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I am a Jewish Christian musician/writer who has believed in Jesus (Yeshua HaMashiach) & been born again for 23 years, since l990.

I am in my sixties..

I am a musician - a worshipper and have written and played piano since age 4.

I remember having the thought when I was small

I am put on earth to do music & it is holy”

One time my mom was trying to talk to me while I was playing, and I remember thinking 'doesn't she know this is holy and she shouldn't interrupt?"

I have a BA in music from Brown University and a Masters in Jazz Composition from N. E. Conservatory.

After NEC I led my own jazz band for 7 years and put out records of my music. I had 3 singers in my band. After I became a Christian, God healed me and gave me a singing voice that I did not have before, as a testimony to the healing power of Jesus.


I have always been an unusual person. As a kid I used to prefer to sleep on a couch in the living room near the piano; pianos have always been altars to God for me.


I was always interested in anything strange. My 6th grade science project was on ESP. My interest in UFOS led me to meet Carl Sagan, the astronomer who was an exobiologist. Exobiology is the study of the origin of life. I went to Brown so I could make up my own major; exobiology. I worked in Sagan’s office one summer.

Sagan always publicly denied UFOs were real, but I am sure he was lying. The evidence is overwhelming and I am sure he had access to it. God has shown me that the Roswell crash in l947 of aliens is true. Sagan only admitted the truth in his fiction book, "Contact”. See



Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper on the Social Engineers


Cooper was naval intelligence and has info about Area 51. He talks about how Henry Kissinger & The Rockefellers were on an alien study group that decided not to disclose alien info to the public.


At Brown my interest in space led me to the planetary geology dept, to people who worked on Apollo and Viking missions. I was a planetary geology major for 2 years and then my junior year, my mother died. I went to the Eastman school of music for a summer jazz arranging course & then returned to Brown as a music major, getting a BA in music. Her influence had been in a more intellectual direction; she used to say you’ll get a Ph.D. (in science). After her death, the pull toward my true calling, music, got stronger. I remember applying for an internship at Jet Propulsion lab working on space missions, and when asked what I could contribute, I wrote “I could write a theme song”.

My mother also used to say “when you find what you should be doing, it will be like you can do no wrong.” When I went to New England Conservatory for a masters in jazz composition, it was like this. I wrote a song cycle called “the Awakening of the Spirit”.

Later I spent a few years doing street evangelism while selling my books, talking to Harvard students about my Christian faith. It was fun. I was effective because I have a diverse background.

I was raised by 2 NY Jewish lawyers; so i know how lawyers think. I was one, by osmosis. I was trained to be very analytical; anytime I made a mistake, They would ask me why I did something. My sister used to say “Im sorry” and I remember thinking “how come she gets away with that?” God showed me later that he gave me lawyers for parents so I could defend my faith.

I was a science major for 3 years at Brown, studying all the sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, quantum physics) so I know how scientists think.

See my article 

Letter to a Scientist-Atheist



The biggest problem atheists have with finding out the truth is that they are arrogant. God doesn’t respond to that attitude. If someone says to God “prove you’re there by jumping thru this hoop” he does not respond to that. He says in the bible that “God resists the proud & gives grace to the humble”. James 4:6

God spoke to Job, saying “Where were you when I made the mountains, heavens, etc.”

My curiosity about the nature of the universe went from the sciences to the theological. There are more answers through theology and actual experiences with God, which for me are undeniable, than there are from intellectual philosophizing about the nature of the universe and truth. Many theologians do NOT have a personal relationship with God; hence their ideas are theoretical, with no basis in reality.


My article

How God Guides us into Relationship with Him


is a testimony of how God led me to meet people that discipled me as a Christian. This actually happened 10 years after it was supposed to. With hindsight this is clear to me, and because God told me. He ended up using plan B after I missed the cue on plan A. This is why it is so important to seek a relationship with God, because if we don’t we can miss opportunities that he was giving us, and make mistakes that He is trying to help us avoid.

In essence God had used a stranger to tell me to go to a certain house in a city I wanted to move to. When I asked why, he said “I have no idea”. I ended up moving in next door. I read a lot of new age books for 10 years and got involved in an emotionally painful sinful sexual relationship (a love triangle) that ended when I finally got saved. I ended up meeting the people in that original house 10 years later, when someone gave me a car and I needed a parking spot, which the people who owned the house also owned. It turned out they were Christians and they ended up being my friends and discipling me.

One day God spoke to me and said “you didn’t need to go through all that” – meaning – if I had realized at the time that it was HIM leading me to go to that first house, I would have met the Christians 10 years earlier and avoided all the painful mistakes in between.

God is closer than all of us think. He is not trying to control us, but guide us, out of Love. His priority is to have a personal relationship with us. He uses problems in our lives often to give us an incentive to seek him, for a solution. This includes illnesses, (which He can heal, if we seek him), relationship issues, jobs, finances, everything. Many people don’t see the need for God until they have some kind of problem. So what happens very often is that if we pray for someone, they start having problems, to give them an incentive to seek him! (for those who weren’t looking).

I realize as I reflect on my life, that God has often used one or two witnesses, prophetically to warn me about a potential mistake. If we are on the wrong path, he will OFTEN send someone to tell us it is a mistake. He often uses 2 witnesses because it says in Leviticus “let everything be established by 2 or 3 witnesses”. I noticed when evangelizing on the street, that God almost always sent a 2nd person as another witness, when I was talking with someone.

I often see people doing something wrong & I realize that God is using me to warn them prophetically about it. That is the role of a prophet. It is also the role of anyone who is saved, to be a witness to the truth and speak the truth, in love, to anyone who needs to hear it.


I read new age books for 10 years before becoming a Christian. There is much deception in the new age movement; it is a front for the demonic. Two of their common lies are that hell is not real, and that the bible is mistranslated so one can’t trust it, to justify all the new age channeled books that tell a different gospel.

New Age Magazine is put out by 32nd level Scottish Rite Masonry. Masonry is devil worship at the top level, though the lower levels don’t know this. I have seen the handbook written for 32nd level masonry, written by Albert Pike, a sat-ist. It says “we worship the luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this”. The whole m.o. of devil worshippers is that they lie. The devil is the biggest liar and the father of all lies. This shows who is behind the New Age - the devil.

The bible says in Revelation that all liars will burn in hell. Revelation 21& 22 says those that loveth & maketh a lie will not enter into the Holy City which cometh down from Heaven, the new Jerusalem.

The new testament warns us that many will come and preach a ‘different Jesus’. The Apostle Paul warned that the devil transforms himself as an angel of light, so how much more so his followers who transform themselves as ministers of the gospel. 2 Cor 11:14

The devil has infiltrated every manmade institution including the church, to deceive people.

The people who follow the devil also are behind corrupted bible translations, written deliberately to deceive and mislead people, This is explained in my article

Bible Translations – only the King James is Good


The NIV, a popular modern translation, is deliberately misleading. God’s spirit does NOT dwell on false translations the same way as the more legitimate ones. This is a serious disservice to those who read them and are seeking a relationship with God.

See articles

New Age practices cause mental & physical illness - warning to new agers on spiritual deception - ch 5 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


Letter to a New Ager on Spiritual Deception



Why Reincarnation is Wrong



Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deception



Get rid of Harry Potter books, Pokemon, Tarot Cards & Ouija boards – they bring curses and cause mental and physical illness



The Ouija board killed my mother




I left the new age movement when the intuition came to me one day at a big new age fair,

If this is from God, it should be free”

This thought was God talking to me. (He talks to everyone in our thoughts) . It was consistent with scripture, I later realized, when I read the bible.

Jesus told his followers

freely ye have been given, freely give. He told them to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead. Matthew 10:8


I practiced Transcendental Meditation for 10 years. I took a class called the Science of Creative Intelligence which explained their philosophy, watching videos of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi constantly giggling.

I would not do TM now because it opens one up to Hindu deities or gods, which the mantras invoke. (they told us they were meaningless sounds but that is a lie) Meditation opens one up to the spiritual realms, which has both good and evil elements. Without Jesus, one may not know how to protect oneself from the evil. Jesus' name has authority in the spiritual realm over the demonic. I had some powerful negative experiences due to becoming more ‘psychic’ from meditating. I had become more open to the negative as well as the positive, and did not know to use the name of Jesus to protect myself from it. Also, continuing the mantra was an opening to the negative. I needed to stop doing it and get rid of all my new age books which were an opening. I eventually did this.

My Christian mentor, a Russian pentecostal told me “if you get rid of your books, you will be singing better.” He meant all the books that contradicted the bible, new age, philosophy, psychology, science. I did this, and sure enough, my chest opened up and my voice got a lot louder. Spiritual oppression was being removed.

