and alcohol.



How to cure your kid of pot brain

Legalizing pot is bad for young people and public health

New book shows pot causes mental illness

Pot, mental illness & violence



How to solve the Opioid Crisis




WEATHER FIXING (one of my specialties)

(God gave me authority over the weather 20 years ago when I was training as a prophet intercessor while playing piano alone at night in a church)


70 degrees for Christmas – an answer to my prayer




NYC mayoral candidate cures mental illness and guarantees Good Weather

For more examples of God answering my prayers including about weather see:


ADVENTURES IN PRAYER – testimony of a prophet-intercessor

my very strange life. Nobody can be an atheist after reading this. Book in progress



How to Pray Effectively


Dangerous False Christian Cliches


Dangerous Prayers




Every kid gets a voucher to a music store for an instrument; guitar or piano, for their 7th birthday. So do their siblings so they can have a band.





Guitars Not Guns

An exchange program. Have gangs give up their guns; they get a guitar


Every family has a resident prophet

(kids, & anyone with blue hair) Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position





GOD'S GANG – Bible in every backpack

(put God back in the schools)




There is no constitutional right to ignorance



Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs



How to fix traffic in NYC


How to fix traffic in NYC - we don't need congestion pricing, we just need appropriate signage


The Golden Rule School – blueprint for a charter school




The Good Law School





The Harpo Marx School of Law

How to win in court – a tip from the Harpo Marx School of Law





The Harpo Marx School of Government


The Harpo Marx School of Government





The Flea Defense

Use the FLEA DEFENSE to empty Rikers






The civil rights movement never happened


The Clear Thinkers Club


The Parents of Teenagers Club


The Buddy System – program to stop student suicide


How to get your kid to clean their room


How to get a teen not to smoke or vape


How to cure your kid of pot brain


How to be a Smart Kid – ask older people what mistakes they made so you'll know what NOT to do


The dangers of 5G to children




Real dangers of 5G wireless radiation

How WIFI affects us


MMR vaccines cause 340% increased risk of autism in African American infants


How to do a press conference



How to drain the swamp – call a FLEA REFERENDUM



The comprehensive approach to fixing NYC


How to Fix Everything – Immigration, Crime, etc.


How to revitalize upstate NY



The Dangers of Healthcare – look to God HE Heals


The Deadly “No Sleeping” Rule


The funniest rape story you ever heard




Use lawyers not bombs (how Iran became Christian & everyone lived happily ever after)


Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes




Play MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN in 15 minutes


Play Piano in Half an Hour


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)







The art of the insult




The rodents didn't do it – it was the fleas


Ear eating


If anal sex is sex, then sticking a banana in your ear is ear eating




The 70th birthday book – the book everyone should write




How to get Mexico to build the wall



I believe in Gay Rights. Gays have a right to be healed of the abuse that made them gay


God's Purpose for Gay People



Everyone has a Phase 2 ministry




Testimonies of answer to prayer

I caused Korean peacetalks




Musicians READ THIS – Peace in Ireland


God used my prayers to make the Good Friday Peace Accord in Ireland in l998



I broke Babe Ruth's curse so the Red Sox won the World Series




I caused a tornado by praying the wrong prayer


How I made Trump president and why I'm running for NYC mayor




Why God made Bill DeBlasio mayor of NYC

I arranged this with God. 



Mayor Inclusive should have a NYC Child of God parade – all inclusive





I intercepted a planned live terror attack on NYC – Operation Gotham Shield





I killed David Rockefeller playing my guitar


I killed Punch Sulzberger by praying in tongues


Abby Rockefeller's toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering


Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order


Former NYC mayor's quote about Rockefeller social engineering & shadow government




Demand Peace




30 genders

NYC public schools teach this lunacy. They tell middle schoolers that there are 30 genders and anal sex is normal. 


This is the real meaning of progressive - progressively worse.




Why Rome Fell



Posters for the anti-stupid campaign




Posters for the Wake Up Campaign


Planned Parenthood calls this 'tissue' Would you blow your nose on this?




NYC is murder capital of the world due to abortion






David Deleiden slays Goliath Planned Parenthood


The horror of abortion


Lies told by abortionists

Testimony of Bernard Nathanson former abortionist


Abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson became pro-life when he saw ultrasounds


Jonas storm is God's Answer to Roe v Wade. GOD: AM I CLEAR?




Bloomy & Andy caused Hurricane Sandy. POTUS & SCOTUS blessed us with JONAS




Abortion is Human Rights? NO! GOD CALLS IT MURDER!


Planned Parenthood is NOT the largest abortion provider


Planned Parenthood promotes Comprehensive Sexuality Education to create abortion customers


Planned Parenthood Promotion of Pedophilia behind Gay Marriage Agenda


Planned Parenthood Sells Body Parts & the Denial of Abortionists & Psychiatrists


Planned Parenthood video

Planned Parenthood videos



Deporting illegal Hispanics violates Matthew 25. Half are named JESUS!


Donald's diplomacy

My vision for how changing the money system could work. 




Donald's threats did not cause Singapore Summit – words of peace did











HOW articles on my website







on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name







Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)








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