When I got rid of the books by Freud that I had inherited from my mother, I felt something around my head go away. It was some kind of mental oppression. What was also happening was that as I made the environment more sanctified, God’s spirit felt more comfortable and He blessed it more. His peace was there and he was more willing to put His spirit there when I worshipped.

Another Christian pentecostal friend had also come to my apt and said she saw a vision of Jesus in the room, looking away from us When I asked what she thought it meant, she said “he doesn’t feel comfortable here. Would you feel comfortable in a place with lies about you? This made intuitive sense to me and persuaded me to remove the books.

This was God using 2 witnesses telling me the same thing. I had another friend who also told me to get rid of my new age books. Until I did this, my prayers used to get answered in pairs; one from God & one counterfeit. This is because the new age books were giving an opening for lying spirits to answer me. When I got rid of them, this stopped.

A similar thing happened to me years later in a psych hospital. They would write lies down about people in their charts. The more they wrote, the more agitated I felt. I got hold of my chart and flushed it down the toilet. Immediately, the peace of God came to me.

I was #2 in my high school on Long Island, NY.

#1 was the younger brother of my boyfriend who was #1 in his class, who went to Harvard. Years later, I ran into him and he told me that he liked Gospel music. I asked him, “did it ever occur to you that the REASON you like it is because it’s true (that Jesus is the Messiah). We were both Jewish. The genius from HARVARD said “OH, THAT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME.”

We get a good feeling from something because our spirit inside us bears witness to it. Gospel music invokes the spirit of God, which is love and makes us feel good.


I became a Christian because of the worship at a house Church of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Their music is used in many evangelical churches and has revolutionized worship over the last 20 years.


Bob Dylan also got saved through a Vineyard church. They have a powerful music ministry.

They sing TO God not ABOUT God like the old hymns; this invokes God’s presence in a a powerful way. Dylan said “I trust the music”.

I felt filled with love, which was from the presence of the Holy Spirit responding to their worship of God/Jesus. When we get a warm feeling in our chest, that is called Getting a witness of the Holy Spirit; it means something is from God. The Holy Spirit also manifests as a kind of tingly energy on one’s head, or a palpable sense of Peace. The psalms say “God inhabits the praises of His people.

So worship invokes God’s spirit. Reading the bible also invokes his spirit and aids Him to speak to us, in our thoughts.

One song I remember from that time is Holy & Annointed One by Brian Doerksen. You can listen to it on Youtube.


Holy & Annointed One by Brian Doerksen


Another anointed track is

Come Now is the Time to Worship by Brian Doerksen



My article

Vision of Jesus and Passover


is a testimony of my experience of a vision of Jesus at the Vineyard House Church, when some people prayed for me.

Shortly after this first prayer meeting, I asked God to verify if Jesus was the messiah. I had a dream where 2 scriptures came to me. Jeremiah 31:31 and Zech 12-14.

Jeremiah 31:31 talks about a NEW COVENANT:

I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, not like the one I made with them when I took them by the hand out of Egypt, which they brake, even though I was an husband to them...I will put my law in their inward parts...and forgive their sins.

This is about being filled with the Holy Spirit, and sending Jesus as the atonement for sin.

John 1:17 says “the law came by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ.


Some of my articles that are relevant to Jews:

(see articles on ARTICLES BY CATEGORY page under For Jews)


God’s 2000 year conversation with the Jews


What Jews need to know about Christmas, Handel’s Messiah & Isaiah 53


The three Passover Matzohs are the Trinity – how to reconcile the Trinity & the Schma


Locusts in Israel


Urgent Prophetic Message to American Jews


Do you believe God speaks to you? HE DOES In your thoughts


SCHIZOPHRENIA IS NOT A “Serious Mental Disorder”


Levi Aron is not criminally responsible –psychiatry is the culprit





Nobody dies of disease –they die of spiritual ignorance


The Nazis were NOT CHRISTIANS! They were devil worshippers. Don’t Blame Jesus!


Prophetic Warning to Shmuley Boteach & other rabbis

(He is “america’s rabbi”)



God speaks to all people, in our thoughts. Everyone needs to know this. Our conscience is God.

God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, which has been on the earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from Heaven. He said he would send the comforter, the spirit of truth, which would be with us & in us (when we get born again, which means being filled with the Holy Spirit).

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. John 14:26

It is God’s will for all to be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said “Verily verily I saw unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

To be Saved, & Born Again:

Repent of your sins, accept that Jesus was the atonement for your sins, and resurrected, be baptized in Jesus name and pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)



I wrote a song GLORIFY YOUR NAME which was a song for healing and restoration. You can listen to it on my website. I sing in tongues on it.

The chorus is a prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
The bible says anyone who asks for the Holy Spirit will receive it. You can sing along with the words. They are:

Let your people be restored
Fill us with your Spirit, Lord

so, ASK


Listen to a recording of a prayer I recorded at a piano God provided in June 2013 outside the NY Public Library. I added vocals at the Grace Building. This whole track was a prayer for restoration. Several songs.
It was a prayer for Jews, among other things.

The 3rd song is

Glorify Your Name


The Grace Building

God found me a place near the Grace Building over a year ago.

God knew I wanted to live by Grace, and not under the law.
He was saying to me 'You want to live by Grace? I have just the Place!" Literally. The white tower says GRACE.

The gospel of John says

The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth come by Jesus Christ John 1:17

Grace means unmerited favor. Grace is a gift of God, the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Nobody can earn their way into heaven; it is a gift of God, a gift of Grace.

During Hurricane Sandy I prayed "Please keep the power on near me" God said "stay by the Grace Building". As I sat there He said "Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord" and "testimony"

God answered the prayer. All of lower Manhattan was drenched up til 41st St and lost power. The Grace Building sits on 42 and 43, next to 6th Ave. All of midtown had power and was dry. God is faithful.

The 1st song I recorded in my prayer
Restoration Songs
Let Me Not Forget
a prayer to remember all the times God has been faithful by answering prayers

See article

Hurricane Sandy & the Grace Building – a testimony of God



Living in a Church as an intercessor

5 years after becoming a Christian I lived in a church for 2 years, worshipping/praying and being trained as an intercessor. God led me to that place by having me meet someone from a Brazilian church who asked me to join their worship team. I ended up staying in the building all the time, getting involved with the other congregations who met there as well.

One time one of my Brazilian friends prophesied to me, “I’ve put you in this church. I’m gonna use you to bless the church and judge the church.” I used to pray at night for the people in the other congregations, then watch the effects of my prayers during the worship service the next day. The leader of one of their worship teams said “God seems to be blessing us.” At a prophetic prayer meeting around that time in another state, someone said to me, “you’re like the life-blood of the church.”

It was at that same prophetic prayer meeting where someone said to me, “I’m gonna use you to write a manual”. Then I was made a witness by God to atheistic psychiatry & their genocide by drugs. A while later the title of the book


Manual for Transformational Healing - God's Answer to Psychiatry came to me

in a dream.


Living in a Synagogue

I lived in a temple for 7 months, doing the same thing, as an undercover agent, playing at night & praying for Jews.

I also read the Talmud. I find the long discourses on picayune minutae to be oppressive. It is the same type of thinking as legal thinking; when one reads the reasoning of Supreme Court rulings, it is the same problem, avoiding big issues by creating multitudes of little ones, avoidance games of the truth. They invent criteria and tests for things to justify avoiding dealing with big issues and just ruling on subsets or smaller ones.

It is using cleverness to avoid the truth. I learned how to do that as a child. One time, there was a half of ice cream sandwich in the freezer. I ate it. My dad asked me, “did you finish the ice cream sandwich?” I said, “No, that was half number one. Someone else ate half number two first, so I didn’t finish it, I started it.” He roared.

From my intercession in the temple, the whole city was blessed; all fall and winter, while I was there, it never went below 50 and we had no snow. One prophet/intercessor standing in the gap for a place can protect them.

One night while playing the piano I started weeping, and God said to me, "I am weeping for my people". He was showing me his feelings about the Jews and their ignorance about Jesus being the messiah. The rabbis have been lying by omission for 2000 years about the truth about Jesus; they don't read Isaiah 53 in the liturgy in the yearly schedule, since it is obviously describing Jesus.

Isaiah says “for the sins of my people he was stricken…my righteous servant shall justify many, for he shall bear their sins. …by his stripes we are healed.”

This clearly describes Jesus as the atonement for our sins.

The first line says “to whom is the arm of the lord revealed?”

The first time I read this, I started to weep, and heard the words “to he who seeks his name.” The weeping was a response in my spirit that God was speaking to me. He was answering his own question.

The NAME of the arm of the lord is JESUS.

His Hebrew name YESHUA means SALVATION.

Yeshua is God’s provision for the salvation of the Jews & gentiles.

It is not uncommon to weep in the presence of God. This has happened to me other times when God spoke to me.

This omission is the rabbis keeping the people ignorant. One night I had a dream where I was talking in a service, saying “they have a right to know”

The prophet Hosea said

“my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

He meant knowledge of God. The Jews need to know that not only does Jesus bring salvation, HE HEALS. Jesus healed people as a testimony to who he was; the Son of God, the Messiah. And the Holy Spirit heals today when we pray in Jesus name, also as a testimony to the truth about Jesus.

People don’t die of diseases; they die of spiritual ignorance of the truth, and that is one reason God was weeping. The Jews need to be told the truth.

see article


Nobody Dies of Disease – they Die of Spiritual Ignorance




I have been healed several times of diseases by rebuking the spirits which cause mental and physical illness. Jesus gave his followers authority to do this. Spirits can jump around thru verbal or physical contact. I have had spirits of depress- jump on me from someone who had it; I rebuked it or coughed and it left.

When I was in jail, where the devil attacks people mentally, he attacked me physically one time with a serious disease, on the back of my hand. Several people saw it and asked "what's that?"

I heard the word "melano-" in my spirit. (I don't use the whole words when writing because that can invoke the spirit. In speaking, I spell them) I asked God what to do, and he said to pray for it to go away. I said "I rebuke this mela- in Jesus name" and it was gone overnight.

I had asthm- one time. I went to church and the pastor said to rebuke it. I did; it left.

I had a sexual disease, Herp-; it was a result of sexual sin. I spontaneously repented of it, and felt a heat go thru my whole body. I Knew I was healed. God spoke to me, and said " Don't do it again or it will come back." I didn’t, so it didn't. I proved my healing by drinking a can of cocoa, since that was known to trigger an outbreak of it; but nothing happened. So I knew I WAS HEALED.

This is scriptural. When Jesus healed people, he told them GO AND SIN NO MORE. Healing is conditional on repentance, turning from sin.

He told a man healed,

Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon thee.” John 5:14

See article

How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)



Spiritual Wisdom Revised


talks about healing, how and where to pray, symbols, words, homosexuality is sin, how to assess one's environment for openings for demonic oppression.

All diseases are caused by sin. Sin is spiritual disease. It can result in physical or mental illness, as a warning sign like a light on a car’s dashboard, that something is amiss spiritually. When we address the spiritual issue, and repent of the sin, we can be physically heal.

There is no disease God can’t heal.

Jesus said “with God all things are possible” Luke 1:37

Homosexuality is sin. It is caused by an unclean spirit, which can be cast out in Jesus name. Many people get it from abuse. People can be delivered from it by repenting of any sin and getting saved, and rebuking the spirit in Jesus name. I know people that have been delivered from it.

See articles

Prophetic Message to Gays



Gays are made that way by social engineering


Gay Marriage is God’s answer to the Lunacy of Evolution



Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education



Putin is right the NY Times is wrong on Gay Marriage – pro-gay propaganda- social engineering


Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) and caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting Gay Marriage



Gay Marriage is a Farce and why it DOES affect everyone



Which is more disgusting – gay (anal) sex or bulimia?


I was bulimic for 12 years. It was triggered by oral sex. There has been an increase in eating disorder and oral sex and I believe they are correlated.

Negative testimony of child of gay marriage



All mental and physical illnesses are caused by spirits whose assignments are the names of those diseases. One needs to assess one’s environment and behavior to remove any openings for these unclean spirits. Openings include: unrepentant sin, any drugs which affect the mind, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc & all psych meds (which cause mental illness rather than cure it for this reason), bad music, art, books, symbols, occult objects.

All music, books, art, etc are “inspired” by spirit. The word ‘inspiration’ means ‘a spirit goes into it’. The artistic medium transmits those spirits. Even just having them around is an opening for the spirits to be around. When they are removed, the demonic oppression leaves.

Spirits from drugs jump around through verbal or physical contact. Pot smokers call it a contact high. Second hand coffee is just as bad as second hand smoke, spiritually. Caffeine is an opening for spirits of addict-, confus-, mani-. Alcohol is an opening for a spirit of depress-. I have picked up these spirits just from being in earshot of someone talking who used them.

Using Profanity transmits unclean spirits. It is just as bad as sneezing on someone, only worse.

Have you ever noticed that when two people talk and one uses the F-word, the other starts using it? This is because such language is an opening for unclean spirits, which transmit when people speak. People who use this language have unclean spirits, usually from sexual sin.

I used to use profanity which I picked up in music school, from my teachers. After I got saved & was led by God into teaching I realized I couldn’t keep talking that way. If I did, the kids would report me & I’d lose my job. I prayed every day “God don’t let any bad words come out of my mouth” When I did this, nothing did. When I forgot, often something slipped out. I remember doing this for a year. Eventually, I no longer talked that way.

I probably could have asked God to deliver me from any unclean spirits, and this would have stopped a lot quicker.

Profanity is contagious and afflicts people near us


Spiritual Wisdom revised


talks about hearing from God, how & where to pray, healing, assessing one’s environment for demonic oppression, symbols, homosexuality is sin & how to be delivered from it, words.


The importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)



The Importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)


Peace in Irelanda testimony of intercession by singing in tongues

Musicians READ THIS – Peace in Ireland



I had a powerful experience as an intercessor in April l998 when I was playing in a university chapel used by Protestants and Catholics to pray in . I was playing and singing in tongues, for about 8 hours, feeling the power of God all over me. I had no idea what I was doing. I heard myself sing "shalom" many times, which means "peace" in Hebrew.

A man came in and listened, then said "Thank you I feel ilke I can go home now." I asked where he was from and he said "Ireland". The next day, the front page of the Boston Globe newspaper said "Peace in Ireland". They had just signed the Good Friday peace accords. I asked God , did you use me to pray for that? And the Holy Spirit fell on me with Power, which meant "YES".

I have been praying & singing in tongues for 22 years. Praying in tongues is power from God to get prayers answered. It is the mechanism God uses to do this. I believe it is necessary for certain kinds of prayers. Praying in tongues and worship empower angels to answer our prayers. It is spiritual food for them (and us).

Many times while worshipping I felt like God was feeding me in my chest. I have also felt this impartation while listening to someone preach. If they are preaching the word of God, it feeds us spiritually. Same with reading it. It feeds our spirit peace. It uplifts us and gives us faith.

Jesus said “man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

The bible is not a book to be read once, just to gain knowledge like other books. It is a supernatural book that imparts the Spirit of God as we read it and meditate on it.

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians


talks about this & has examples of prayers getting answered that were prayed in tongues.

This includes praying my mother out of Purgatory, rebuking tsunamis & other things.

When we pray in tongues we are praying by the direction of the Holy Spirit, not our own mind. God uses us to pray for things of which we have no direct knowledge. He also uses it to speak to us in our minds/spirits. Praying in tongues is like praying in a code that the devil doesn’t understand. It is also important that in order to do so effectively, we be sanctified (no drugs). Otherwise our prayers can be contaminated by unclean spirits, which can hijack or hinder them.

See my free minibooks

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians

The Importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)


I have experienced Heaven and Hell.

Living in a church and worshipping was Heaven for me.

Being in jails and mental hospitals was hell.

I spent 8 months in solitary confinement in prison and 7 years total in psych hospitals.

Jails are run by the devil. His demons attack people there mentally & physically. The same with psych hospitals, which are not hospitals, but prisons. They are concentration camps. People die from the drugs which are deadly, by design.

The Nazis killed mental patients with psych meds in the secret t4 euthenasia program. This genocide has continued worldwide ever since, using mental health as a cover.

The Nazis were occultists, devil worshippers.

They used atheistic psychiatry to falsely call Christians mentally ill. This genocide has continued worldwide since, using mental health as a cover.

The social engineers who supported the Nazis are also occultists, devil worshippers. They hide the truth, God exposes it. He reveals hidden things to his prophets. God has been showing me things for years like this, because of the role to which he has called me.

God used musicians to be prophets in the Old Testament. So it is natural that he would use musicians prophetically.

The Levites were the worshippers. In Ezekiel 44 God says he uses the levites to teach the people the difference between the sacred & profane, the clean from the unclean. This is why God has made me a witness to what is unclean spiritually.

Prophets need this discernment so that we speak only from God, not lying unclean spirits. Drugs are an openings for unclean spirits. Nobody should use them, but especially anyone called prophetically. They are spiritual contamination.

God gave me a scripture years ago Jeremiah 15 “if you separate the precious from the vile, then you will be as my mouth.”

It is part of the calling as a prophet AND intercessor to refrain from drugs, since they are spiritual contamination.

All musicians, I believe, are called by God to be prophets, intercessors & healers.

See Free book

WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers.

God sent me into the psych system, after becoming a Christian to be a witness against it and write the book

Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry.

It exposes atheistic psychiatry & their drugs which are deadly by design, & tells how to heal mental & physical illness thru prayer & worship. God told me to publish it, and to put it free on my website. http://www.1prophetspeaks.com


also in chapters on my blog





The court psychologist who sent me to the hospital actually said to me, “if you believe in the bible you’re mentally ill”. He was a Jewish atheist. Most psychiatrists & psychologists are atheists. 90% of the patients I saw were not mentally ill; they were Christians or others with spiritual belief s & experiences that atheistic psychiatry falsely calls schizophrenic.

Dr’s 2nd question is always “Do you hear voices” & anyone who says they hear God or demons talking to them is thought by them to have auditory hallucinations, a supposed symptom of psychosis. They get labeled schizophrenic. But it is NORMAL Christian theology to hear voices.

Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27.

All Christians would be called schizophrenic by psychiatry, and millions have been over the last 50 years.

Sigmund Freud the atheist father of psychiatry said “I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion”. He was speaking the truth.


Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education.


They include: atheism, mind control, world government, genocide.

George Brock Chisholm, co-founder of the World Federation for Mental health, said

the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality, the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government.”

This the world government of the antichrist that the book of Revelation warns about. The people who are planning this and have been for hundreds of years, are Illuminati freemasons, all devil worshippers.

See articles

Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet


The Mental Health System is a FRONT For Nazi Genocide


Excerpts & Comments from The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber


NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! Reply to Never Again! The real history of psychiatry by Peter Breggin, MD


Re-arranging the garbage - on psychiatry & other lies (Psychiatry made Woody Allen meshuga)



Shrieber documents how the social engineers in the US & UK who supported eugenics & euthanasia, who supported Hitler, run the mental health system & have continued their eugenic & euthanasia agendas (genocide) through mental health.


My vision for 24 hour worship, the free minibook

BLUEPRINT FOR REVIVAL Revised is also in the book Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry


It comes out of my experience living in a church for 2 years and worshipping at night. This was heaven for me; I felt angels touching me continually as I worshipped, stroking my head. I and others heard them singing as we prayed, So I know they are real.

Psalm 91 says “he will cover you with his feathers.”

One time while worshipping I had a vision of angels touching me with their wings, and I could feel them as this happened. A confirmation of the Psalm.

As I worshipped, God healed me and gave me a loud singing voice I did not previously have.


God has allowed tastes of hell on earth so we can believe such a place really exists. The prophet Ezekiel says Hell is down in the earth. Examples of hell on earth are wars, the holocaust, jails and mental hospitals.


Spiritual Bootcamp

Mental hospitals and jails are the devil’s house. There is more demonic attack; people get attacked mentally there. I spent 8 months in prison, in solitary. It was spiritual bootcamp. I launched prayers and God showed me the tricks of the devil to try to steal them, by attacking my mind. It is where I learned to ignore the devil (90% of the time) or rebuke him(l0%). God would say to me “keep your focus”.

One experience that started then and has stayed with me is that when I launched prayers, I would see a jet trail in the sky as a sign that my prayer was launched. If I started to doubt the prayer, it would fizzle. If I had a conflicting thought, I would see another trail crossing it. I would ask God what happened, and He would say “it got aborted”.

God was showing me signs of what was happening in the spiritual realm as a response to my thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and words are all energy and they go into the spiritual realm and affect the world. When I got out, God said to me, "use what you've learned'.

One of the things I saw in solitary was that all the other prisoners had serious forgiveness issues with someone who had abused them. Being there was actually a warning that if they don’t forgive, they could end up in hell, or at least purgatory.

Jesus said that if we don’t forgive others their sins against us, then God won’t forgive ours. Matthew 6.

Unforgiveness is a sin. In order to be healed of any disease, we need to forgive people. Jesus said to forgive others so our prayers would not be hindered.

Forgiving others heals trauma and brings us peace. So we don’t do it only for others, but also for ourselves.

See articles

SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP – my experience in Solitary Launchingrayers



Her name was Nancy Webster on solitary confinement, suicide & psych wards



Forgiveness & Rape

I was raped twice. The 2nd time, it was by an off-duty undercover cop, a complete stranger. I preached to him & he started praying, and stopped. Then he sat next to me with his head in his hands and said

I should get my gun & shoot myself after what I just did to you.”

I said “no Jesus forgives you and so do I’.

I prayed for him and he prayed over me. I cried when he did this. I realized God was using his repentance to heal me of unforgiveness for the first rape.

I ran into him by divine appointment a month later, and he told me he had told his superiors what he had done, and they had asked him, “do you want us to kill her for you?” They were concerned that I might tell the newspaper and embarrass the police dept.

He said he told them, “no leave her alone, I love her.”

If I had not forgiven him, I would have been a mark to be killed. Forgiving him saved my life.

Actually this guy was willing to tell the story anonymously to the newspaper, as a testimony to the power of forgiveness.

I spent a few days staying with some friends who had a piano, worshipping God. God healed me of any trauma. I prayed for God to heal me of any disease he might have given me. I was fine.

My article

The Need for Forgiveness


talks about this & other testimonies on the subject.

All prophets spend time alone with God. In the church, praying was easy; it is God's house. In prison, it was grueling, since that is the devil's house. God is always with us but it is obviously more restful when the devil is not around.

This is why God wants churches to be open 24 hours; so people have holy places to rest in God’s house and pray. People need places to escape from the pollution of the world. Churches are spiritual sanctuaries. Some people say “you can pray anywhere “ but if one does it in a contaminated place there are openings for other spirits which can hijack or hinder the prayers.

I am not comfortable in Catholic churches because of the statues. Jews are never comfortable in catholic churches because they know statues are idolatry, a violation of the commandment not to make graven images. They are openings for unclean spirits.

Synagogues are also unclean, because of the Jewish stars. They are occult. The prophet Amos rebuked the Jews saying “you have made the star of your god”. They were a symbol of another god or demon. (Chiu-) Amos 5:26

The fact that they are called the Star of David is a misnomer; he never used it. His son Solomon put it on his shield; he got it from Egypt. So it is a symbol that invoked Egyptian false gods or demons. Bob Dylan has the same witness; he called it the “Egyptian star”.

I felt cleanest in a Christian church with just a cross, not a crucifix. Jesus is no longer on the Cross: he is in heaven.

I hitched around the country with truckers for 4 months, being used prophetically and being shown things prophetically.

There have been many 7s in my life, which is God’s number.

I led my own jazz/funk band for 7 years. I ran my own music production co. & record label.

After becoming a Christian:

I taught in the public schools for 7 years.

I spent 7 years (not continual) in psych hospitals being a witness to & against atheistic psychiatry & their genocide by toxic drugs. Having been on them, I know they are torture & cause mental illness rather than cure it.



God moved me into teaching (substitute and music) in the public schools; I warned kids about the demonic music they listen to that makes them mentally ill (heavy metal, rap, hard rock, blues etc) and was a witness to the atheistic secular humanistic agenda in the public school system. They are deliberately dumbing down the population through education to prepare them for the one world government, new world order.

I saw a fair amount of witchcraf- in the schools. One middle school teacher had the students write stories invoking Egyptian gods, and told them not to tell their parents about the assignment . This is an example of witchcraf- being used as a creativity enhancing tool. The students told me she was a witch.

At another school I had a class of special ed kids that were incredibly violent. They were literally climbing the walls and running all over the school. The principal told me to bring them to a sped teacher who had control over them. She let then play with a ouija board! I realized this was where the demonic influences on them were coming from. Ouija boards are spiritually dangerous; they can open people to possession and this is exactly what was happening. I took out my bible to warn the kids what it said about divination being an abomination and bringing curses on people. She protested about my bible. One kid said he knew I was right.

This was also like being an undercover agent. As a sub nobody paid that much attention to what I taught; I had more freedom to talk to kids about God and warn them about the demonic music they listened to. I was a witness against the secular atheistic system which abused the kids and dumbed them down. Kids that were labeled special ed were being abused by the system; I used to tell them the problem was not them, but the system, to repair their self-esteem. I remember one kid telling me, in tears, that the work they were given was boring and repetitive. I told him to complain to the principal; who then told me NOT to tell the kids to stand up for their rights! They just wanted obedient serfs.

God wants Christians to be substitutes in the public schools. It is an important ministry. One day I was asking God what he wanted me to do, and went to get my mail, and right on the cover of a Christian magazine was “Save Our Children”.

I would not send my own kids to the public schools, at this point. They are too heavily invested in brainwashing kids in a secular/atheistic worldview to prepare them for world government. I taught in the early l990’s; I am sure it has gotten worse. Homeschooling or Christian schools are better.

Whatever job a person has, they need to think of themselves as working for God, not their actual employer. When I worked in the schools, I knew I didn’t work for the schools, but for God IN the schools. There is a major difference.

The whole world is spiritually corrupt. The devil has infiltrated every manmade institution to try to get it to do his will rather than God’s.

If people pray for grace to serve God in their jobs, then they can fulfill God’s purpose for giving them that job.

God uses people prophetically in all kinds of places, wearing all kinds of costumes, to be a witness for Him & his truth.

Some kids used to say to me, “you’re not like the other teachers”. I was like the anti-dote to what the other teachers were doing to them that was mind control. God needs prophetic witnesses everywhere to be an exception to the group think that the devil uses to brainwash people and control them.

People look for answers to their problems in the wrong places all the time, out of ignorance. So God uses people prophetically to re-direct them back to Him.

A doctor who is a Christian can tell his patients; you don’t need medicine, you need God. He can heal you.

I feel like God is using Christian athletes like this. They are prophetic witnesses saying to people “you’re looking at football? (A total diversion). Well, since you’re here, I’ll redirect you UP to ME. Hence God blesses Tim Tebow so that everyone who watches football sees him unabashedly praying, re-directing them to what IS important, God.

Years ago in the Brazilian church some college kids showed up one night. They had been playing with a Ouija board. One of them got possessed & attacked another one. One thought she was talking to her deceased mother. The thing told them “don’t do this- go to this church (and spelled out the name of the American congregation that met at the same church building). So here they were. The pastor had everyone listen to their testimony, then told them to repent and get saved & not use divination any more since it opened them to demonic spirits.

Moral being God met them while doing the wrong thing, consulting demons, and told them where they SHOULD GO.

People often think, using the natural mind, if one has a medical problem, one should consult a medical expert, if one has a legal problem, consult a legal expert, a financial problem, a financial advisor. Etc. However, GOD uses all of these areas to get our attention and and create problems to give us an incentive to seek HIM FIRST.


The bible says “when a man’s ways please the Lord, He maketh his enemies to be at peace with him.” Hence fighting our enemies should not be the first approach, but rather seeking God’s face and asking what the reason for the problem is.

Whatever the problem, Jesus is the Answer.

Even Einstein said “no problem is solved on the same level as it is created”. Meaning, Look HIGHER. Look to GOD.

The natural mind says that we should solve problems in the arena of whatever they are. But the spiritual mind says otherwise. Things that don’t seem to be related, on a spiritual level ARE RELATED . But we need to seek God’s mind to see the connection.

That’s what prophetic messages are all about.

God says “My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts”.

John Rawlings Rees, a psychiatrist who was head of the World Federation of Mental Health in l948 said their goal was to infiltrate 4 areas of society; the church, education, the legal system and the medical profession. He said the medical and legal system were harder. They have done it. I have experience and have been a witness in all 4 areas. I was involved in worship in the church and lived in churches as an intercessor. I taught in the public schools 7 years. I spent 7 years in psych hospitals and interacting with the legal system at court hearings related to mental health issues. My parents were also lawyers so I speak legalese and know how lawyers think.

Rees was addressing the social engineers who run the mental health system, who are really masons, which at the top level are devil worshippers. A lot of these people are psychiatrists. The first time I was at a psych hospital, I kept seeing a truck that said WB MASON; I sensed God was hinting that masonry was behind psychiatry; and my research proved this true. Dr Robert Hanna Felix, head of the NIMH, was also director of psychiatric research for Scottish Rite masonry 32nd level, and ran MKULTRA, a CIA program that brainwashed assassins.

32nd level masonry is devil worship; the handbook, which I have seen, was written by Albert Pike, a Sata-ist, who said “we worship the Luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this.” So sata-ists, as masons, as psychiatrists, are running the mental health system. This explains why they have an ant-Christian genocide agenda.

Psychiatry is atheistic; their definitions of mental illness are premised on an atheistic anti-spiritual worldview; as a result many Christians and others with spiritual experiences are falsely called schizophrenic.

God made me a witness to this and had me write a book exposing it –
Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry, FREE at http://www.1prophetspeaks.com.


also in chapters on my blog http://www.1prophetspeaks7.blogspot.com


Both the education system and the mental health system work together to brainwash the population for the new word order agenda of the social engineers. (For evidence of the real agenda of psychiatry, being the new world order, mind control, atheism, see quotes at http://www.psychquotes.com)

Atheistic psychiatry and psychology is behind education. The education schools are run by atheistic behaviorist psychologists who go back to Germany; Wilhelm Wundt, a behaviorist psychologist trained BF Skinner the behaviorist. They use behavior modification, and Pavlovian operant conditioning which comes from Russia, as educational systems to train students.

Benjamin Bloom the founder of OBE, Outcome Based Education, said the purpose of education is to “change the thoughts feelings and behaviors of students”. NOT teach them to read, write and think critically.

Sam Blumenfeld at http://www.howtotutor.com and Charlotte Iserbyt at http://www.DumbingDownofAmerica.com have testified to the hidden agendas in education. Blumenfeld in The Trojan Horse in Educatiion wrote about the social engineers using reading methods which created reading disorders such as dyslexia, deliberately. Iserbyt is a former government whistleblower exposing their hidden agendas. As a teacher I also saw evidence of what they write.

Social engineers such as the Rockefellers have funded every area of society. John D Rockefeller funded the Southern Education Board . Their goal was to train farmers to be better farmers, not aspire to higher callings such as professions, the arts, writing or academia. He said “I want workers, not thinkers.” They funded an experimental school at the U. Of Chicago. Their kids went there. Nelson Rockefeller had lifelong trouble reading, due to the experimental methods they used. This is the same system that has caused many people to have reading disorders, including dyslexia and resultant behavior problems.


Dyslexia, ADHD; causes & cures



George Brock Chisholm, a Canadian psychiatrist who was the first head of the World Federation of Mental health, in l948 said “the purpose of education is to prepare students for world government.” He railed against religion, God, families and patriotism. He said the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality. He wanted to eradicate the notion of good and evil, and sin. They want atheism to be the religion of the future.


Ch 4 Mental Illness in Youth Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry


which talks about my experiences teaching.


Witness Against the Mental Health System

Someone had prophesied over me at a Christian prayer meeting at a school for prophets in Florida, on my birthday in l997: "I’m gonna use you to write a manual". 2 years later I was sent to a hospital after a court clinician, an atheist, said to me, "if you believe in the bible, you're mentally ill." The title of the book came to me in a dream.

I became a witness against the mental health system, and wrote the book,

Manual for Transformational Healing - God's Answer to Psychiatry, which is a prophetic book that God had me write exposing atheistic psychiatry &; their toxic drugs, which are deadly, BY DESIGN ; & how to be healed of mental/physical illness through prayer/worship in Jesus' name.



also in chapters on my blog http://www.1prophetspeaks7.blogspot.com




I spent 7 years in the system. (not continually)

I asked God why so long, and he said “to be a witness”. The 2
nd time I was there I asked God why, and he said “I made you a witness to all this. I didn’t give you that book to have it sit in a closet”. He was reminding me to publish it. He later told me to publish it FREE on the internet.

The first time I set foot in a psych hospital as a patient, I heard "Rail rail against the dying of the light" from a Dylan Thomas poem, "Do not go gently into that good night". God was telling me to scream bloody murder about what I was about to see and experience.

I also heard God say to me, “The covering over this place is sorcery”. In Deut 18, the Old Testament, it says that Sorcery is an abomination to God. It is the use of invocation of spirits to control people. The drugs are the mechanism for this; they are openings for demonic spirits. The Greek root for pharmacy is pharmakaeia which translates as ‘drugs, sorcery’. So the definition is telling us that the drugs are openings for spirits. The definition of sorcery is ‘”invoking spirits to control people”.

The bible says that mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits.

This is why the psych meds cause mental illness rather than cure it. The new testament solution to mental and physical illness is to rebuke the spirits in Jesus name. Jesus did it and told his followers to do it. It works. I have rebuked Spirits of Canc-, Asthm-, Depress-.

Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior & God heals today for the same purpose.

All drugs that affect the mind are openings for demonic spirits, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, cocaine etc & all psych meds, which are worse than the other drugs in many cases.

I was on the drugs; they are all torture. They make it hard to think, speak and pray. I could not pray in tongues on them. They ruined my creativity. Instead of hearing music in my head, I heard dead air. This is soul murder for a lifelong composer.

They cause soul murder initially, and physical murder later. I know people that have died from them, from side effects and from being driven to suicide by them. They harmed my creativity and relationship with God. Due to the memory loss from the drugs, I forgot scriptures and worship songs I used to play while worshipping/praying.


I wrote a song “Glorify Your name” which is a prayer for restoration. Every time I tried to play something else, it turned back into that song. This went on for 2 years. I met a mental health worker outside later I knew from there, who told me that hearing that song over and over saved his life; it was healing him. 2 of the lines are

“Let your people be restored. Fill us with your spirit Lord.”

I must have been compelled to keep playing that song as an answer to his prayer for me to play it, I believe.


Mental hospitals are concentration camps. The system is a continuation of the Nazi genocide agenda, against the mentally ill, Christians, Jews, Blacks, the poor, & others. The Nazis used psychiatry to kill mental patients with drugs. And they used atheistic psychiatry to call Christians mentally ill to kill them covertly. This has continued ever since, worldwide.

The mental health system is a crime against humanity. The agendas are mind control and genocide.


90% of the patients I saw were not ill; they were Christians. 90% of the dr's are atheists. The problem is theological, not medical.

The Jewish doctors who are ignorant of Christian theology falsely call patients who claim to hear God schizophrenic. They are useful idiots to the sat-ists who run mental health, who use them to genocide Christians, Jews, blacks, the poor, mentally ill & others.


The idea that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances is a BIG LIE to sell drugs, and commit genocide by calling it treatment. The drugs are toxic and deadly by design.

Aldous Huxley’s prophetic book Brave New World described a fascist society where everyone is controlled, by drugs. He was an insider and knew the plans of the social engineers. He said, “A scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses.”

Huxley actually was sent from England to the US to introduce drugs into the population. The whole hippy movement was funded by the CIA and British intelligence. Timothy Leary, who introduced LSD into Harvard & everywhere, admitted he got funds from the CIA. The drugs were introduced as a way of mind controlling the population, and destroying the society.

Tavistock Institute in London is the place the Illuminati use to train the global elite to serve their new world order, one world government agenda. It is all about brainwashing & drugs. It has always been run by psychiatrists. Freud ran it. John Rawlings Rees was head of it. He trained Henry Kissinger. Kissinger is the American liaison for the Illuminati. He advises the president. Kissinger has said “Obama will bring in the new world order”. Kissinger works for David Rockefeller, who runs the CFR, the American arm of the Illuminati. Their goal is to destroy the constitution & American sovereignty & create a world government.

Tavistock controls all the think tanks & foundations in the US, who do their bidding.

Obama was shown holding a copy of Brave New World on his vacation. This was a prophetic warning about what they are using him to do.

His healthcare plan sneakily calls for microchipping the population. P. 1001 calls for a ‘registry of medical devices” pursuant to a 2004 FDA directive which calls for “implantable transponders for healthcare info and ID”. This is microchips.


Obamacare Sneakly Mandates MICROCHIPPING People


One of the goals of the Illuminati is to microchip everyone. Nick Rockefeller admitted this to filmmaker Aaron Russo.

See article

Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order


for a transcript of the Russo’s testimony.

You can google Nick Rockefeller/Aaron Russo on Youtube for Russo's testimony about this. He made a film From Freedom to Fascism, free on youtube.

Video of Russo on Rockefeller:


I have known Abby Rockefeller, David's daughter, over 30 years. She once told me he is toxic. To the whole world, not just her! She owns an organic compost toilet company, Clivus Multrum, in Cambridge MA.

That toilet company is God using her as a prophetic warning to the world that her family is social engineering this country right down the toilet!

Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering


Former NYC mayor’s quote about Rockefeller Social Engineering & Shadow Government


This is on the WIKI page of John Francis Hylan, former NYC mayor.

Abby is a musician. Musicians are called to be prophets. So God is using her prophetically. She is a good person.

Big Banks, Rockefellers & Musical Prophets




I found out personally in l997 that the government was microchipping people. I was in Florida & heard them announce they were thinking of testing them in jails & mental hospitals. Then I was in a jail where they said everyone has to get a tb shot to be in the general population. I had a spooky feeling about it. I did it (a mistake). I got out of there and went to see my friends, who had a video by Carl Sanders of http://www.trumpetministries.net

Sanders is a Christian minister/prophet who warns people that microchips are the mark of the beast that the book of Revelation warns about.

Sanders said he used to help design them 30 years earlier, when he was an atheist working for the government. I called him & he told me they tested them on the military in the first gulf war. The book of Revelation chapter 13 warns that the “mark of the beast will be a mark without which no man can buy or sell” in his right hand or forehead. It warns NOT to take it, that those who do will suffer eternal torment.

God has shown me that the government will do it sneakily, saying it is a vaccine. They have been doing this for years in jails, saying it is a tb shot.

I asked my dentist, a Jewish Christian, to x-ray my arm, and we both saw something there. I prayed for God to make it disappear. Jesus said nothing is impossible with God.

Obamacare Sneakly Mandates MICROCHIPPING People



See article

Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet


Bernhard Shrieber in his book The Men Behind Hitler - a German Warning to the World

documents the psychiatrists and the social engineers who supported eugenics and euthenasia and sterilization/abortion who supported Hitler and run mental health. It is the history behind what I saw as a witness in the system of the genocide of the mentally ill and of Christians being falsely called mentally ill.

Excerpts & Comments from The Men Behind Hitler –a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber



On Psychiatric Genocide:

"In the 14-year period between 1950 and 1964, more Aerican deaths occurred in state and county mental institutions than in all of the nation's armed conflicts beginning with the Revolutionary War and ending with the Persian Gulf War. Between 1965 and 1990, the total number of mental-hospital inpatient deaths exceeded the number of battle deaths in the same wars by 70 percent. Inpatient deaths topped out at 1,103,000 during this 25-year period, compared with 650,563 recorded deaths in battles."
Kelly Patricia O’Meara: "The Forgotten Dead of St. Elizabeth's", Insight Magazine, June 16, 2001

From http://www.psychquotes.com


Psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science

Any Christian would be called schizophrenic by atheistic doctors; and millions have.

Doctors’ 2
nd question is always “Do you hear voices?” It is their trap question. Anyone who answers “ Yes I hear God or demons” is thought by them to have auditory hallucinations which they consider to be a symptom of psychosis. It is how they are trained. They think the spiritual realm is not real, so this must be imaginary; a hallucination. The bible explicitly testifies to the reality of God and demons.

It is normal Christian theology to hear voices;

Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" John 10:27.

The bible
says there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below (James ch 3).

Wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” (James 3:17) Wisdom from below is “earthly, sensual, devlish” James 3:17




Everyone hears voices as thoughts in our head; they come from the spiritual realm. The word inspiration means "a spirit goes into it". The Holy Spirit has been on the earth for 2000 years, talking to everyone, in our thoughts. People hear from God all the time but don't realize it is Him. Our conscience is God.

Our intuition is God Leading Us



Do you believe God Speaks to you? He DOES in your thoughts


SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a "Serious Mental Disorder"
(It is a nonsense label used by atheist psychiatry which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiriutal beliefs and experiences mentally ill)


It has been my experience that most psychiatrists are theologically ignorant and need to be educated.

I spoke to one doctor in a jail, who told me he was a Christian.

Then he asked me, “Do you hear voices?”

I said ‘ why are you even asking me that question-Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice”; to which he replied,

Oh, you make a good point.”

I was at a court commitment hearing where a doctor was testifying

she has hallucinations. She says she hears from the god”. (he was Indian).

My lawyer, a Christian, asked him, “what do you THINK happens when people pray?”

He said “I have no idea”.

His ignorance was exposed to the judge and we won the hearing.

I have concluded that all that is necessary at these hearings is to expose the fact that when doctors claim someone hallucinates, this refers to spiritual experiences of hearing God, and it is normal Christian theology to do so.

See my article /minibook

Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearings for Mental patients


Chapter 1 of my book Manual for Transformational Healing talks about legal issues.

The atheistic-unconstitutional mental health system - legal issues - ch 1 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry




I have met some doctors who Do know Christian theology and do not regard these beliefs/experiences as mental illness.

One of the purposes of my book was to educate people who work in mental health so they can repent of their error and sin against the patients by falsely diagnosing them (in addition to “treating” them with the toxic drugs, which is always sin).

The mental health system is unconstitutional and violates our 1st amendment religious freedom rights and human rights and needs to be abolished.

It violates the 13th anti-slavery amendment since they use patients as medical experiment guinea pigs involuntarily, which is involuntary servitude, or slavery.

They lie and say it is "treatment" as a cover, when it is really torture and abuse. The drugs are all toxic and deadly, and cause mental and physical illness.

So this is also a violation of the 8th amendment prohibiting Cruel & Unusual Punishment.

It is a continuation of the nazi genocide agenda, against the mentally ill, Christians, Jews, blacks & the poor & others.

It is also being used to depopulate the planet using healthcare as a cover.

The social engineers who supported the Nazis want to depopulate the planet by 90%, down to 500 million.

See article


The New World Order – prophetic warning to Jews, Christians & everyone



The New World Order is an expression that Hitler used.

A Supernatural warning appeared from God in the Boston Globe in 2001.

It was a picture of George Bush & Tom Ridge, the first head of the DHS, Dept of Homeland Security. They were standing in front of a flag. WHAT APPEARED WAS NOT an AMERICAN FLAG but a SWASTIKA. I & friends of mine saw this.

It was a prophetic supernatural warning about the SPIRIT behind HOMELAND SECURITY.

The CIA has been run by Nazis since after WWII. They came here under Operation Paperclip. They have hijacked the US government and this explains why our foreign policy & domestic policy now resembles Nazi Germany.

The Nazis said they would infiltrate and take over by stealth, and they have.

The Nazis used fluoridated water in the camps to make prisoners docile.

Fluoridated water is mass medication of the population. Its purpose is mind control & genocide. It causes canc-, bone fractures, brain damage.

Sodium fluoride is the ingredient in rat poison. It is a toxic waste. It does NOT improve teeth. That is a BIG LIE to snooker the public. Even fluoride toothpastes warn to call poison control if swallowed.

All the antidepressant & anti-psychotic drugs HAVE FLUORIDE. They hypnotize people for control.

65% of the US & UK have fluoridated water. NYC has it. Europe banned it.

An antidote is vitamin C, apple pectin.

Fluoride is also sneakily in most bottled water, many foods & drinks.

My article

Warning Toxic fluoride in drinking water, psych drugs & food & how to get rid of it


has lists of foods with it.

Dr Peter Breggin has written many books warning about toxic psych meds and uncovered how the nazis murdered mental patients using drugs and gases, the T4 program, which was covert. http://www.breggin.com

NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! A reply to Never Again - the real truth about psychiatry by Peter Breggin, MD

My book takes this one step further, showing that the genocide of the mentally ill was a covert agenda against Christians. Psychiatry was behind the nazi genocide, and is the continuation of it. Shrieber’s book testifies to this also. When one connects the dots between Shreiber’s book, Breggin’s work, Jim Marrs’ book The Rise of the 4th Reich, and mine, it become evident that Psychiatry is a Front for continued genocide of Christians.

The Nazis were not Christians; they were occultists, devil worshippers. The Hitler youth sang a song which said “we have no need of Christian virtue; A.H. is our savior”.

The Nazis pretended to be catholics, so as not to tip off the Christian population of their real agenda of Christian genocide. But Hitler passed laws forbidding the churches to preach against the nazi regime.

My article

Psychiatry, Nazis & the 4th Reich (the new world order) interview with Jim Marrs author of The Rise of the 4th Reich


has an interview with Jim Marrs, author of The Rise of the 4th Reich. He documents how the nazi scientists and psychiatrists came to the US after WWII under Operation Paperclip, running the CIA and NASA. In the CIA they continued their mind control and torture experiments, brainwashing assassins for political purposes in a program MKULTRA. They were behind the murders of RFK, MLK, John Lennon and countless others. Researchers have indicated nazi connections to JFK as well. JFK gave a speech warning about a ruthless conspiracy referring to secret societies saying he intended to warn the American people. Shortly after that, he was killed. Bill Clinton apologized for MKULTRA. When these programs get discovered, they change the names and continue them. Marrs says “it makes you wonder who won the war”.

God also showed me that Freemasonry was behind mental health. When I was first at a hospital I kept seeing a truck that said WB MASON. I sensed it was a hint from God about masonry being relevant. My subsequent research verified this.

The masons are devil worshippers at the top level. I have seen the handbook for the 32 level; it says “we worship the Luciferian principle but don’t tell the lower levels this.” It was written by Albert Pike, a Sata-ist. Dr Robert Hanna Felix, a 32nd level mason ran the National Institute of Mental Health and directed research for 32nd level Scottish Rite psychiatric research for masonry. He ran MKULTRA. What this shows is that Sata-ist are running mental health.

The CIA, FBI, Judges and police are mostly masons. This is the conspiracy JFK was referring to. The freemasons are the social engineers whose goal is a world government, the government of the anti-christ prophesied in the book of Revelation. The fact that G. Brock Chisholm said the purpose of education is to prepare students for world government shows the masonic control over education.

Given that masons are sata-ic and run psychiatry, it is no surprise that they have an anti-christian agenda in psychiatry.

On a spiritual level the devil has used jewish psychiatrists in their theological ignorance to genocide Christians, and then masqueraded as Christians to genocide Jews, thereby getting the Jews to blame Christians for the holocaust.

The court clinician who said to me “if you believe in the bible, you’re mentally ill” was revealing the atheism of the whole system. It showed me how they think.

Another example of this was the first time I was at a hospital, the doctor asked me if I would be interested in taking a certain drug. I asked “why would I want to?” and he said “so you could learn better”. I thought, how ridiculous. I’m a Brown graduate. I’ve never had any trouble learning.

It didn’t dawn on me til later that God was using him to show me the party line they use on patients in general to get them to take the drugs; they falsely CLAIM they help people learn better, but it is a lie. This is the argument for Ritalin and other drugs.

When I was involuntarily on the drugs later, it was obvious that they hindered learning; they cause memory problems with short term memory and erase memory & make it hard to think clearly. I remember calling someone multiple times because I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say on the phone. It is all Orwellian doublespeak.

Dr. Peter Breggin in http://www.psychquotes.com says the drugs harm people psychologically and spiritually and do nothing to help learning. He is also telling the truth. The drugs put people in hypnotic trances, so they are more suggestible. The psych hospitals usually have “education” classes where they brainwash the patients into believing they are mentally ill and will need the drugs for the rest of their lives. This is so the drugs companies have a continual market for the drugs.

The patients even call themselves “consumers”. Hello! They’re being used. So in a way, the drugs DO help people “learn better” if you call brainwashing learning. What the dr. really meant was, “so we can hypnotize you”.

Psychiatry works in conjunction with education, which they control, to brainwash students. They put them on the drugs and then use behavior modification techniques to “teach” them. They use OBE Outcome based education, founded by Benjamin Bloom, who said the purpose of education is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students. NOT teach them to read, write and think critically! The whole goal of education is mind control, at this point.

The Columbine Shooters were an example of this. They were taking a “death education class” and were also on psych meds. One of the shooters said he had nightmares about shooting people after taking this class. They were set up. The drugs hypnotized them and the class brainwashed them. And this is what goes on in psych hospitals. They do it to get the patients/students to commit suicide/homicide because it serves their political agendas of genocide, depopulation & gun control.

They claim mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances. But this is a BIG LIE to sell drugs and justify drugging people to control/kill them.

Robert Whitaker’s book Anatomy of an Epidemic documents that as drug treatments have gone up, so has mental illness. There is no evidence of chemical imbalances before treatment; the drugs cause it, by causing brain damage.

All of the school shooters were on psych meds. (Jim Marrs documents this in The Rise of the 4th Reich They drive people to suicide and homicide.

The reason the psych meds cause mental illness is because they are openings for demonic oppression, as are all drugs which affect the mind, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, cocaine etc. The biblical answer to mental illness is to rebuke the demons in Jesus name. He did it and gave his followers authority to do it. It works.

There are other openings for spiritual oppression as well: sin, bad music, books, art, symbols, occult objects. One needs to evaluate one’s environment and remove such openings.

My free minibook Spiritual Wisdom Revised talks about this and so does ch 7 of Manual for Transformational Healing.

Ch 7 – churches can heal people through worship music instead of drugs


Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



Spirits can jump around through contact, both verbal and physical. I know this from experience. Pot smokers call it a “contact high”; but it really applies to all drugs. I picked up spirits of depress- more than once by touching someone who had it. I was at a congregation where someone who had it prayed for me, and I left feeling suicidal and crying for no reason, saying “what happened?”. I called my mentor, who prayed over the phone, and it immediately left.

Another time, it jumped on me from touching someone who had it, and I was crying. I spontaneously coughed, and it left. This is called self-deliverance. Another time I had it from somewhere, and said “God why am I feeling this? And he said, “you know what to do.” I rebuked the spirit of depress- in Jesus name, and it left.

Caffeine spirits jump through verbal and physical contact. I have noticed myself talking faster when speaking with someone who was drinking it. I believe that parents with hyper kids are often causing the problem by drinking coffee. If they stop, the kids will calm down.

Whatever is around us spiritually will affect those we interact with, so if we use drugs, it will affect friends, families, everyone, including pets. My cat used to go into heat years ago because of the occult books I had in my apt. When I got rid of them, this stopped. Kids and animals are very sensitive spiritually; they act as mirrors.

All my books are free at http://www.1prophetspeaks.com


It Includes articles of prophetic warnings to Christians, Jews & everyone about mental health, the new world order, education; water fluoridation, toxic vaccines, microchips (in the healthcare bill)

THE POWER OF WORDS revised- ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


talks about the power of words to curse and bless. I have known about this for 30 years, before I was a Christian; born out of my experience where my mother said she would die at a certain age, and then did; making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. (I was 20). She had an older sister who had died at the same age. They had both had the same canc- at the same age. She identified with her sister. Someone may have spoken a curse onto her saying she was just like her.

I am now in my fifties. This was my first connection to psychiatry. My mother took valium and other drugs. She looked hypnotized in pictures, from the drugs. She read Freud, who was an atheist. She said to me, "Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there" meaning: psychiatry is a dead end. She knew her problems but didn't know the solution. She kept re-confessing negative conditions on herself that she read about; this acted like a curse. Therapy looks backward. God delivers us from the past. Psychiatry is also a dead end from the drugs, which are toxic and deadly.

My mother used to walk around saying “I have a dea—wish, something she got from Freud who said all smokers had this. She was just re-confessing it. Years later I was sitting on my couch in front of a bookshelf, when suddenly a book jumped off the shelf and fell in my lap. It was a book I had inherited from my mother, a book on using hypnosis to stop smoking. She had read it and used it. She had stopped by using self-hypnosis. I heard a tape she made where she talked in a groggy voice. What was revealed to me was the notes she made in the margin of the book. It said “smoking leads to sick-. Which she crossed out and wrote “deat—“. So she had programmed herself to di-. Even though she did stop smoking, the dea- command was still operating subconsciously as a curse, and this is what caused her dea--. Hypnosis is dangerous. It can be an opening for demonic spirits. The bible calls it ‘charmers and enchanters’ and says it is an abomination and anyone who practices it will be cursed. Deut 18. A lot of therapists use it and this is dangerous. The psych meds all put people in a hypnotic trance.

Another aspect of the cursing effect was that because of the curse my mother had spoken on to herself, it defiled others to also speak curses onto her, including myself. So one thing sets in motion others, including words and actions, like a domino effect. The only way to stop any of this is to “break all curses spoken in Jesus name, or “pray the blood of Jesus over the person or situation and break any curses”.

I am not repeating what I specifically said to her, because I saw that when I originally had it in my book, it was replicating the problem with other people to whom I gave the book. So I took it out. So giving examples is often problematical. One has to speak euphemistically or obliquely to make a point. If one tape records a conversation that says something negative, this can fixate it in the spiritual realm which is dangerous.

This is one reason why so many prominent people have health and relationship issues. All the gossip not only affects them psychologically, but acts like spiritual curses if even if they don’t read it. Having copies of anything negative lying around is worse. But I think one needs to pray to protect oneself from any such negativity.

The new testament in Ephesians 6 says to put on the whole armour of God. Gossip and talebaring is sin, according to the Old testament. If we talk about the sins of others, we curse them to repeat it. If we pray the blood of Jesus over them, it can wash away the curse and set them free. This is why criminal records and hospital records are bad. The first can cause people to repeat their sins and the 2nd can cause people to continue to have diseases or conditions from which they could be healed if there were no ‘cross-talk’. When the records are destroyed, there is less hindrance to the prayers for healing.

Freud was a rabid atheist. He said “I regard myself as one of the most dangerous enemies of religion” http://www.psychquotes.

Psalm 1 says “blessed is he who does NOT take the counsel of the ungodly”. Atheistic psychiatry and psychology (90% of both are atheists, and their philosophies are atheistic) is all ungodly counsel. This is why it is a dead end. They lead people to sin. Psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm, cofounder of the World Federation of mental health, said “the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality”.

In essence I believe that psychiatry killed my mother; she was influenced by Freud’s atheism and negativity, and put in a hypnotic trance by the drugs, which made her more susceptible to the negative words . In addition she died when her liver went, and the dr’s thought it must have been a toxic drug interaction, which can cause liver damage.

Mixing drugs is very dangerous. This is what happens with many mental patients; they are frequently given multiple drugs (it is rare to only take l); this easily can cause liver damage which is usually fatal. I once prayed about how she died and saw a vision of her mixing 2 things which would confirm what I have said. This common practice of prescribing multiple drugs is how they genocide the patients. It has been shown that psych patients live 20 years less than others; it is from the drugs, not the alleged illnesses. This is by design.


Musicians and writers have a big responsibility to think about the words they write since they have a powerful impact on themselves & their audiences.

Words don't just describe; they INVOKE what we speak about and act like self-fulfilling prophecies. All words are prophetic really. Listening to negative words can invoke curses onto the listeners. The book of James ch 3 warns about the tongue. Proverbs says there is death and life in the tongue.


A lot of musicians have written songs that spoke curses onto themselves. John Lennon did this; he prophesied what happened to him. He told others “if anything happens to Yoko and me, it was not an accident” so he knew there were plots. The CIA was tailing him. The government had warned him years earlier they would deport him if he didn’t stop being political. I am not as concerned with that comment ,which was problematical, but also his lyrics. The ballad of John & Yoko prophesied what happened. He wrote other songs that acted ilke curses. His son Julian made the same mistake. I heard a song he wrote where he sings “I JUST WANNA DI—“ (I don’t print the whole word of a curse)

In l981 I met someone on Valentines day who I got romantically involved with. He had been in & out of mental hospitals for 20 years. He was an artist/musician. Their drugs messed him up. He used to talk about the jewish nazi dr's; he was speaking the truth. I met him while composing a musical orchestral score, In Memoriam for John Lennon, whose assassination upset me. I later realized that he was really killed by psychiatry; since his killer was a brainwashed patsy for the CIA, who used mind control to brainwash assassins for political purposes. Lennon was being trailed by the CIA, and he knew there were plots against him. The CIA in MKULTRA brainwashed assassins for political purposes; including RFK, MLK and many more. While writing that score, I met someone who was yet another victim of psychiatry. Psychiatry has destroyed the creativity of many artists. This happened to me later when I was on the drugs. The CCHR website has a booklet Harming Artists which documents the abuse of artists by psychiatry. http://www.cchr.com

God showed me that John Lennon got saved before he died. His song “imagine” which says “imagine there is no heaven or hell” was an atrocious error. He knows better now.

On what would have been his 70th birthday, I asked God if I should pray for him to come back from the dead, as a testimony that Heaven is real. I had prayed this prayer for others & I knew in general, it would be God’s will since it would spark a revival.

When I was in solitary I prayed this prayer 4 times for a friend who had died. If we waver or doubt, the prayer gets aborted. That’s what had happened then.

With regard to John Lennon, God answered me, “they’ll worship him.” This made sense to me, since mankind has a tendency to miss the point and digress into error.

The Catholics do this. Many of them worship Mary. They act like they think the Trinity is Father, Son & Holy Mother, rather than Holy Spirit. It is a diversion. Mary even appears to them and says “look to Jesus”.

When I was travelling in l997, I ended up at a Catholic church, which had a 24 hour prayer room. They had a charismatic prayer meeting (Catholics who pray in tongues) .

While I was there, God spoke to me, saying “Talk to my children”.

I asked “What should I say?”

He said “Look NOT to Mary but to ME”.


Venerate the Relic –issues about Catholicism





In l997 I hitched around the country for 4 months with truckers. It was quite an adventure. God used me prophetically and showed me things prophetically that he wanted me to testify about.

In Atlanta I saw a man singing Christian songs while wearing a “million man march” button. I asked him if he was a Muslim or a Christian. He said “christian-let me pray for you. “ He held my hand, and said “You’re a prophetess. Go to my church, sing, ” gave me $ 20 and called a cab. I walked into a black church with a woman pastor; I was the only white person. The pastor said to me, “we don’t want to think you’re the devil if you’re not. I sang a song, and she said “I can see you love Jesus. Anything you want to say?” I gave them a message.

I was at a truck stop and asked a driver to go on the CB to see who would give me a ride to Pensacola to the Brownsville Revival there. A man gave me $20 “for the lady who wants to go to Pensacola”. I knew this was God’s way of telling me to go there.

People frequently hand me money just as I ask God if I should do something. It means “you’re on the money”. It can also mean “here’s the provision”. People have said that if God tells us to do something, he will provide provision.

When I got there, God told me to prophesy something at the service. It was a message of correction to what was being preached ; the person was saying something dangerous. I could see the error based on my own personal experience.

There are many more episodes to this travelogue..

see more of it in my free BOOK IN PROGRESS

ADVENTURES IN PRAYER - Testimony of a Prophet-Intercessor

(my very strange life)



In June 2013 God provided a piano outside the NY Public library. I sat down to play it one night. God said to me “My people are dying”

I proceeded to play and sing songs that I had previously written. It was a prayer- for Jews, Christians, Musicians, mental patients, all of NY, maybe the world.

I added vocals at the Grace Building.

I called it




I am singing in tongues. You can feel God’s peace on it.

The third song


Has a chorus that says

Let your people be restored

Fill us with your spirit, Lord

If you sing along, you will receive the Holy Spirit, which is what it means to be Born Again.

The bible says that anyone who asks for the Holy Spirit will receive it. So ASK


Jesus said
except ye be born again, ye shall not see the kingdom of God John 3:3

The bible says it is God’s will that all people be born again.

This means repenting of our sins, accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior, being baptized in water in Jesus name for the remission of sins, and asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)




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